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Father Bwalya promises clean campaigns in Lubansenshi

Headlines Father Bwalya promises clean campaigns in Lubansenshi

PF candidate George Mwamba flash the party symbol whilst Tasila Lungu (2nl), Hon. Ester Banda (l) and Father Bwalya (r) presents his credentials for nomination to presiding officer Christopher Simusokwe during the filling in of nomination for Lubanseshi constituency Luwingu District Council
PF candidate George Mwamba flash the party symbol whilst Tasila Lungu (2nl), Hon. Ester Banda (l) and Father Bwalya (r) presents his credentials for nomination to presiding officer Christopher Simusokwe during the filling in of nomination for Lubanseshi constituency Luwingu District Council

The ruling Patriotic Front has pledged to conduct violence free campaigns in the Lubansenshi Parliamentary by-election slated for September 24th.

PF Lubansenshi Deputy Campaign Manager Frank Bwalya says his party has resolved to ensure its cadres do not engage in any conduct that is likely to breach the peace and order in the area.

Father Bwalya has told Qfm News by telephone from Lubansenshi that his party does not want to give the opposition any reason to complain when they lose the by-election.

He notes that the campaigns which kicked off on Wednesday, 26th August have started on a peaceful note and that he believes this will continue.
Father Bwalya says his confidence is based on how opposition political party members and members of the ruling PF were able to interact during the filing of nominations.

He says UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba hugged him and also hugged his opponent in the impending Kasama Central Parliamentary by-election, Kelvin Sampa during the filing of nominations for the Lubansenshi Parliamentary by-election.

Father Bwalya states that this is how it should be.

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  1. Comment: Mucheleka deserves to win his once seat plz pipo dont be cheated by anyone bring in someone u test dirty water with who’s upnd candidate,than brings in new faces who will dose in parley without saying anything constructive just waiting for allowance & graduity ,we need mucheleka who shaked pf in parley

  2. Lungu is truly a dull vision-less character how do you send your daughter to campaign with suspicious characters like this so called turncoat Father Bawlya in Lubansenshi…instead of letting his daughter focus on her career or further studies in Political Science.

  3. So after all GBS is a Gentleman!! He hugged his opponents. Well done GBM for this very mature way of acknowledging oneness in divergence. There is a hind careless whispering noise in my brain that wishes and wants mucheleka to grab this seat back.

  4. Bwalya is a shameless opportunist with ‘ do or die zambia’ credentials. If he tried to concentrate
    on community work for the needy maybe he would be taken notice of.

  5. Apparently, Mr. Chimumbwa (Independent Candidate) is gaining ground in Lubansenshi, while Mr. Mwamba (PF) is struggling to win the hearts of people because of his bad past records as former Luwingu DEBS and DC. He did not relate well with the locals and civil servants when he worked as civil servant, and I hear local people are ready to punish him for that. Mr. Mucheleka (UPND) has also some popularity.

  6. Updn has always been winning elections before the ballot is cast and counted. Why are updn sympathisers so dull and immature. Can someone fill me in please

  7. PF creating one of the 500 000 jobs promised, A father Bwalya job as Lubansenshi PF Deputy campaign Manager. 499 999 more jobs to be created, hey really are on course give the credit on this one.

  8. Mucheleka and GBM please do not confuse the people from the bemba land.
    Your party president once said that( IF WE GIVE THE PRESIDENCY TO THE BEMBA PEOPLE,WE WON’T GET IT BACK) Go to the post achieves and you are going to find those words.
    H.H is just using you and this man has insulted bemba people several times and i would appeal to him to appologise first for the bad language towards bemba people.
    At one time he said that any tribe that thinks is larger than any other is foolish and fr Luonde challenged him to mention the tribe he meant but up to now he has kept quiet.
    Mucheleka and GBM you are the most useless bemba people that i have never seen to be used like.Very dull chaps and iam not being tribal.
    Recall how H.H used to relate with the late MCS.The man had no respect for…

  9. Comment: It’s not the individual people will be voting for, not the turn- oat Mucheleka, not anybody else, but the party to which the candidate belongs. That’s how it is!

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