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Over 60 companies want to invest in alternative energy sources-ERB

Economy Over 60 companies want to invest in alternative energy sources-ERB

Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices
Energy Regulations
Board (ERB) offices

THE Energy Regulations Board (ERB) has announced that over 60 companies want to invest in Liquid Petroleum Gases (LPGs) and solar energy in a bid to help caution the current electricity deficit in the country.

ERB executive director Langiwe Lungu announced yesterday after the tour of two gas companies and one solar energy firm in Lusaka.

Ms Lungu said ERB had received over 30 applications from companies willing to invest in solar energy and also over 30 applications from companies willing to invest in LPGs.

She appealed to the public to consider switching to LPGs and solar energies as alternative sources of clean energy a compared to charcoal.

“There is need for people to switch to LPG and solar energy in the event of the countrywide massive load shedding following the poor rainfall that the country experienced in the last rainy season,” Ms Lungu said.

Ms Lungu discouraged the continued use of charcoal as an alternative source of energy as it had a devastating effect on the environment.

She said though solar energy was expensive to install, the cost was a one way off and maintenance was cheaper.

On the other hand, she said LPG was equally the best alternative to charcoal as it was clean and had no effect to the environment.

She said the ERB would engage Government to wavier duty importation of LPG to help cushion the prices of the commodity on the market which have skyrocketed due to high demand and weakening of the kwacha.

The LPG was currently being sold between K19 and K20 per kilogramme from about K13 and K14 per kilogramme.

The prices of the LPG and solar panels have gone up on the market following the increase in the exchange rate.

The three companies that were visited are AFROX, ORYX energies and Muhanya Solar Limited.

The energy companies however complained that the prices of the commodity and equipment were increasing due to the weakening of the Kwacha against the dollar.

Muhanya Solar Limited managing director Geoffrey Kaila said there was need for Government consider wooing investor to set up plants of manufacturing solar systems to help reduce the prices.

AFROX regional manager Victor Kapanda said during the tour of the plant that besides stabilising the kwacha, there was need to find alternative sources of LPG beside the traditional sources which include Indeni Refinery and South Africa.

ORYX managing director Dansel Sannigadu said his company had sufficient LPG which it imports from Mozambique and Tanzania.


  1. Clowns, why there is shortage of cooking gas in Zambia when there is oversupply in the World market? Waiting for bribes before authorizing imports?
    Do the Country favor, either resign or commit collective suicide

  2. You corrupt woman what can you tell us. the linceses will be issued curruptly just like the way you are employing your relatives and those of your friends.

    • Liar which friends and relatives has she appointed? Can you point them out? If you have proof go and report to the ACC otherwise shut up!

  3. You see what this nonsense of “nchekelako” does? Now watch this space get ridiculously expensive and dangerous as fo.ols rush in with bribes and zero skill to do what they are struggling to get themselves into. Pathetic!

  4. Born free,
    Please spare us and go and die free. What type of questions are those? If you applied for such imports and you are not considered is not a crime. Besides are you implying that there are no cooking gases in Zambia? My foot…you are far backward. Just ask anybody and you will find it…then you may research, find what else you can bring in the country.
    Collective suicide? What a wish for the little you who can not even read the mood of the voter. How many by elections have taken place and who conquered?

  5. Over 60 companies they say but all I have read is three in the article…and their voice is load and clear it is too costly for them to import- solution remove import/customs duty on solar energy components immediately like President Chiluba did in the 90s on Passenger buses when UBZ collapsed, remove duty on LPG and all factory components…increase electricity tariffs immediately and work out generation costs into the national grid.

    • But why are those companies in the article stating contrally to your point? And why is the govt not selling this point…to encourage us to enter the market with our pounds and dollars?

  6. LPG is the same price as diesel when you convert Litre to Kg and yes there currently is no shortage at the moment because there is a small demand but what happens when you need hundreds of tonnes of LPG to run power stations? as for solar that’s fine for lights, but not for freezers. fridges , aircons ect. also the low cycle batteries have a life span of 2 to 5 years in tropical places if not maintained and we know Zambians never waste time maintain anything, even if they did you get 8 yrs life but the batteries are 70% of the cost of solar.
    of course you you don’t need batteries and just have power in the day and sit in the dark at night!!

    • @Ken
      The latest generation of solar photo-voltaic cell (panels) are very efficient without being more expensive complimented with equally efficient charge controllers and commercial type batteries capable of powering up a 4 bed mansion with its a bore hole pump on the residency…these are panels that are used in cold temperate countries with grey winter days…also capable of supplying excess into the national grid.

  7. there has been no LPG in on the copperbelt and north west afrox depots for weeks now. everything not working well in this country

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