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President Lungu announces increase in floor price for Maize at the Airport

Headlines President Lungu announces increase in floor price for Maize at the...

President Edgar Lungu said Government through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will increase the maize purchase from farmers from the current K70 per 50 kilograms bag of maize to K75.

Mr. Lungu said government is committed to encourage and motivate farmers in the country especially those in rural areas so that they can continue to grow more food.

President Lungu said he will ask the treasury to find more money so that farmers in the country can be paid rewarding amounts.
Mr Lungu maintained that government will buy the secure and strategic reserve of 500,000 metric tonnes of maize from farmers across the country.

“Our farmers should be given the encouragement so that they can farm more because they are poor people in the rural areas, so we are going to increase the price of maize, as FRA of course; we will be going upwards to K75.

“So I will ask the treasury to look for more money so that we are able to pay them a rewarding amount so that they are able to do a bit more next year. At the same time we would like FRA to go for the market in the region,” he said.

Mr Lungu noted that the food deficit was a serious problem in the region and Zambia risked being affected unless it motivated its farmers by giving them fair prices.

The Head of State said this upon arrival at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from Botswana where he was attending a two days summit of the 35 th SADC Heads of State and Government Conference.

The Presidential Challenger Jet carrying Mr. Lungu arrived at 14:00 hours and was welcomed by Vice President Inonge Wina, Minister of Home Affairs Davies Mwila, Minister of Lands Christabel Ngimbu and other senior government officials.

Defence and Service Chiefs were also present to welcome the Head of State.

And Mr. Lungu has since tasked the FRA to advance their market search of grain sell to other countries in the region that have a grain deficit.

He disclosed that apparently only Zambia and Tanzania are the only two countries in the region with excess grain.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said the issue of power deficit is a regional matter.

Mr Lungu said it is in this vein that SADC Heads of State have resolved to accelerate the implementation of power generation and transmission so that the integration programme in the region can be accelerated.

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    • @Ndobo, I don’t understand you, you mean ka 5pin is too little.
      How many bags of meal meal can you get out of 50 Kilo ya maize? Then we go from there, because I don’t believe Edg

    • @Nostradamus
      iwe boi naiwe! K5 incrament,,,, less than 1 US dollar being anounced by anounced by the president????,,,,, Now i miss the real minister of agriculture bashi Nono,,Bob sichinga

    • Fwaka ba Lungu – ati “I will ask the treasury to look for money”. Your government does not have money and is relying on continuous borrowed funds to finance expenditures. This shows a lack of financial discipline from the person poor Zambians have entrusted their country. This is unbudgeted expenditure, where do you think the treasury will get the money from?

      Ubukopo indeed by the entire president.

    • Mr President, this is a positive move, however, it is not right that it takes your office to announce the floor price of the grain. What is your minister of agriculture doing? This is a bad way of doing things, as your government seem to be run by gut feelings and not clear policies.

    • Bu t minister of agriculture said the grz wont set the price and wont buy maize but will allow other peivate business to do so.

  1. That is our President. Getting wiser by the day.
    The best Chief of Staff Zambia has ever had.
    In touch with reality.

    • @James, Zambia is not developing because of people like you. People who just say things with facts. Have you ever done an analysis of cost of production of maize for you to say that K75 is below cost of production? Stop being dull. Ask IAPRI, they did an analysis of the cost of production of maize and found that the government pays way to much money for maize.
      In fact, the government should not even be involved in buying maize. That is a waste of the countries resources. The maize business should be let to private sector.

  2. Its better for the farmers, But we just had K70 announced and then he steps out of an aircraft shouting K75. He must have had a good dream.

    • My point is Jemason (Jameson) also works positively. Yes am jealous am working not on jemasoni. Will be in three days. You know the mines out here in Aussie are two week on two off roster

    • It is always trial & error. Policy inconsistency at its best. Even the 75k is below production cost. Why not do an actual cost analysis. Lungu you are over stepping other peoples teritory.

    • It is always trial & error. Policy inconsistency at its best. Even the 75k is below production cost. Why not do an actual cost analysis. Lungu you are over stepping other peoples territory.

    • @James, Zambia is not developing because of people like you. People who just say things with facts. Have you ever done an analysis of cost of production of maize for you to say that K75 is below cost of production? Stop being dull. Ask IAPRI, they did an analysis of the cost of production of maize and found that the government pays way to much money for maize.
      In fact, the government should not even be involved in buying maize. That is a waste of the countries resources. The maize business should be let to private sector.

    • The PF govt is so inconsistency in dealing with matters concerning the nation, every time they make decisions and instructions they shoot themselves in the foot and counter their own decisions and instructions. not long ago it was the 90 days fimofimo, now its close to 1000 days, then the statutory fifmofimo which they reversed, then the copper 20%, Then the retire age, then the fuel price, then the halted roads constructions, then aah kaya mwee, maize 70 pin and then 75, no vision no plan

  3. I sold my maiz to briefcase dealers at a lower price coz it was reported that its not govt’s responsibility to do so. And now the president is announcing the increase. Incosostence at its best.

  4. really pf is in trouble that k75 should have been the prize for last year. however this will not benefit many as many of them have already sold to briefcase buyers. this is shame cos this should have been announced long back. this is poor thinking country men and women at its best.

  5. Be careful bo lubinda. This man just lost his ministry of defence. He might just grab your ka ministry of cooperative and appoint himself using his power to appoint and disappoint (himself) ministers. Faifi kwacha sure ati the president has increased….after dropping himself from mh370. Kekekeke.

  6. What’s this guy saying. That Chola Kafwabulula’s (FRA) thinking arriving at K70 was wrong. Was it a strategy to tell Chola to announce a lower price and then embarrass him a few days later.
    Where’s the treasury going to get the excess money from. Are we going for more borrowing.

  7. Now you see they have borrowed money; this pattern of pronouncements will be frequent, $300m into ZAMTEL there, increase of maize floor price..where is FRA going to get funds? Remember that the FRA struggles to meet the stringent collateral requirements from financial institutions…this is why a President should announce such important news at a live Press conference and then face the media for Q&A not always issuing statements on an airport tarmac.

  8. Even if they borrow they have the capacity to pay back because when they export it they will make a killing. That’s the strategy. Demand is big in the region and beyond. The move is meant to kill brief case buyer and benefit farmers and Zambia. At least president is thinking positively . How much is Upnd and fddd rainbow offering

  9. For the first time I agree with Ndobo. WHY WHY does the highest office in the land have to deal with meal ie meal prices?. The president is stealing someone’s job. Presidents ought to be more macro than micro

  10. Gentlemen its high time we became objective and constructive in the analysis of matters.Do u know what that ‘k5’ translates to a farmer?It means thousands of excess income eg.for 1,000 bags of grain produced it means K5,000 excess income.So,this means our farmers have been boosted tremendously financially.So,thumps up your Excellency,this means my brothers in villages have some reasonable income to venture into other things.Give credit where due!

    • You are forgetting that a small farmer rarely achieves 1,000 bags on his small piece of land using simple technology and also the year end inflation was about 7% so the real increase income between last years K70 and this K75 per bag is Zero for the same quantity!!

    • Three observations:
      1- You don’t make off the cuff increaments. It shows you are not thinking as a collective cabinet. When did he meet the cabinet in Botswana? On the tarmac?
      2 – The farmers have already sold their maize pursuant to the govt’s earlier directive to sell to briefcase businessmen. Too little, too late.
      3- The K70 was only announced last week I suppose after taking all factors into account. Now someone changes the price on the Tarmac? Too many inconsistencies!
      Let’s be a bit more serious with the way we manage the country.

  11. @careless whisper;Let me help u understand what the office of the president’s scope of authority and responsibility entails pertaining to matters above;(1) He is the one in whom we(citizens) vest the powers to run or administor all the affairs of the land.Meaning he can move into any ministry or grz department correct matters if need be.(2) The ministers are just helpers.They report to him and are answerable to him.In other words the ministers are his tools.

  12. @Mufasa;the k5,000 is extra income.If anything,the president has just given farmers excess income.Instead of selling at k70,they re now going to sell at high price of k5 more.

    • Let me give you a brief history of FRA saga and Farmer.President Lungu and his FRA have done totally nothing with their k75.00. i am a farmer and i am talking with real facts.Transporting a 50kg bag of maize for a short distance of 60km to e.g FRA(LSK) is about k15.00, An empty bag for packing maize is cost k5. Already your cost on a finished product is K20.00 before you sell. Lungu’s FRA pays you K75 and when you less the cost incurred you find that you are selling your maize at k55.00. If you were to sell your maize to brief case buyers you could somehow make more money as they will buy from your farm and pay you k65.00 without any cost incurred.From my analysis you will realise that K75.00 is a serious mockery to farmers. Let him think of another strategy!No added income boss

  13. Ukoooo! ni abrakata abra its now K 75 per bag. Whilst some useful *****s are praising him let them answer one simple question, where is the money coming from? bwana Lungu we need a press conference so that you can answer some of our questions. By the way 70% of our poor farmers have already sold their maize at K1 per kg to briefcase buyers( 90% ministers)

  14. What is the point of having ministers and deputy ministers if it is now the duty of the president to be announcing the increase of bags of maize at the airport. Changwa wants to show that he is working but Zambians know that…

  15. the whole thing is trash. this could have been done long time back so that the brief case buyers could have also raised the prize a lettle bit benefit.. currentlty briefcase buyers have bought most maize at k50. leaving the poor farmers with nothing to get out of k75.00 a prize announced whilest some one is drunk with jameson.dear citizen let get rid off our selves of these useless quacks. viva upnd the only party to bring the country s economy back to its feet.

  16. Cat power improve the way you communicate. We don’t have time to be working out what people are trying to say. Stu.pid boy Shi mine ku Australia. If you are an engineer come back and help the country solve problems. I am going soon. But your grammar is awfully poor.

  17. Its a Gimmick to win 2016 election we know it but sorry boss its too late.Come 2016 its byee byee PF and Chagwa Lungu.We need real economic development and proper Governance not chipante pante today its k70 tomorrow on its k75 .This Kubuta Government will be shown the door.

  18. Why does government need to set the price – let capitalism and a free market have its way. Open the borders – sell at market price to all that will buy. If there is such a demand, the price will naturally increase and more farmers will be encouraged to increase their yields. however, if there is low demand, farmers will be encouraged to produce something else that has market value. There is so much farmable land in Zambia but Maize is the one crop – diversification should be a part of every community. Maize, cotton, vegetables, fruits, coffee, etc. Go Zambia!


  20. K 5,is not much , maybe something like K25-K50 ,will make farmer happy . however that is better than nothing.thanx Mr president. thanx PF

  21. Trouble is not what has been done, BUT how it has been done. What we are seeing are populist traits characteristic of dictatorial elements. The move is designed to paint a picture of a caring president yet it exposes disorganization in the ruling party. Just review the whole process!

  22. Comment: first of all this is a good move by the government. They are right to empower the farmer. You see gift, let’s face the facts here, maize is not transported to lusaka from the village at his cost. All the farmer does is transport the maize to fra setlite depot near their village. So the k15 transport you are talking about is out. The empty grain bag is provided by fra, and if they provide their own it’s usually k2 per bag. You see all what is needed now is to ensure that farmers who will benefit from these sales plough
    the money in the economy through income generating activities. So thumbs up to the government.

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