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President Lungu capable of handling country problems-Amos Chanda

General News President Lungu capable of handling country problems-Amos Chanda

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda

State House has said that President Edgar Lungu has proved that he is capable of handling any crisis and is fully in charge of the affairs of the state.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said that this is evidenced by how President Lungu has been able to handle crisis after crisis within his early days of his presidency.

Mr. Chanda cited the acute fuel shortage inherited soon after assuming office, the recent drug shortage and the standoff between the mines and government over the new mine tax regime as some of the challenges President Lungu has ably resolved.

In an interview by telephone, Mr. Chanda told Qfm News that that President Lungu is actually dealing with a lot of things which also includes mitigating the current power deficit.

Mr. Chanda said that the current load shedding or the trends in the Country’ economy can be used as the basis upon which President Lungu should be re-elected or not.

He stated that his understanding is that a President of a Republic like Zambia is elected on the basis of the party manifesto and how one delivers the promises he makes to the people.

Mr. Chanda added that the power deficit the country is currently facing stems from lack of investment in power generation in the last 40 years.

He said that even if President Lungu puts all the money from the Treasury in power generation now, there would still not be any power generation plant established in just 7 months as it takes not less than 3 years to do so.

He added that the President has been able to deal with many other challenging issues, and that dealing with the current power shortage in the country is not an issue he can fail to handle.

Mr Chanda stated that if there are some people thinking that they can use load shedding as an issue to win the 2016 general election, State House wishes them well.

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    • “He added that the President has been able to deal with many other challenging issues, and that dealing with the current power shortage in the country is not an issue he can fail to handle”.

      YES? Then why is there no Zesco where I am now? Have I just gone blind? Am I hallucinating?

      Amos Chanda, you are either a complete F00L or you are a MENTAL CASE ready for Chinama.

      We can see with our own eyes that he has failed completely and TOTALLY. You telling us more PF lies is not going to change the FACTS. Lungu has been sleeping on the job, and has now sent you to lie for him. Be a man, not a mouse. Resign and SPEAK THE TRUTH. Your job there is worthless now.

  1. Talking about Kamwendo munjila to solve problems faced y Zambians ? my foot Chanda you must be joking . May be to you Amos destroying is rebuilding . any way we can not say much because you are just a vuvuseller not an economist . continue leaking you boss’s boot . God is watching

    • We hear he has finally been given a vision by editing the Manifesto and the Kwacha thing, he will solve by a declaration. From tomorrow let K1=$1…and PF cadres will clap!

    • Dear Chanda, what prove is there for us to see other than:
      a. declining economy with a worse off kwacha
      b. unrelenting travel by the powers that be
      c. negative rating of our economy by the raters

  2. Ba Chanda naimwe. Stop defending indefensible. The man has totally failed to provide credible solutions to the current crisis. All he does is give excuses; theatrics after theatrics, it`s never ending with this President. This is not courtroom drama but real life were people die if the economy is not properly managed. The man has failed to even give a STATE-OF-THE-NATION speech. So much about his capabilities.

  3. Joke of the day!!

    Amos, you would have done well just keeping your mouth shut.

    Now you have proved IN PUBLIC you are an IDI0T!

    And that Lungu is surrounded by M0R0NS that have no idea what they are talking about!

  4. Which is which ba Chanda,lack of investment in the power sector or lack of water in the Kariba? Deep down your conscience is messing with you.

  5. How politicians reduce some sharp looking technos to cadres. I had some respect for Amos when he was a perpetual vice president of PAZA. I never even knew who the president was.
    But now the guy looks so dull. At least George with his yo-attitude fitted in as a cadre.


  7. Chanda this is a very stupid statement we know you are protecting your job but the big fact is your man Edgar Lungu is a failure who will be remembered as the most useless President Zambia ever had.

  8. This young chap Chanda even by his looks you can tell he is quite capable of muttering such rubbish. He has the misfortune of having a natural butt kissing disposition.

  9. President Lungu will actually win easily the 2016 elections because he is a performer.His critics mainly especially from up and down are just yapping any how due to envy and jealousy.What PF has done in my home area of Western province in such a short period is incredible.

  10. Those who yap anyhow claim to be economists but cant understand the global economic trends affecting the kwacha and they want to blame PF.Thats being shallow minded.

    • @John – Please don’t blame the ‘global economic trends’ to what is happening to the Kwacha. Between the time Sata died and now, the Kwacha has lost 100% of its value against the Dollar. Only about 15% to 20% of that drop can be attributed to the so called ‘global economic trends’. Compare the rate of loss of value of the other currencies. 80% of the Kwacha’s drop is due to mis-management, over spending and a lack of confidence of investors in the direction our economy is taking. ECL is an absentee CEO, making over 16 foreign trips in 7months- with the attendant costs to the tax payers and the economy! A bit of thrift from the President will send the correct signal about the direction the government wants to take regarding cost-savings. Listen to your own BOZ Govenor!

  11. Mr Chanda, surely you can make such a statement? Anyway I am not surprised because two things are clear! You are a bootlicker. The colours of your jacket and trousers tell it all. Then you are protecting your job!

  12. Ba UPND why the insults can’t you see that’s what makes you lose. You think the people of Eastern Province are happy with your insults?. Even PF cadres can’t match you when it comes to insults

  13. If Lungu is capable of solving the countries problems, why is he not doing it?

    I am sitting here with NO WATER, NO POWER, and NO JOB.

    Please tell me when he is going to start?

    In 2011 I thought it would be fixed in 90 days.

    Now in 2015 the money in my pocket is finished.

    Is he still around? Is he working? I am missing a President that can help me with my problems!

  14. Ba Chanda, having capability? Great. However, can you please point at ONE issue where such capability has produced result?
    Zero, nothing, zilch, nada…!!!
    By any chance you are saying that his capability its equivalent to his achievements?

  15. Magande did well in macroeconomic management but did he do the following:
    -building more schools…………………………………………….NO
    -building more universities……………………………………….NO
    -building better roads………………………………………………NO
    -building more hospitals…………………..NO except Levi hospital
    -Upgrading UTH and general hospitals……………………..NO
    -Investment into manufacturing………………………………..NO
    -Diversification from dependency on copper………………NO
    -Stepping up value addition……………………………………..NO
    -Investment in hydro power generation……………………..NO
    -Sustainable solution to mealie meal prices……………….NO
    -Improvement in post harvest management………………..NO
    -Establishemnt of medical hubs……………………………….NO
    -Establishemnt of Fuel depots………………………………….NO

  16. Ba Chanda, please say something different. you have also been entangled in the issues of misinforming the nation, saying things you do not actually believe in yourself. posterity will judge you harshly my friend. you have a family, and you need to act in a way that we keep your family secure should tables turn. Ask Sata’s mouth piece. yours is a terrible job.

  17. what do you expect from a PF cadre by the name of Amos Chanda. Remember another former cadre Amos Malupenga. They both of them are protecting their jobs by singing praise songs to the president.

  18. give him a chance to go round asking from other sources, don’t disturb him, other coys workers have not yet paid, why its because they are no longer generating revenue due to water levels in the tu ma rivers, its not ba pf. lets pray not blaming each other.

  19. So sorry for Chanda. He will dance to any tune. Lungu is out of his depths. he has never managed anything in his life other than opening a whisky bottle and you give him an entire country to manage. That is why his fathers Mugabe and banda is ruining our country. He is giving Zim free maize to feed their arrogant and shameless selves . Who gives a hungry man food t keep? lung is a complete and utter failure. Chanda should shut up.

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