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Church should speak out against people demeaning the presidency-Kambwili

General News Church should speak out against people demeaning the presidency-Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

CHIEF Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili is concerned that some people are making derogatory remarks against President Lungu for no justifiable reason.

And Government says it values the immense contribution of the Catholic Church in various spheres of life among them education, health and community service.

“There are some people who have chosen to issue derogatory remarks all the time against President Edgar Lungu for no justifiable cause at all. Day in, day out, they are insulting the Head of State through a particular newspaper on baseless grounds,” Mr Kambwili said yesterday.

Mr Kambwili, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said this at the launch of Saint Charles Borromeo golden jubilee in Luanshya.

He also called on the church not to fold its arms but rise to the occasion by praying for “these people so that they are forgiven of their acts for they do not know what they are doing, as the Bible says.”

“This is not to say leaders should not be criticised, not at all, but what we are saying is that let us be decent and sincere in our comments on national issues and give credit where, and when it is due,” he said.

He called on the church to speak out against indecent and disrespectful language against leaders as this is in conflict with Zambia’s status as a Christian nation.

“This is not to say leaders should not be criticised, not at all, but what we are saying is that let us be decent and sincere in our comments on national issues and give credit where, and when it is due,” he said.

Mr Kambwili further said, the PF government has only been in office for hardly four years and has achieved so much within a short period.

He, however, noted that there are some economic challenges the country is experiencing such as the fluctuating exchange rate of the local currency.

He said a number of countries in the region and beyond are also experiencing a slump in the value of their currencies against the United States dollar.

“And this is the situation Government is working hard to reverse and redress through various measures both short and long-term,” he said.

Mr Kambwili commended the Church’s role, particularly St Charles Borromeo, for playing an active role in uplifting people’s living standards in Luanshya since it’s inception 49 years ago.

Earlier, father Ben Kapembwa said the occasion was charged with symbolism and each element carried meaning that is rooted in the rich history of the parish.

The launch of the golden jubilee – 1966 to 2016 – was dubbed “Glorifying God through, stewardship, talent and prayer.”


  1. Yes, Mr CK, derogatory remarks, belittling and insulting others must end. This starts with me and you. We can make a better Zambia together. By the way, do you play golf? Lets play together one of these weekends

    • Kashimba Chimbwili, but it was you who told us about things about the president. I am even embarrassed to repeat here. Let me know if you need to be reminded. Anyhow, we have enough laws to take care of people insulting the president. Kambwili and your friends, just deliver on your promises and we shall all sing praises to you

  2. “Chief Government spokesperson” I cannot fathom how this Kambwili pig got hold of such a title. It only bothers me of course, because I’m Zambian. If his title was “Chief ka Lungu’s áss spokesperson” I would not mind one bit.

    • Fat Pig, if there is anyone that should be forgiven because they know not what they are doing it is you and your PF.

      The persons that have demeaned the Presidency more than any other persons are the lazy vision less drunkard that now occupies State House and his predecessor that lied and cheated his way into Office.

  3. ***** U’ve jst failed to run de country,you are not normal chimbwi no brain at other countries are facing similar problems,

  4. How does defaming Lungu come in during the jubilee celebrations of a church? What is the connection between defaming Lungu and the church celebrating its jubilee? Oh by the way, Kambwili looks very handsome in black on the picture, I like his smiling face, its a catchy smile i should say.

  5. Ati “bana bandi don’t complain about insala lelo nakuli ba neighbour tabalile, its global”. That’s ECL.
    My kids prefer “hey guys because of my good planning & preparedness, despite the starvation in the neighborhood, we have enough & soon we will be selling surplus to these neighbors”.

  6. Hon Kambwili do not worry about the cartel and these up and downs.They are still bitter cos they lost in January 2015.Even in 2016 they will still lose to PF.

  7. “If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen”. Lungu needs to stop whining about the criticism and focus on coming up with economical plans.

  8. It is not right for you to defame me, but ok for me to defame you. This is the exact opposite the spokesman is saying. I will spare you ba Kambwili because of your untrained mouth and immature exposure. You are a big fish in small Zambian ponds, yet an ant in civilized worlds. Icinwa.

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