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Union wants Yaluma to appoint ZESCO Board

General News Union wants Yaluma to appoint ZESCO Board

Christopher Yaluma
Christopher Yaluma

The Power Generation and Allied Workers Union of Zambia has demanded that Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma should appoint a substantive board at state run power utility ZESCO with immediate effect.

Union President Thomas Nyendwa said the union is of the strong view because as this will greatly improve operations at ZESCO and also help the firm focus on the power supply challenges being faced.

Mr Nyendwa said appointing a Board will also set the company on a new path to regain confidence of all stakeholders that has been greatly eroded in the last few months with the crippling power outages and load shading being experienced nationwide.

He said the Union is concerned that in the last seven months since the last board was dissolved, the situation at Zesco has gone from worse to bad as some of the crucial decisions in ensuring the smooth operations of the firm have not been made.

Mr Nyendwa has also objected the recent pronouncement by Mr Yaluma to have the Zesco management step down in the current power deficit in the Country persists up to October this year.

He said the Union also notes with concern that Mr Yaluma’s conduct of overstepping his supervisory role at Zesco needs a board in place.

“We don’t want to conclude that he is a beneficiary of this chaotic situation he deliberately allowed. Does he want to run ZESCO as an employee? We want him to constitute a board within 48 Hours instead of making wild statements about who should resign when just below his noise a corrosive crude oil was procured, we are shocked he considers himself morally positioned to say others should resign.”


  1. Yaluma wants toshift the blame to others while he comes out clean, unblemished. He is the Minister and the buck should and must stop at his doorstep. INDENI issue was everyone’s fault from the importer to the poor guy in the lab but not him. He needs to work with the professionals and not against them whenever issues arise.

  2. You asking an empty tin to appoint cadres…truly laughable. ..you should be lobbying for changing the way board members are appointed or selected! !

  3. Jay Jay spot on. Why bring in more leeches who are not going to add any real value but just come to finish off the carcass.

  4. This Minister is not normal. October/November are the driest months. Where is the water going to come from to improve things?

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