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Support, not criticism needed on load shedding – Lungu

Economy Support, not criticism needed on load shedding – Lungu


President Edgar Lungu delivering his speech during the ‘’Meet the President Fundraising Dinner’’ at Mulungushi International Conference Centre,
President Edgar Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu says there is no need to criticise him for load shading the country is currently experiencing because this is a regional challenge.

Mr Lungu said people should support him in efforts to overcome the problem, instead of criticising him.

The President was speaking on Saturday night when he addressed Kenya-bound soccer fans at National Resources Development College (NRDC) in Lusaka on Saturday night.

“Namibia, Botswana, South Africa are all facing the same problem. Support me instead of criticising,” he said.

The President said this when he was advising soccer fans against criticising coaches unnecessarily.

And President Lungu expressed concern over the poor state of infrastructure at NRDC.

He observed that the only thing that has remained intact at the learning institution is the road while other structures are in a deplorable state.

Mr Lungu said there is need to refurbish buildings at NRDC.

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  1. But Edgar I even feel pit for him. So he wants the soccer fans (supporters) not just to support the Chipolopolo, but also support him as well? He was addressing wrong crowd as usual.
    When one is drunk, he just go about shouting to anyone…..

    • Mr President, you have no capacity to be advised. You are incorrigible! How could you you have approved purchase of brand new vehicles for DCs when hospital and schools have no gensets? There is a load shedding problem. What is the priority? Cars for DCs or gensets for hospitals & schools? And you want us to support such outrageous ideas of yours.Get real man!

    • Mr Lungu told you he had no plan and you went on and voted for him so what is the cry. Only those who did not vote EL should cry as for those who voted for him even knowing that he can not perform according to himself are the ones to accept and smile at this situation we are in.
      It is like having a would be mupongoshi telling you how he will not take care of your daughter but you continue to give out your daughter then later complain.
      Live with it. EL fye fwe bene ifwe. pamaka!!

  2. You and your govt is supposed to fix the problem, this is a big issue and if your not ready for criticism over this then your not supposed to be a president mr lungu. Fix it or get out and allow someone else to fix !

  3. Since lungu mentioned the decay at the collage now you will ministers fixing the place. What kind of cabinet does lungu have. It seems they are all intrested in corruption instead of working.

    • The problem is not the cabinet. The problem is the appointing authority – the president. He does not take his ministers to task. As a result the ministers are in comfort zone. In Zambia people are appointed to ministerial positions not to work but to just eat. With this mentality the situation in the country will get from bad to worse. Zambians aint seen the worst yet.

  4. Your Excellency, support what?
    Incompetence of Your “Leadership” or incompetence of Your Cabinet? There is no difference.
    You been elected to provide solution, instead you look and sound like 5 year old cray baby looking for a hug.
    That is no “leadership”.
    Can you justify financial gratification you and your Cabinet are receiving with the performance (more likely non-performance) to date?
    Where are gone Billions of Dollars and Trillions Kwacha of borrowed money?
    Millions of unemployed and destitute or your inept “Leadership”?
    Be “Man” and address nation instead of hiding behind statements drafted by journalistic failures.

  5. I hope Mr. President you understand the load shading we are experiencing in Ganerton. Its bad and every day 8 hours is no power coming back 00:00hrs. Before you wake up its gone. We have no problem supporting you BUT truly this affecting your leadership and those who surround you should give you a true report from the ground.

  6. How can we support you when you have not even given the Nation a plan on how to fix the problem?

    After 4 years of mismanagement, incompetence and corruption you now want us to give you a BLANK CHEQUE?

    Do we look like idi0ts?

  7. the problem with EL is that he is incompetent from day 1 and has a whole bunch of wrong advisors to make matters worse. take an example, mwanawasa was not really charismatic but surrounded himself with technocrats. this administration is the worst. they are just not useless but dull in a magnificent way, totally naïve on whats goin on.

  8. Look, in all fairness, the man did say he had no plan and no vision- but people still voted for him. So what were people voting for? They were voting for no plan and no vision!! Mind you having a bad plan is better than having no plan. At least you can criticize and amend a bad plan- but a no plan vision….? nothing you can do about it!! Infintu nafilungula mu Zambia!!!

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