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Police Officer shoots himself with an AK47 after marital dispute

General News Police Officer shoots himself with an AK47 after marital dispute

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga
Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga

A POLICE officer of Kabwata Police Station in Lusaka has died after shooting himself in the chest with an AK47 rifle.

Inspector Steven Banda is alleged to have committed suicide after a marital dispute.

Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that Mr Banda shot himself in the chest at his house in Nyumba Yanga around 15:00 hours on Sunday.

Ms Katanga said Mr Banda was taken to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“The officer shot himself whilst at home using an AK47 gun which was in his custody,” Ms Katanga said.

She said police have recovered the firearm with 26 rounds of ammunition.

And police in Lusaka have arrested 93 political cadres for allegedly harassing people in markets.

Ms Katanga said the cadres were arrested between August 25 and August 31 from various markets in Lusaka.

She said of the 93, seven were charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace and they will appear in court soon while the rest were released after paying admission of guilt fines.

“We conducted operations in Lusaka district after we received reports of harassment from members of the public by suspected political cadres in markets,” Ms Katanga said.

She also said police have arrested six people for allegedly destroying PF materials and a presidential portrait worth K70,000 at Lusaka’s Soweto Market.

She said a PF member Emmanuel Mwape, who operates from Soweto Market, reported the matter to the police.

“These suspects have been charged with malicious damage to property and will appear in court soon,” Ms Katanga said.

She warned that police will continue conducting similar operations to ensure that innocent people are not harassed.

“I wish to warn that we will not relent and will apply the law fairly to all offenders regardless of their political affiliation,” she said.

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    • Sorry for the loss of life!
      The wife is a slut, she can shoot him! In fact its her adulterous affair that led to the quarrel when the man become fully aware that a neighbour was servicing her everytime he was on night duty! Any mere coincidence that even ‘his’ last born son resembles the same neighbour? Policemen think they are clever simply because they tot guns around but forget that most times they are security guards at premises far from their homes & can not sneak back to check on their wives. Then for us who know we take advantage & bonk their wives mercilessly even just behind their houses in retaliation for flimsy traffic fines, etc.

  1. ….definitely this cop story is suspicious…..not even a suicide note mentioned…???….thru da mouth would be instantaneous death…chest u risk pain before u finally die….

  2. Well the police are careless and I worry to hear that an off duty officer carries such a dangerous weapon to his home. Surely there must be a law to restrain or stop off duty officer to be in possession of govt property. Imagine that gun could easily be stolen and end up very wrong hands altogether. This could have been prevented if these policemen and women we barred from carrying weapons to their homes. MHSRIP

    • Ba Observer, there is nowhere in the report where it says the man was off-duty… Katanga said the firearm was in his custody, which means the guy was supposed to be on duty somewhere….

  3. Ati police have arrested political cadres that where harassing marketeers, just say that they where PF cadres, where would UPND or Muliokela’s cadres get the guts to harass people in the market?

  4. This how STUPID Katanga is! If it was UPND OR FDD she was going to make noise by pointing out the party name.CAN SHE REPEAT HERSELF AND SAY PF-CADRES

  5. Charity Katanga has always been useless when it come to mentioning PF Cadres. She knows deep down her heart that PF are the ones persecuting marketeers. This woman also deserves alangizi

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