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UNZA students riot over the PF governments failure to pay lecturers

General News UNZA students riot over the PF governments failure to pay lecturers

unza riot2

University of Zambia students this morning rioted to press for the release of their semester results which lecturers are withholding. Lectures refused to release the students’s results demanding payment of outstanding monies owed to them by government.

The students blocked the Great East Road at 07:20 burning tyres and logs forcing motorists to find alternative routes.

The University of Zambia lecturers and researchers recently downed tools to press for the payment of excess load allowance, gratuity and terminal benefits.The lecturers rejected the money the PF government proposed yesterday.Education Minister Michael Kaingu said Government would release K50 million to UNZA towards the accrued staff benefits which has led to a stand-off between the members of the UNZA Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) and management.

However UNZALARU has demanded to be paid their accrued benefits for all university workers worth K320 million. The UNZALARU members have decided to continue withholding the students’ examination results until their demands are met.

The medical school at Ridgeway campus was also supposed to open this week but has been postponed due to financial reasons.

unza riot1


  1. PF can not pay lecturers ….paying lecturers will deplete funds for by-elections,for the First lady’s charity organisation,PF will not be able to buy campaign materials, President Lungu will not be able to fly with entourage out of the country on a whim….Wake guys PF does not cherish education…just look at how much is allocated to education each year in the budget.They will just send the Paras to arrest and beat up students and continue campaigning.

  2. This trend must really come to an end, but with failures running the affairs of our country, I see no hope of ending such trends in the country. UNZA is in trouble because of interference from the politicians. Ministers can never go without their payments and allowances yet we have lecturers and teachers, doctors and nurses going without salaries. This clearly shows that the govt and its leaders have failed the nation and it is high time the citizens employed different people to handle the affairs of the country. PF has failed and let us not pretend, it is clear and written everywhere.

    • @ Kabova, are you asking for revolution? Kambwili with his Phd in 1diocy and educated youths having two distinctly opposing monologue is a recipe for real uprising.

  3. And you have these corrupt kaponya suppoters of PF on this blog saying it is ok for the first lady to be going around the country with a hudge team at great expense to the tax payers. I am sure if you tally the amounts spend so far, these UNZA pipo would have been paid.

  4. Just burning four tyres and you call it a riot. Go to the middle east and see what is called a riot.
    Tuma thayela four ati riot.

  5. This is the problem of having a bloated administration, holding by-elections every month, the head of state always out of the country, etc, the country ends up funding these useless ventures instead of paying the right people their deserved dues. The PF government needs a serious introspection.

    • PF has failed lets accept. Its time to try other Zambians to rule this great nation. There is no country that can develop without a strong Education system. We can not continue to depend on raw exports like copper. Why cant produce and sale finished products that are unique .Where is our identity as Zambians. We need to change our lazy culture and tribe clusters ,which is a case to us as a Christian nation. We need to breath fresh air. Our enemy is not HH but those in PF who have failed us. So lets vote them out.

  6. I feel very angry each time I come to Zambia .Why do I say so ,Zambia un like Bostwana or Namibia it has a lot of fertile soils, Good vegetation, Water ,Minerals and good climate in general and yet we fail to provide Electricity,Our currency is now one of the poor perfoming currencies in the world.We can hardly produce any finished product for export let alone to feed our nation.What has gone wrong in this Christian nation ,can some one give me an answer .When Bush pushed USA in Economic into reccesion Americans voted for Obama who has propelled USA back to its glory .Americans are not eating a black man as president but the economy. Zambians lets remove this Lungu he has failed lets try HH an economist we can not eat Tonga but the economy.

  7. Here is my response.

    1. Riots are violent and illegal. Better to protest peacefully than riot.

    2. The government should consider privatised university education provision, while keeping a standards cotrols role.

    This will end the stress successive governments have experienced.

  8. Even in Mwanawasa s time students rioted. The problem with you UPND bloggers is your hatred, you are just lying to Zambians that your HH has all the solutions. How can people with so much hatred have solutions remember what the bible says ,a bad fruit will never bear a good fruit. You don’t even have respect. .UPND never!!!

    • Yes HH doesn’t have all solutions to the problems. But like Mwanawasa & RB he may have 50% solutions to our problems which is much better than the 2% roads copycut PF solutions. Apart from the roads copycut (from RB’s Urban Roads to LinkZambia 8000) what else is there to show by PF?

  9. H.E. Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF Government will win the 2016 elections and by landslide, don’t ask me why. Yes, it may appear like things are difficult now, a result of global economic melt down, but don’t make a mistake, everyone is working hard to come out of this challenge and it is coming real fast.

    The PF will have learnt so many lessons from these challenges and i predict that they will work even double to develop this country. All its going to take is a day of China bouncing back and the rains coming heavily and all these temporal setbacks will be done away with. PF has made a very strong base for itself. Just imagine with the current challenges beyond one’s control, where would the opposition with no clue of how to run Government could have been today?
    I implore the…

    • And this is why our nation is going no where fast. How can you look at the current state of affairs and not apportion the blame to the people that you and I hired to manage our country? Let’s face reality and see things for what they really are. External shocks aside, the PF Government have been terrible economic managers. It’s like they’re shooting in the dark. They implement and reverse policies like they’re managing a little shop and not a country. How does that encourage investor confidence? They borrow without a repayment plan and fail to account for the use of the funds and you and I are left to bear the repercussions. How can a whole country be reduced to placing the blame on low rain fall for wide-spread delibitating black outs which have a further negative effect on the…

    • the economy. Where was contingency planning? Where was research into alternative power generation methods? Why weren’t tariffs increased? How can you justify the massive salaries that Zesco executives earn in the wake of this energy crisis when they have clearly failed to do their jobs? It’s just a long track record of mismanagement. Wake up and smell the coffee! Put your thinking cap on when you’re in the voting booth.

  10. Akoni you are 100% spot on, i can bear testimony to that, if i hadn’t gone through the hardships i went through i wouldn’t have managed to be where i am today . And i thank the Father Almighty

  11. My great grandfather, who had never been to modern school, new to defeat a white man, he had to learn his tricks. So he took his children to school. This trend has continued from one generation to the next. We see this as progression.
    Now for certificate holder Siamunene & his like, they see educated people as ‘aba yumfwa’. Instead of supporting our education system to create global competitors of the future, they would rather create chibuku toting cadres who will dance for them.
    That’s why we need to raise minimum education for our politicians. Of I agree education doesn’t make one a leader, but it opens up ones mind to think at a higher level.
    Such a move would also encourage all of us to want to go to school.
    Our parliament is full of grade twos, to them just the word degree…


  13. upnd will, never ever RULE this country NO matter what they think. The best way hh can do is to rule his animals at his farm.

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