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Police Summon GBM for holding political meetings without permit

Headlines Police Summon GBM for holding political meetings without permit

GBM waiving the PF symbol
GBM waiving the PF symbol

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba has been summoned by Kasama Police for holding political meetings without notifying the police.

According to the Police in Kasama, Mr Mwamba has allegedly gone into hiding after police in Kasama sought him for “an interview” over meetings he held.

Northern Province acting commissioner of police Lackson Sakala said in an interview yesterday that Mr Mwamba has allegedly been holding political meetings without notifying the police.

Mr Sakala said Mr Mwamba has allegedly gone into hiding but that the police will “fish” him out.

“We want him to come to the police tomorrow for some interviews. He was holding meetings without notifying the police.

“He is in hiding and we are looking for him,” Mr Sakala said.

He urged Mr Mwamba to lead by example as a person who has served as a member of Parliament (MP).

“He has actually been a law-maker, so he should lead by example and abide by the laws of Zambia. If he wants to hold any meeting, he should notify the police,” he said.

Mr Sakala said the police will diligently execute their duties and firmly deal with individuals who break the law, regardless of their political affiliation.

“Anything to the contrary, we are not going to spare anyone because no-one is above the law,” he said.

And in a posting on his Facebook wall, Mr Mwamba admits that the police are looking for him and he will avail himself today.

In a posting on his Facebook wall, Mr Mwamba admitted that the police were looking for him.

“Later on they brought a police call-out to my home and I have agreed to meet them at the station at 12 tomorrow [today],” the Facebook posting reads in part.


  1. As an area MP, he is allowed to hold meetings in any form. The courts have not finalized the vacancy of his seat. Can the police prove he was campaigning? EL is scared. Leave GBM alone and prepare for your exist. You have really mismanaged our economy and sold country to foreigners

    • Ba kapokola, ask your president whether no one is above the law? He will tell you that as long as you are connected to the PF and sing songs of praise to ALungu, you will be above the law, this includes those that have already been incarcerated and serving prison sentences.

      Follow Mwanawasa’s example who openly declared that there will be no sacred vows as long as he his president.

    • Scared little rats, their time of reckoning is coming…we shall smoke them out of their holes. Edgar is the worst president has had and will have

    • This has started sounding ridiculous. GBM was mobbed at the market, in fact at a structure he built for the community. I suppose they expect him to hide from the well wishers. The marketeers are ones the Police should have cited for mass greeting GBM without a Police permit.

    • The selfsame Colonial rules the British used on UNIP; UNIP used on MMD: MMD used PF; Now PF is using on others..the circle of mediocrity continues no one ever comes in and says something is not right here!!

  2. Go GBM go. Do not be intemidated. Your uncle the late MCS was tough and strong so are you. Not sure why Miles surrendered. One thing that has earned you my respect is you stand by what you believe and this the change you believe in is what is right for mother Zambia. God be with you

  3. “….Mr Sakala said the police will diligently execute their duties and firmly deal with individuals who break the law, regardless of their political affiliation. “Anything to the contrary, we are not going to spare anyone because no-one is above the law,” he said…”
    COMEDIAN, do you know what are the “police duties” in a democratic society? More probably you been commenting about PF Cadres duties.

  4. When the opposition gather, it draws attention. We even hear of POA, but we rarely hear so when the ruling side gather. Well, nobody is above the law even GBM but let the police not show bias and partiality. You may be mistreating your future masters, who knows?


  6. We a re full of garbage in Zambia, why do we always chase ghosts and waste time on trivial things really? Just holding a meeting you some special permit as if it is a rally. Did GBM cause some serious problem during the meeting and who else was in that meeting anyway? Who else is the complainant in this matter from the the police?

  7. Ba LT you are mad. Simuganiza. you are the so called journalists and you should learn to be factual and connect issues. Check the posting of GBM and the statement of Sakala and you will find comedy there. If he was hiding how did they serve him with a police call out at his home? Have you seen a fugitive hide at his home? And you even say GBM confirmed by saying they brought a call out to his home. Kikikiki ma Rubbish chabe that Cop just didnt have what to say. Fish him out my foot.

  8. That is why I didn’t want to be a kanyangu, soldier or g4s in my life. I can’t stand to always say yes sir to some crazy orders from “above”. I am a free thinker in and out.

  9. Hiding in plain sight… On a lighter note… maybe the cops need a Facebook page of their own where they can post WANTED characters and include their own selfies.

  10. This Public Order Act is a baby of General Miyanda during the Chiluba regime. It has visited him before afterhe left POWER. These chaps will be visited by the same laws they champion and celebrate NOW. I seeLungu chap crying in not to distant future. He ‘ll cry louder and for longer than his mentor because he has caused more suffering in so short a time. Unfortunately he can’t read the writing on the wall. How stup.id is that?

  11. Ba PF nachipwa tapali ichenu. PF has finished itself chances were there but with the happenings in the country they are not going anywhere. Ba tata ba Sata had a good vision for this country but with the coming of this new PF under the leadership of ECL awe we don’t know where we are heading to. Awe chabulanda sana.

  12. The Public Order Act is older than Zambia and its good for political sanity, its people like GBM and HH who think they are above the law fuel-up insecurity hence the need for POA.

  13. GBM is too fat to hide anywhere give us a break.WHERE would such a fat human being hide and not be seen on this planet?

    • It is possible for GBM to hide, under an elephant of course. GBM said the police left the call out at his home, GBM did not say he was at home at the time.

  14. Why are the Police wasting their time on triviality like this?

    They should be going after serious criminals.

    Like Lungu and his gang that have sabotaged and wrecked the whole economy of Zambia.

    Those are the REAL CRIMINALS!

  15. If you ignore the headline you wont think the Police were looking for a wanted car armed robber…I’ve never been a fan of GBM even when he was a Defence Minister under Sata but this is out of order for this overzealous N P acting commissioner Sakala to talking like this…have respect for people who pay your salary.

  16. Comment: The Public Order Act does not forbide any Zambian citzen to go to the market. Neither does it require any Zambia citzen to obtain a police permit to go to the market .The Police just want to please their master. GBM just go there and campain. That is your chance to adress the people, go and hummer them. Time is up for PF to pack and go.

  17. The only political flag flying in the town center now in Kasama is that of the UPND. Kasama is being cleansed of bakoswe…tulefwaya ng’ombe.

  18. Public Order Act! Any of you speaking from emotion need to calm down. GBM can simply get a permit ( Inform the police ) and hold his meetings. As much as you might not like it, having too many people that are politically biased whether they are PF, MMD, UPND or my FDD is a possible nuisance to the general public waiting to happen. It is easy to pick up a cell phone and dial the police resource number. We live in the time of smart phones, even Siri can call them for you.

  19. Public Order Act is an attack on our democracy!! People died for our hard fought democracy. KK hijacked it in 1972 till 1991. FTJ & successive presidents have done the same.

  20. .GBM or HH cant change the law.They dont have any capacity.So let them abide by the laws prevailing,by doing that they will be responsible leaders and not what they re doing. They re setting a bad precedent.BOMA ni BOMA!!!!

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