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Zambia communities suffering through severe drought-Al Jazeera

Videos and Audios Zambia communities suffering through severe drought-Al Jazeera

A drought in Zambia ZAMIBA has seen the levels of the world’s largest man-made reservoir drop to the lowest in years, forcing major power cuts. The amount of water in Lake Kariba has receded to less than half its normal capacity, with communities around the lake suffering most. Al Jazeera’s Fahmida Miller reports from Zambia ZAMIBA


  1. This is why planning is very important. Instead of investing in harnessing the sun( solar) to feed the national grid. Pf guyz were busy sharing contracts on road constructions. In abandance of water a fool is hungry. We have so much sun and land to solve this power problem but of course leadership is drunk as usual.

    • Resolving water problem requires massive investment in communication & power infrastructure, significantly road construction – for better intra-national and regional connection. Without good roads, there is no accessibility from the sources to the areas of water provision.

    • @JEVIK. Can you define the word Drought?
      Are you sure w had DROUGHT in Zambia?
      I have not been out of Zambia since PF took over. I don’t remember my country having a “DROUGHT”, let alone a “SEVERE DROUGHT.”
      I know of erratic rain patterns in Southern, Western and parts of eastern province yes – but rain it did such that even there people at least had some bit of harvest for food.
      And for Aljazeera to say “SEVERE DROUGHT” is outrageous. I don’t need foreign media to tell what I personally lived through.

    • difficult to reason with brainwashed blind cadres who are paid to tell lies and deny the truth!
      How did PF fit the new Turbines? They obviously gambled and have now made the whole country pay the heavy price.
      The Good thing is they have failed to hide the bumper harvest to justify their fake theory of Drought!
      Your days are numbered ba Paya Future!

  2. I saw the report, no one mentioned servere draught. We all know the slus gates were opened with disregard to accommodate the wrong turbines installed. We have bumper harvest, we Vic falls has normal water output. Stop lying.

  3. in Abandance of water a fool is thirsty! Instead of running afetr road construction contracts. Why not invest in solar enegy ? Drunk leadership wont help this country. The future of a drunk leadership is the next bottle.

  4. While I may not wish to discredit the authenticity of this report, these International media have the tendency of blowing things out of proportion giving unreliable and unsubstantiatable facts. This, however, should not be miscontrued to imply that I mean that the information delivered therein is total falsehood.

  5. What is “severe drought”?

    I was in Zambia a few weeks ago: Copperbelt, Livingstone, Lusaka – yes I experienced water shortage and load-shedding in some areas but I never experienced anything befitting the definition of “severe drought”. I could see that people are learning to master their existence e.g. by saving water in reserve tanks and using diesel generators.

    Don’t be manipulated by the media: Zambia’s climate is the Savannah – the animal kingdom. Survival is the basic rule in the animal kingdom, therefore where there is no water, there is no survival. Now ask yourself this: how many animals are living in Zambia now? Is’nt it strange that Elephants, Lions and Leopards continue to occupy an area hit by “severe drought”?

  6. Very lousy and amateurish report. They can’t even spell the work Zambia in their report. ZAMIBA my foot. Even the consultant quoted at the end is so shallow. When did Zambia even ever talked about importing power from South Africa. Oh and severe drought when we had another bumper harvest, the only country in the region with surplus maize. What were these guys smoking when they did this report, Desert Weed??

  7. I do not wish to discredit the authenticity of this report but these International media are well known to disparage the credit of African leadership using biased political undertones. They relay information blown out of proportion which they cannot substantiate. The information delivered herein for example may have a deeper meaning than meets the eye using hidden unverified political narrative.

  8. Al Jazeera needs to do through research before airing a story. A drought is a periodic occurrence. Zambia had a drought between November and December, but you can not talk of drought at this time in the peak of the dry season. Talk of the impact of last season’s drought yes. Zambia needs to focus on the coming season for its planning. Resource need to be mobilized for water harvesting for agriculture and energy.

  9. We just need good planners in Zambia. We have enough rain which we should be catching by constructing few other dams to be released in Kariba during the dry season

  10. They are helping your politicians lie. The sluice gates were opened to ease pressure on the dam walls dammit! Now you are paying for years of poor management and a lack of maintenance. Fees are only collected for salaries in Zambia. Pathetic!!!

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