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Luapula Chiefs Meets President Lungu to lobby for Hydro Electricity plants

Rural News Luapula Chiefs Meets President Lungu to lobby for Hydro Electricity plants

President Lungu Meeting Luapula Chiefs at Statehouse
President Lungu Meeting Luapula Chiefs at Statehouse

President Edgar Lungu has held a meeting with 30 chiefs from Luapula province who have called on him to consider using water bodies in the province to set up hydroelectricity plants.

Chief Nsamba of the Unga people of Lunga district who spoke on behalf of the chiefs said the move could help in mitigating power challenges in the country.

He says Luapula has various water bodies which should be used to generate electricity and develop the agriculture sector through irrigation farming.

Chief Nsamba told the media that the chiefs during the meeting raised a number of challenges including benefiting from infrastructure development such as roads among others.

And Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said President Lungu is grateful to the chiefs for engaging in dialogue with him.

Mr Chanda said the President has promised the chiefs of continued development in the province especially roads which they asked for.

President Lungu Meeting Luapula Chiefs at Statehouse
President Lungu Meeting Luapula Chiefs at Statehouse

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    • I see my chief there….
      Luapula has good traditional leaders who can do better if they were appointed as ministers or president.

    • ….and all of a sudden, haters have regrouped after leaking their political wounds for eight months…………..pwa ha ha ha. Mukose!

    • Hello Mr/Ms. Webmaster:

      Please check your email … my company will be willing to help fund any of these chiefs considering using water bodies in the province to set up hydroelectricity plants. As long as they send us bankable project proposals with a Power Purchasing Agreement with ZESCO or any utility company incorporated with the national grid, we will help them with funding. My email to you has all the details you need to contact my office directly.

      Thanks a trillion.

    • @BR Mumba, why not contact the Embassy? LT will send you a huge bill for advertising your company, plus commission for finding you customers.

  1. I hear Luapula is quite beautiful. How about you lobby for diversifying our agricultural, fishing and tourism options and consider solar power…

    • Kikiki…..ati GBM faka pressure…..the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Ubukulu bwa m atako tebwingi bwa mafi! PF is not scared of GBM’s unhealthy body………pwa ha ha ha ha!

  2. That is a lot of chiefs from one province, isn’t it? Did they all have to travel for that issue or the real agenda remains hidden?

  3. Truly laughable…this is the problem with these empty tins in govt, they cannot put the message across that they dont have money in their coffers. We have a dull lazy bum of a leader who simply does not inspire confidence….who paid these chiefs to come all the way from LP, they should be lobbying about worthy agric-projects if they really care about their people BUT we all know this is the dull PF spindoctors idea

  4. @Chama Davis

    I can assure you that Luapula is safer than even Lungu’s EP.
    Tatu fwaya ifya bupuba ifya ma Lainball na hh.

  5. Thambs up your royal Highnesses for your meeting with the president and reminding him of PF’s earlier promises to your people. There is serious need to continue engaging the government concerning the development of Luapula. That province is massively endowed with plenty natural resources to continue being at the tail-end of development. Power is number one problem in the province and am elated you touched on it. However my advice to you is continue speaking for your people, do not be bought by politicians with a few gifts that they may dangle your way. As for members of parliament from LP; except maybe for Honourables Kalaba and Chitotela who seem to have the interest of their people at heart the rest of you come 2016 you know what the people of Luapula are going to do, show you the exit…

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