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President Lungu to officially open parliament today

Headlines President Lungu to officially open parliament today

FILE: President 's official vehicle on arrival at Parliament grounds
FILE: President ‘s official vehicle at Parliament

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is today expected to officially open the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National Assembly as he marks his first return to Parliament Buildings since ascending to the Presidency this year.

Mr Lungu was previously Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament (MP) for Chawama constituency in Lusaka and served as Cabinet Minister from July 2012 to January this year.

He was Home Affairs and Defence Minister, respectively after a stint as Deputy Minister in the office of the Vice President.

In his maiden address to the National Assembly, the President is expected to make a series of major pronouncements regarding his Government’s agenda to develop the country’s economy.

The session which Mr Lungu opens today, is also the National Budget session and the President’s address would underscore the Government’s agenda to reduce poverty levels as anchored on the PF manifesto.

The nation is eager to hear how the Government intends to improve the performance of the Kwacha against convertible currencies, increase the country’s electricity generation capacity and propel mineral production to save jobs in the mines.

The Head of State is also expected to outline the country’s path to diversify the economy away from mining through sectors such as tourism and agriculture while improvements to other areas such as education and manufacturing would also be outlined.

Apart from MPs, the House today draws audience from Diplomats accredited to Zambia, civil society organisations, faith based organisations and other interest groups including ordinary members of the public.

The Fourth Session of the Eleventh National Assembly adjourned Sine Die on July 31 when a motion to suspend Standing Orders number 20 and 21 (1) moved by Vice President Inonge Wina to enable the House complete its business, was unanimously adopted.

In the last sitting which commenced on June 16, the House sat for 27 days during which 313 questions for oral and written answer were considered.

Thirteen Government Bills were passed while the House considered 22 motions to adopt reports of sessional and select committees.

The House also considered two Private Member’s motions while 29 annual reports from Government and Quasi-Government departments were tabled.

Further, 15 Ministerial statements explaining Government policies and programmes on various issues were presented to the keep the House abreast with the economic surrounding.

During the same session, the House received six new MPs elected after by elections held in selected parts of the country.

The incumbents were all elected on the PF ticket and included; Kapembwa Simbao (Senga Hill), Michael Katambo (Masaiti) and Lawrence Sichalwe for Chawama.

Others were Dora Siliya for Petauke Central, Patricia Mulasikwanda (Mulobezi) and Jack Shuma (Malambo).

The House lost two MPs in Chifita Matafwali of Bangweulu constituency and Humphrey Mwanza of Solwezi West.


  1. Expectations of the prepared address be delivered carries low expectations and will be of no major objective pronouncements than the promises we keep hearing repetitively as a broken vinyl record! More of a political speech than policy direction. Mark my words!

    • We wish the People’s President His Excellency ECL Good health, and valuable time with legislators at Manda Hill and indeed the Zambian public glued to TV and radios passionately following the speech of setting national pace.

    • Lungu please save the nation trouble with anticipation that you will be delivering solutions to the endless problems you are facing. We Expect nothing but waffle from this speech. He will be saying I have instructed minister x to ensure xyz happens and so on. But these are not concrete measurable solutions other than mere rhetoric.

      This is the only platform that Lungu can talk without being challenged because he has no answers if challenged with questions. Man up and host a press conference to inspire confidence, otherwise you will be forever be regarded as a lazy coward

      Viva HH

    • Expect so rumblings and incoherent pronouncements. It seems the PF have finally given Edgar a vision which he shall try to articulate today and for the first time he may actually use some economics terminology though he understands very little of it. One thing for sure, there shall be plenty Jameson at Parliament today

    • As a proud african, zambian – i hope we put an end to the traditions left us by the colonialists especially when it come to parliament. Mounting horses, the speaker and his clerks wearing those stinky wiggs etc. What is freedom if we still continue with white traditions. Its a sad sad thing and unfortunately very few understand the need for an overhaul change in the way we do things. the reason we are not developing as fast as we should is evident from the very traditions we have adopted and chosen to keep during the opening and functioning of parliament. when are we going to be our own people who do things as our ancestors did. why do we do this please?

  2. Two castle lagers to ‘wet’ the throat before the speech,,, six castle lagers during break …,, then a crate after,,,,, ndiye nchito!

  3. He should be booed. If I was his speech writer I would put : “dear countrymen and women, I have decide to retire myself in nation interest due to been a visionless and incompetent leader that has miserably failed my people, please do not vote PF ever again”…. End of speech.

    • Why not also, ‘…I as president have decided to dissolve parliament with immediate effect and ask the ECZ to prepare for the next general elections which should take place within the next 90days at which time the caretaker government will hand over power’. LOL (Lots of loadshedding)

  4. Let us hope he does not follow his good friend and role model Robert Mugabe again.

    He has already fallen down, let his countrys currency collapse and put the population into darkness with no electricity.

    Now all he needs to do is read the WRONG SPEECH and get BOOED to complete his ‘me too’ impersonation of Zimbabwes dictator completely!

  5. Comment: Zambia is blessed and for sure God is in control, we anticipate copper price to increase as a result of what has happened in Chile. When God wants his choice to succeed anything is possible. Remember during our late President Mwanawasa he was criticised left right and centre but finally proved to be the best president that ever ruled Zambia.
    Our current situation calls for team work whether you are in support of PF or not, actually iam not a member of PF nor UPND. I think its high time we formed a coalition govt, for the country to benefit, otherwise we are going to have the same recycled material in UPND.

  6. 1. Policies to mitigate load shedding & steady power supply to the Mines
    2. Financial plan to arrest Kwacha downfall
    3. Direction Govt. will undertake to prevent importation of poor quality Crude oil
    4. Measure Govt. will undertake to prevent job losses in the Copper Mines & create new jobs for Youth
    4. Time frame for adoption of new Constitution
    5. Measure to be taken to prevent intolerance to opposing views, which is the cornerstone of any democracy.
    6. Immigration controls including the influx of undocumented Chinese, Congolese, Rwandans, Tanzanians, Zimbabweans etc.

    If none of these is addressed, then this parliament is not in touch with the people.

    • Including the so called Turkish Business people who have received investment licenses but they are making block. Surely can the Zambian fail to make blocks? Is making blocks being an investor? Our immigration laws porous indeed!!!

  7. Just hoping for the best from the Head of State as he guides the nation. No Change in leadership is expected next year because Muliokela is just a joker. Wishing the head of state good health

  8. Surely there is nothing to expect from a dull lazy bum like Edgar…the empty tins are selling everything and spending everything recklessly.

  9. We also hope he moves the agenda of Industrialisation in Policy having invested Now in some Good and Effective reliable infrastructure as a key enabler for growth and sustained industrialisation making industrial productivity competitive and cost effective of the Country like Zambia and the quest for the KWACHA to REBOUND
    If you look at the current efforts in industrial policies and simply read through, you will observe the quality and good international but there are some issues to synchronize and make a coordinated appropriate taking a portfolio type in capital value chains and also in the skills to have maximum diversifications Industrialization, agriculture, and…

  10. and commerce are the key pillars of wealth creation in Zambia.
    Whereas agricultural sectors has some growth as a proportion of that potential GDP in Zambia , you will need to raise the industrial sector’s share of that GDP to a significant level in that portfolio rebalancing to a comfortable level say 50-60% with private maturing to large scale industries more significant Having a coherent industrialisation policy is therefore a good industrial prerequisite for industrial development Look at the Industrial Polices In Hong Kong Singapore Taiwan Korea . Hong Kong’s industrialization policy consisted of FDI strategy and non-expert technology to SMEs. Singapore, Taiwan and Korea
    Has a strong push for specialized high…

  11. skills/technology industries. The focus for Korea has been on giant private conglomerate led heavy industry and creation of brands. Thailand industrialization was based on export of primary products and on import the list of well policed Industrialisations is long with the recent one launched in Kenya

  12. This is a big day! Pomp and circumstance. Grand pronouncements. I am wearing my best suit and looking forward to ‘hearing’ ED’s voice. I am so excited I can barely breathe. This is epic!

    Um. Not really. Just hoping ED does not overdo the back patting and infuses a little reality in to his words to escape my inner child… I mean to pay respect to his employees. Good luck buddy.

  13. Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President, we will be so attentive as you deliver your maiden speech. We will hear, scrutinize, analyze every single word you utter. This is your opportunity to take yourself out of your self inflicted disaster of a presidency.
    On the side, maybe you can do something unprecedented by firing Yaluma & ABC while there.

  14. New Ministries on the Cards: Education split: Good. Mines split: Good, Gender Split: Good. Community Development restructured…..Good. Agriculture split….Good idea. Transport and communications, split…..Good This I agree for sure. I support this by 110%. But for the Load shedding: I thought you would Zero Rate the importation of Gensets and Solar panels to cover the shortfall in electricity. If we are still exporting electricity, why can’t we stop right away? The waffling on Load Shedding will attract boohoos from the MP’s. They will heckle you down on this one for sure.

  15. He will basically setting the tone in RATES and FISCAL policy for next few months towards the budgetary process whether it will be conservative or stimulus in view of market turmoil and rising international risks arising from perils in Chinese markets .Probably he will be setting the tone in broad based talking reform of state-owned enterprises as the get restructured under IDC and trying to work out measures to prevent tide of capital fleet in the mines
    He will set the tone for Zambia in view also of the recent global economic and financial developments that may restrain economic activity somewhat and are likely to put further downward pressure on the kwacha and other national aggregates in the…

  16. in the near term and long-term as he addresses employment and sustainability He will be probably giving guidance and direction to leaders in parliament on the challenge that leis ahead with yields rising and cost of capital in spreads on the kwacha rising to affect the developmental programmes

  17. The president only has thing-to deliver besides that he also has to convince or bring hope to that average Zambia who for once had the faith in H.E. Lungu but know has lost it due to what 5 ngwee can bye worse still 10 kwacha.

    • Mr X;
      You and your family are fools. You should just concentrate on cleaning the toilets if you have nothing to say. Its 100% okey, UK and USA are doing the same.

    • It’s good practice to issue copies to the media so they can have advanced notice e.g TV uses this to plan programmes, book interviews, update news etc. In an Information Age where people like news delivered quicker and digitally it is helpful. Maybe Zed is keeping up as opposed to ‘leaking’ what is going to be public knowledge. Talking points and all. Hope this helps.

  18. As is usually the case, the speech is likely to raise very important matters. The speech must be analyzed by professionals/professional bodies/academia, industry leaders, policy experts for it’s cost implications, timing of implementation and impact on our economy and lives of our people. Rigorous and objective dialogue of independent experts is essential and should be aired on ZNBC to enable the citizens to understand the speech.

  19. A very inspiring speech indeed especially the measures govt is taking to mitigate the power deficit.I can imagine the cow dung members are disappointed cos they have nothing to talk about now.

  20. A very sharp Presido ! Useless critics are now developing diarrhea because the man is actually well focussed and even some of us who doubted his capacity are now ashamed.No wonder Sata trusted this man……i am impressed beyond measure as a Zambian.

  21. Good Speech Well Crafted and Directed Its sets the path from Infrastructure to Economic Social Transformation based on structures and innovative skilling’s as a positive way to rebalance the Economy

    Good Speech

  22. That is the only way you can control the volatility we have seen on the Kwacha in recent past since there is limited control by central bankers but the fiscal size as they actually direct the markets to react to that

    You need to be creative and take charge to ensure effective diversification and play to win

  23. Two journalists, Franklin and another lady, are attempting to analyze the president’s speech. The guys are doing their best, but the analysis is extremely shallow. Their employers should consider sending these journalists for specialized training in fields such as finance or economics. It will increase their competences.

  24. Well, let’s wait and see what those that are used to criticising just about everything will have to say. Well done Mr President especially on the restructuring of the ministries. But what still remains to be seen is the change of work cultures in the civil service.

  25. Edgar Lungu and his fellow Africans…as always long on speeches + ceremonies and short on work ethic.You’ll never ever industrialize like that.

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