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Sweden funds feasibility study for construction of small hydro-power station plant

Economy Sweden funds feasibility study for construction of small hydro-power station plant

FILE: Transport and Communications Minister Christopher Yaluma (left ), with then Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo (right)
FILE: Transport and Communications Minister Christopher Yaluma (left ),
with then Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo (right)

THE Swedish government has given K43 million (US$3.8 million) to Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) to undertake feasibility studies for the construction of a small hydro-power station plant and other projects.

During the launch of the feasibility study for the KGRTC small hydro-power project that will be conducted over a one-year period by Gopa International Energy Consultants of Germany, KGRTC director Kaela Siame said the institute developed a five-year business plan in 2012.

He said the projects in the business plan include a five megawatt hydro-power plant, renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar and biomass, energy efficient infrastructure and new learning centre.

“We secured funding for feasibility studies from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and we procured a consultant whom we are unveiling today [yesterday] so that they can start the studies at a total cost of US$3.8 million,” Mr Kaela said.

He said financing of phase two of the projects which will involve construction works and installation of equipment and all support facilities will cost K259 million (US$26.3 million) and has not been found.

Swedish Embassy Charge d’affaires David Wiking said energy is a key input in socio-economic development of any country and the current power shortage in Zambia has highlighted this fact.

“As a result of this power deficit, there has been disruption of services such as provision of water supply, disturbance of business operations and increased usage of charcoal so to overcome this challenge, we need concerted efforts from all stakeholders,” Mr Wiking said

And Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Christopher Yaluma said Government will continue supporting KGRTC to play its role in addressing challenges for practical skills development for the energy sector in the region.

“I am informed that 25 countries are sending their people here in pursuit of technical skills to support various operations and management issues in the energy sector,” he said.


  1. Ifwe kulomba fye sure. Awe mwe. I remember naku primary how we could lomba some food from friends. This seed is planted longtime.
    I would like to be president of Zambia one day. I would make sure we zambians find money within Zambia to come up with such projects. We can not live like this as a country. problem we are not together as a people of Zambia and this togetherness starts from the head himself. Also we need to promote our Zambian business men and women not always attacking them politically. Also our tax system is not very good, as it only targets working employed people. Tax system should cover every citizen with a Registration card or foreigner who is earning money. Also tax system should also cover Zambians living in diaspora. This is how Government can make money .E.g an…

  2. Housefly, is Lungu so broke that he cannot afford his Jamesoni even on his 4X salary?

    Then tell him to give himself another few millions from the EUROBOND, just like Sata gave Kaseba while he was sleeping in State House.

    Why do you want PF to add to the poor Taxpayers burden?

    • Zambia can only develop by Zambians and not on borrowed money my friend. These westrern people make sure the people contribute to development that is why they outshine us 100%. Not imwe you just want a chinese to fix a pot hole on the road and build you toilets.

  3. There you are Guys….OUR ENERGY PROBLEM SOLVED!
    President Lungu and his LEARNED TEAM have found a solution.
    I always knew that it was a matter of time.
    Well done!

  4. This feasibility study can be done by Zambian experts. In fact you will find that the Germans will employ local experts to collect all the data… Surely part of this money could have made a difference to a number of Zambians!

  5. feasibility study? what for? we should now be talking about construction. feasibility studies were done already during kaundas time.

  6. So after this feasibility study is complete we will ask the Danish government to fork out another $2 million or so to analyze the results of the study. And only after that will we ask the Norwegian government to come up with another few millions so we can conduct a comparative feasibility study to validate the first feasibility study.

  7. Hello Mr/Ms Webmaster:

    Please check your email … I will be willing to help fund any project that has to do with electrification. Please contact us or ask the sponsors on this project to get in touch with us.

    Thanks a trillion

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