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Police in Kasama warn and caution GBM

Rural News Police in Kasama warn and caution GBM

POLICE in Kasama have recorded a warn-and-caution statement from opposition UPND vice president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba in connection with reports that he was allegedly held an illegal meeting in the district.

Mr Mwamba was questioned today around 12:00 hours following reports on Monday that he had been conducting illegal meetings in public places in contravention of the public order Act.

Acting Northern Province Police Commissioner, Lackson Sakala confirmed the development to journalists shortly after Mr Mwamba appeared for questioning at Kasama Central Police Station today.

According to Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Mr Sakala said the former Kasama Central MP was alleged to have presided over a meeting on Monday afternoon at Kasama’s Chambeshi market without a police notification.

Mr Sakala however, said police investigations established that Mr Mwamba was not holding a meeting but was just doing some shopping at the time of the incident.

He advised political parties to desist from holding meetings without notifying the police, as doing so, was against the Public Order Act.

Mr Mwamba was accused of going into hiding when police officers went to pick him at his home in Kasama.

He also confirmed on his facebook account that he had passed through a market before he was confronted by police officers who were allegedly overpowered by his supporters.

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  1. Money is good and it always must find an outlet. Keep it up GBM we need your money in circulation unlike Ba Liato who buried it in the ground. Help your friend HH to also offload the cash and the Don’t Kubeba slogan will become a reality. Zambians are not blind and they can see the massive developments by the PF, they however are hungry for free money. It is good to go and vote for PF on a full tommy in 2016

    • Good for you Serious Zambian who is enjoying the fruits of PF when most other Zambians can not afford a bag of charcoal let alone a decent meal. With the economy in nose-dive luck you who has a full tummy or is is tommy as you put it!

    • And people still doubt that we in a dictatorship! They have failed to develop the country. The thinking is backward, everything they do is backward. They have no vision. They claim Rwanda has developed because Kagame is a dictator; they are worse dictators and nothing to show for it. God bless GBM

    • But ZPs sometimes behave like hyenas. Instead of protecting GBM, or tell him that they went to protect him and was not safe for him to be in market without proper protection, they go there to behave like vigilantes.
      GBM well behave man, but be careful not ukulamba too soon.

  2. This story does not make sense or the Zambia police do not make sense. The story is that GBM recorded a warn-and-caution statement for holding an illegal meeting. In the same story the police report that after their investigations, it was revealed that GBM did not hold a meeting but was shopping. So was he cautioned for shopping or holding a meeting or was he not cautioned? Is the police in order for cautioning anybody who has not committed an offence just because he is a political figure or is it poor journalism by LT?

  3. Good for you Serious Zambian for having a full tummy when most other Zambians can hardly afford a bag of charcoal let alone a decent meal. If PF has fulfilled your desired goals when the economy is in nose-dive and and you do not see the abuses of your Human Rights then Bravo to you. Otherwise many well-meaning citizens can’t wait to see the backs of PF.

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