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Blackout at Heroes stadium had nothing to do with load shedding-ZESCO

Headlines Blackout at Heroes stadium had nothing to do with load shedding-ZESCO

heroes ready for the game

ZESCO Limited has instituted investigation into the power blackout that was experienced at Heroes National Stadium during the game between Zambia and Gabon. ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata said that there was sufficient power to light the entire stadium and surrounding areas.

Mr. Kapata said that the power outage which happened at Heroes stadium was NOT as a result of load shedding. Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front Media Committee has called on ZESCO management to fully investigate the power outage that happened last evening at Heroes Stadium during the Zambia Gabon friendly match.

Mr. Kapata said the blackout had nothing to do with load shedding as the stadium station had a capacity of 9 MVA which was eight times more than the requested for by the stadium management during construction.

“There was no load shedding and that is the reason why we have instituted an investigation on the matter, power was there but something went wrong, that is what we are investigating and you aware that the head of State was in the stadium and surroundings could not be subjected to load shedding. We are seriously investigating what went wrong at the stadium, for security purposes we cannot subject the stadium and surrounding places to load shedding.” Mr. Kapata said.

He maintained that what happened at Heroes Stadium had nothing to do with load shedding. A cross section of society has questioned the logic by Zesco to load shed the Heroes Stadium after assuring soccer funs that there would be no power cut.

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front Media Committee has called on ZESCO management to fully investigate the power outage that happened last evening at Heroes Stadium during the Zambia Gabon friendly match.

Committee Member Benjamin Siwila says what happened at stadium was an act of sabotage.

And PF Youths in Lusaka says what happened at the stadium was a security risk especially that the Head of State was present.

Speaking on behalf of PF Youths in Lusaka, Robinson Chipili said the power outage was also unfortunate as lives of many people would have been lost had there been a stampede.


  1. Everything has gone wrong under Lungu and in the meantime people are wasting time and resources investigating things that are happen due to poor management and incompetence! If this was a result of sabotage then I would commend whoever is responsible for this because Lungu needs to be made aware of the situation facing millions of Zambians, he needs to understand how disruptive these power cuts are to people daily functioning. This practice of investing every resource into providing comfort to one individual, just one human being whoever they maybe must cease forthwith! There is no single human being who is bigger and or more important that the nation. The fact of the matter whether you like it or not is that Lungu is an illegitimate President and therefore acts of sabotage against the…

    • The fact of the matter whether you like it or not is that Lungu is an illegitimate President and therefore acts of sabotage against the person and operations of Lungu are very much in the national interest and I would call on all well meaning Zambians to mount even more acts! Citizen power!

    • Speaking of legitimacy of a President, it is important for people to understand that the authority of the Presidency rests with the people, the citizens! You simply can’t just install yourself as President through trickery and fraudulent means. If you do, nobody will be loyal to you as everyone would be aware that you are a fraud, an imposter! This is an important lesson to everyone, don’t presume you can just force yourself on the people, if you do, your presidency will be haunted and no way you will succeed unless off course you wish to turn the country into dictatorship and we all know how dictatorship ends! Lungu is a fraud and that is why so many things are wrong with his government.

    • Zambians need behave, even if they have less respect for Lungu, they shouldn’t mistreat him by playing with his security. If it was ZESCO or stadium management they should be punished. Why didn’t they just use generators through out the game time?
      I am sorry Edgar, we were online, were had nothing to do with it.

  2. So you will hear that it was the opposition who cause the outage…hahahaha. What a joke of a country that Zambia has turned into..

  3. We knew all along that it was the action of HH and his supporters.
    No investigation was warranted.
    Zambia’s power supply/generation/distribution is one of the most reliable in the world!!!

  4. Scrutinise properly those who were on, you ll eventually find that the guys in opposition wanted to abash our president. you may even be surprise that some got paid out of that shameful act.

  5. Why was this additional load called a stadium even connected to poor Kariba at a time when ZESCO is crying to lighten the load on the national grid?

  6. Sabotage is to decide to play a soccer match in the night in a country where electricity is about non-available. Anything else is witch hunting and failure to take responsibility for one’s poor actions and a mark of failed governance.

  7. We know it was some disgruntled UPND Tonga chaps in ZESCO who, with intent to embarrass the head of state, willfully switched off power to Heroes Stadium. Fire them all and arrest them for causing a serious security breach. Henry Kapata clearly advised the nation before the game that Heroes Stadium will not be affected by power blackout. Yes find those few elements behind this and let them dance to the music.

    • Lost along with my soothing playlist…

      Dedication for my beloved LT

      Another One Bites the Dust by The Word Police…

    • People are fed up my friend with poor leaders who are their just to enjoy themselves at the expense of the greater majority………so many f00ls have outnumbered the reasonable citizens. Everyday is Nkani zamumooba…..Ifintu niii……!!! Do you need to think? NO… Just say Ifintu ni……..!! SAD INDEED.

  8. This was a sample of what the Zambians go through everyday. 5 to 10 minutes was a drop in the ocean as compared to the 8 – 10 hours that the citizens are subjected to everyday. This is a failed leadership. What annoys most well meaning Zambians is that we have been outnumbered by the so many f00ls who can not see beyond their nose that they are really suffering and the power is in their hands to have a serious government and leadership. Let us be serious with our lives and use our rights to choose well meaning leaders who know what the are doing.

  9. But the message was communicated to chagwa through the boos and the insults he received.Its a clear message that come 2016 kuyabebele.

    • Ati ubepele fye iwe mwankole! You HH is the late in politics. In Africa, its a taboo and not permissible to dare change Governments like changing shorts, so you figure it out. Minimum for any Government to be in power is 15 years, and did you hear me, 15 years so you can do your maths.

  10. Today’s Play List

    1. It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy Dog Stories
    2. Blame it on the Footie – Jackson 11
    3. Candle in the Wings – Elton Lungu
    4. Kalimba in the Dark – Brenda Tussle
    5. Gin n Juice minus juice – ED

    Special dedication to ZESCO

    Lights Are Out No one’s Home by Blameless United

    Enough of Zed NCIS. What investigation? Just go back to work… Oh did I say ‘work’? Silly me. I meant sleepwalk through the next blackout… Not you ED. You need to avoid blacking out.

  11. Now they are denying their own load-shedding in a similar way Peter denied Jesus Christ!!! My foot. ZESCO management, please just take responsibility and stop being dodgy.

  12. This was the work of UPND members who work at Zesco. Their desperation is causing them to do anything to make the Govt fail. They are even going to extremes of dressing in PF regalia and misbehave just to discredit the ruling Party.. Where is the Intelligence plz let them do the work. Heads should begin to roll as in the Kaunda days


  13. Even if you need power we should not tolerate acts of sabotage against an innocent person Edgar Lungu.Whether you like it not Honourable Edgar Lungu is our president for the republic of Zambia today and beyond 2016.Do not think that we can vote for the useless HH AND HIS upnd never

  14. When RB was about to go ..HE WAS IMBALANCED BY …’ KANITUNDILA’ same applies to Edgar….That imbalancement will go along way.. YOU CAN ACCUSE HH or anyone and per your custom to blame him for your faiuiures but CHANGE IS COMING ,,BETTER PREPARE YOURSELF..so that you dont cry like RB DID.

  15. This was sabotage by Kambwili in revenge for us laughing at his suggestion we call this THE DISASTER STADIUM!

    His other suggestions were –

    The Kambwili Disaster Stadium

    The PF Disaster Stadium

    But now he has changed his mind since he is no longer Minister of Sports, and he is now looking for sponsorship and advertising from commercial companies to pay the ZESCO bill.

    He has approached the Jameson Whiskey company and offered to RENAME the stadium the Jamesoni Lungu Disaster stadium.

  16. Shame!! This game was beamed on Supersport 4 and the whole of Africa was watching the Zambian drama. ifyabupuba fye.

    But don’t blame innocent people imwe

    • Makes you ashamed to be a Zambian, does it not?

      The whole of Africa laughing at these Zambian id!ots that elected a DRUNKARD CLOWN to be PRESIDENT! !!!

      Maybe we should have elected a FROG! For sure it would have done a better job than this IDlOT who does not even know what his job is

  17. when you are dull you are just that. first, you cheated you worn the elections when you actually store from HH and Zambian choice, secondly, Masumba forged documents thirdly you have been cheating that there was little water hence the load shading. so why should investigations be instituted for a problem you know very well. let me remind you that darkness is covering pf. the pf is heading no where come 2016.
    Zambia Forward with HH

    • Keep dreaming, you always win through your skewed opinion polls and blogs unfortunately! And please don’t talk of having the election stolen you dung beetle!


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