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The Opposition is made up of individuals with personal hatred against President Lungu-Chama

General News The Opposition is made up of individuals with personal hatred against...

President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Chama has said the opposition in the country has lost its meaning because it is made up of individuals with personal hatred against President Lungu.

In a statement issued released to the media in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chama said that that it is unfortunate that some opposition political parties have adopted a culture of opposing everything that the government is doing for the sake of doing so.

Mr Chama assured Zambians that Government will not be shaken by baseless attacks from the opposition.

He said opposition political parties have a duty to provide objective checks and balances to Government instead of unnecessary criticism.

Mr Chama assured people that the PF administration will deliver to their expectations even under difficult conditions.
Mr Chama said Government is on course in finding solutions to the problems affecting the country and will not waste time responding to unreasonable criticism from frustrated politicians.

“Many would agree with me that our country remained behind in infrastructure development during the MMD era. When PF took over, we accelerated infrastructure development with an aim to improve the standards of living of our people.

“It is for this reason that we have massive infrastructure development throughout the country and construction is a very expensive exercise, you may not see the benefits of constructing the Mongu-Kalabo road or Chipata- Mfuwe road but with time people will come to realise and appreciate afterwards,” Mr Chama said.

He said Government under President Lungu’s leadership has continued to implement development projects and complete existing ones.

“We have a mandate and a vision as a party under President Edgar Lungu to reduce the cost of living for our people through sustainable economic development. Therefore, as Patriotic Front, we will ensure that what is contained in the party manifesto is delivered to our people,” Mr Chama said.

“Our President has demonstrated love and humility to mankind and has remained committed to bettering the lives of our people. Recently, he launched the national youth policy which is going to create wider opportunities for our youths,” he said.

Mr Chama also said Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba is allegedly a destructive politician who cannot be entrusted with State power.

He charged that Mr Kabimba is a threat to Zambia’s democracy because of his “one man show” kind of politics that he practices.

“We are not going to relent as a party, we shall continue working hard to develop our country. European countries have managed to develop because the opposition and the media offer constructive criticism to government,” he said.

Mr Chama also said it is important for leaders to be magnanimous because it is impossible for Government to do everything wrong.

He also refuted media reports suggesting that the PF has hired a consulting company to help it win the 2016 general elections.

Mr Chama said at no time has the PF hired a consulting firm to help it win the 2016 general elections.

“I am not aware of any consulting firm that has been hired by the PF to help us win the 2016 general elections,” he said in an interview.

Mr Chama, however, said that if there are companies that are making themselves available for consultancy work, they are free to do so because they have a service to offer.

He was reacting to a story in yesterday’s edition of the Post newspaper suggesting that PF has hired an Israeli company to help it win the 2016 elections.

Mr Chama said there is nothing sinister about hiring a consultancy firm when it comes to being helped to win elections.

He said it is public knowledge that the MMD hired image builders before the 2011 tripartite elections.

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  1. The unfortunate issue is that Chama canot make a difference between opposing and offering advice; so whatever the opposition say in advice to government and the President, in his view it has malice because he has blind loyalty to his boss. That is sad.

    • Chama is schizophrenic and his rightful place is Chainama. To imagine he is the Chief Advisor to the Edgar is nauseating to say the least.

  2. The opposition especially the cow dung ar up to no good…..now they are promoting tribalism in the country.Surely how do you trust such leaders. ?

  3. @Obatala Jemasoni Lungu Shedding, its very difficult for you to contribute without insults. Its time you mature and learn to respect other peoples views.

  4. Mr Chama no one hates Lungu and if they did, it shouldn’t bother unless you yourself think you not doing the right things. You also apparently don’t like the opposition. I think it’s best for you and Lungu to focus on the economy now, there is so much to worry about than opposition. I sent a $20,000 machinery which is just laying idle because of electricity, even registering it took 3 months because of no power in government institutions. How is the country going to get better with no power. The whole country is now rural area with no power.

  5. Chama is a pf sg not govt spokesman and whenever he talks take him in partisan lines not govt. He is ok to say that because he is defending the interest of the party. You need such people in a party to shed off the tryball tag than to insult him.

  6. Chama should just concentrate on doing Mumbi Phiri. Who doesn’t know!!

    She even had an abortion at CFB!!

    Mumbi Phiri is a dog

  7. Grow a thicker skin. It’s not going to get easier. Saving the best for last in order to win votes is problematic coz we have all seen what happens when ED wants to win. So just make your state of the nation address in parliament, back pat over your ‘brilliance’, talk about winning next year, call everyone bitter, refuse to take the blame for anything… Just know no one has to love you for anything. Try doing your job for a change and maybe instead of the door slamming in your face, the people will close it gently behind you.

  8. I am not in the Opposition. And I do not hate Lungu as a person. I will happily buy him a Jameson if he walks into my bar.

    But I love Mother Zambia. And I want to see it grow and be prosperous. I want her people to be happy, well fed, healthy and strong.

    And right now Lungu is the biggest obstacle to achieving this. So I will speak my mind and point out all his failures to do the job he was entrusted to do.

    No amount of lies and deception can hide the truth. Now, more than ever before, it is plain to see.

    PF has failed the Nation. Lungu is incapable and incompetent. THAT IS WHAT I HATE!

    • Zambia and African countries must change the law baring the president from being a leader of any political party after being elected as president. In doing so, the president will not be supporting one political party (his/her party). President will not be involved in party matters or be supported by a cadres from any party.. No campaigning for any candidate in by elections BUT concertrate on govt matters and welcome any member without favour when elected by the people.

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