Sex-starved woman sues hubby



A 30-YEAR-OLD Kitwe woman has pleaded with the Garneton Local court to compel her husband of 13 years to stop denying her sex.
Helen Chinyingi, who is currently on separation with her husband, told the court that her husband sleeps with his clothes on. She was suing for reconciliation.
This was heard before senior local court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu in a matter in which Helen sued Rodgers Chinyingi, 39, for reconciliation. The two got married in 2001 and have five children.
Helen narrated before the court that all was well in their marriage until she started a business.
She said she started helping out in the home because of her business but Chinyingi started accusing her of making money out of prostitution.
“I don’t even remember the last time he touched me. I love my husband that’s why I have brought him to court so that the magistrate can counsel us on how to live as a husband and wife,” she told the bench.
She said at times Chinyingi does not speak to her for four months yet they live in the same house.
But Chinyingi told the court that the money Helen was handling was too much for the type of business she was doing.
“I don’t know where my wife gets money from for her to be buying items such as a two-piece kitchen units and other items,” he narrated.
He told the court that Helen had a know-it-all attitude which puts him off.
Magistrate Ndhlovu adjourned the matter to September 1, so that parents from both sides could give their side of the story.



  1. It is God-given responsibility for couples to fill each other’s needs. That’s why God put marriage there. Something fishy with the husband.

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