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REA Signs MoU with UNZA for Wind Power Generation feasibility study

Economy REA Signs MoU with UNZA for Wind Power Generation feasibility study

Biology Department - UNZA
Biology Department – UNZA

THE Rural Electrification Authority (REA) has commenced the process of exploring wind as an alternative source of energy to reduce the country’s dependence on hydro generated electricity.

REA has since entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Zambia (UNZA) to conduct an assessment on the possibility of establishing a wind turbine in Lunga district of Luapula province.

Lunga, a newly created district, has been identified as the point of call for the green project due to its favourable wind regime as it is located on the Bangweulu plains where wind flows freely on the plain terrain.

REA chief executive officer Geoffrey Musonda said at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday that K630, 000 would be spent on the 12-month exercise to ascertain the possibility of setting up a wind turbine in the area.

Mr Musonda said REA would also construct a 300 Mega Watt (MW) solar power plant in Lunga which could be used in a hybrid format if the average wind speed was favourable to support the turbine.

Wind is one of the least exploited renewable energy resources in Zambia because wind speed is generally low in most parts of the country.

“However, there is a possibility that there are areas in Zambia which have high wind speeds especially those in plain areas and near large water bodies like lakes.

“It is against this background that REA and UNZA have embarked on this one-year project to study the wind profile of Lunga district,” Mr Musonda said.

He said REA’s collaboration with UNZA was strategic as it would enhance mutual interest and complementary capacities in the delivery of sustainable energy.

Mr Musonda said the Lunga project would enhance the provision of sustainable energy solutions for rural areas in line with the Government policy on alternative sources of electricity to ensure security of supply.

He said the equipment which would be used during the Lunga project was durable enough to be used for similar explorations in other parts of the country which could possess high winds.

UNZA acting vice chancellor Enala Mwase said the institution’s collaboration with REA would be spearheaded through the Technology Department and Advisory Unit (TDAU) of UNZA.

“There is a power generation challenge in our country arising from a weak national energy mix. It is therefore imperative that we explore other sources of power generation,” she said.

Professor Mwase said the initiative was a good example of a beneficial partnership between academia and the industry in finding solutions to societal needs.


  1. no insult to UNZA graduates who have made a mark on the world. But what can we point at which UNZA has produced in Zambia except to have students who stone cars and burn tyres on great east road. it took white high school students from the US to design and make Zam Bikes. But Unza has even failed to innovate so that our people don’t rely on charcoal for cooking. Like all other Zed schools, we have school of technology in name only. We’ll see what will come out with this project. these guys will just chew the money.

    • Good things can come out of UNZA. Its up to the state i.e. govt private companies and other staekholders to assign research to the schools

  2. 630,000 ZMK Spent on feasibility studies in one year? my foot we have the technology already and in a crisis like this one we just need to buy the gadgets and install FULL STOP , that money will just end up being used in payments towards allowances , intalling tuma baromters etc to measure ka speed aiya, just buy and intall. Be practical , u want to come up with a report in 1 year which will just say the wind speed is low to drive the turbines bafulunyemba imwe

  3. Where were these REA people before the load shedding? Eating allowances and sleeping in some corner somewhere?

    Looks like they are just cashing in on the situation.

  4. Can I save the REA a lot of time and be paid the K630, 000 that is on the table?

    Dear chief executive officer Geoffrey Musonda, there have been many farmers in remote regions of Zambia in the past. They may not have lots of Degrees and qualifications and you may not think they are intelligent, but the fact is these people have seriously applied themselves to this problem for many years, even generations.

    They have already concluded empirically that generators are the best solution, and that wind power in Zambia is only occasionally suitable and usually only for mechanical pumping of water. Not for electrical power generation. The wind is too unreliable and the cost of storage is huge.

    Can I have the money now please? I have no money in the pocket!

  5. Technocrats already pointed out that wind speeds in Zambia are not favourable. Easy money there is all I can see in this! For instance, how many windmills are running in most parts of Zambia nowadays? After one year it will be…”it’s not possible” ninshi mwadya kudala ndalama!

  6. Hello
    If you wind enough good, we can invest in your country for renewable energy. We just need all legislation for tax exemption and purchase grantee. for 20 years.

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