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Government ready to welcome Zambian professionals from the Diaspora-Yaluma

Economy Government ready to welcome Zambian professionals from the Diaspora-Yaluma

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minster Christopher Yaluma
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minster Christopher Yaluma

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma says government is ready to welcome home its professionals from the diaspora.

Bright Mukwasa reports that speaking on the sidelines of the Africa Down Under 2015 Conference which ends today when he met Zambians living in Australia, Mr Yaluma says Zambia has taken a good turn for development.

Mr Yaluma says Zambia needs the expertise from abroad to help build the nation.

And speaking on behalf of Zambians in Perth, Mapanza Nkwilimba says Zambians in the Diaspora have a duty to contribute to national development.

Meanwhile, Japanese Ambassador to Zambia Kiyoshi Koinuma has advised Zambians to take up rice production along with maize cultivation.

Ambassador Koinuma says the Japanese government is willing to improve the agriculture sector in Zambia especially rice production.

ZANIS reports that the Japanese envoy said his government seeks to identify a suitable place for rice production on the Copperbelt province.

Mr. Koinuma said this when he called on Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenge at his Office in Ndola.

And Mr Musenge says the country is working towards diversifying from mining to agriculture.

Meanwhile Ambassador Koinuma says Japanese companies are ready to partner with potential Zambian business entities especially in agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

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    • Ba Yaluma naimwe – how much will you pay us? Zambians in the diaspora left because of the poor salaries. Have things improved now?

    • @Nako, please don’t include us in your money problems. Most of us left because Zambians don’t know how to vote for presidents. They even failed to vote for Mazoka (he end going forever), Christon Tembo (did same as Mazoka), It took so many trials for the Zambians to accept Sata.
      Once they vote for HH or Nawakwi, then we will come back.
      Speaking for myself, I will not step in that land until RB & Edgar step aside, naifwe tukabombeko… So Yaluma selako tukese bombako !!

    • And also release professor Chirwa from that fictitious ZR case. By now had that money been used for the intended purpose, ZR would have been running modern trains.

  1. Not this song AGAIN…Please Mr. Empty Tin minster focus on local professionals and their clearing allowance arrears you owe them…we don’t need welcoming in our own home!!

  2. Zambia has taken a good turn for development? Are you sure Yaluma? So this minister believes that Zamnians living outside don’t know what type of country Zambia has become? Load shedding, tumbling Kwacha, poor worsening work ethic and the list is endless!

  3. Thank you minister, we need everyone to build the country. Provide something for us who are already in the country and highly qualified.

  4. Yaluma is himself a returned diasporan but what has baffled me is how he has failed to break through the mediocrity that engulfs Zambia so liberally. I would have expected that his aggressiveness could have been directed towards cutting away at this mediocrity but he has ended up carving for himself and his cronies a little slice of retirement possibility. I have my doubts he will make the cut for Malole seeing as he has not been that good at translating his professional bias to understanding the poverty of his constituents.

  5. Home is home. Most already contribute, others only work or study so they can contribute, some have moved on and a few have tried and been frustrated in to focusing on their home away from home. Just don’t squeeze the good ones you have within your borders or blatantly ignore them til they pack up and go through the looking glass…

  6. Hon. Yaluma

    And you expect that educated and successful Zambians leaving abroad are ready and willing to submit themselves and their financial security to the rule of the bunch of failed corrupt demagogues where rule of law has been replaced by rule of uneducated mob?
    Are you mad or simply living in PF “Animal Farm”?

  7. Highly educated and experienced professionals within Zambia are either being sidelined in favor of ruling uneducated inexperienced party cadres for senior government positions in new districts and diplomatic positions. Highly qualified professionals at higher institutions of learning and hospitals are being told there is no money to pay them better pecks while ministerial positions have been increased, and many other expenditures. No. This is not right,whichever way one looks at it.

  8. Only a mad person would come back and work with you how do you expect me to come and live in darkness are you nuts? You have a lot of graduates from UNZA and CBU on the streets but you are calling us who already have high paying jobs does that make sense to you useless minister?

  9. Why does he not ask his own children working outside Zambia to do so first?

    I also know of many Zambians who have returned on their own accord mainly
    on account of being destitute where they were or facing legal challenges.

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