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On-going dog shooting exercise forces Mkushi residents to hide unregistered dogs

Rural News On-going dog shooting exercise forces Mkushi residents to hide unregistered dogs

Local Government Authorities in Mkushi have warned dog owners in this District to desist from hiding their unregistered dogs in view of the on-going dog shooting exercise.

Mkushi Council Public Relations Officer(PRO) Mumba Mafewnko told ZANIS that some residents are hiding unregistered dogs in homes whenever the dog killing team visits a residential area.

Ms. Mafwenko stressed that the essence of the dog shooting exercise is aimed at eliminating the threat of Rabies disease spread by shooting stray dogs as well as dogs that have not been registered or vaccinated.

She pointed out that the objective of this exercise is backed by Law, saying that this is a component of Section 69 and 79 of the Local Government Dog Act CAP 247 of the Laws of Zambia.

She said that dog owners are mandated to have their dogs registered at the Council and vaccinated at the District Veterinary office.

Ms. Mafwenko disclosed that the District had resolved to peg the price of registration at K50 per dog, adding that dog owners are allowed to keep a maximum of 3 dogs.

She said that 401 dogs had been registered so far since the registration exercise begun in April this year, saying that the dog population at within the Boma alone is about 2000.

She emphasized that the killing of dogs is being conducted in a bid to control dog population and reduce the risk of rabies being spread via dog bite to humans.

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  1. This is a exercise,one would wish that dog owners be responsible enough to register & vaccinate their pets against rabies! There are many hungry looking dogs more especially in rural areas!Though this exercise is costly,one would expect the government through the civic council to make the dog owners to kill their dogs themselves & if not,they must face the long of the law immediately!People keep numerous dogs which they fail to feed & vaccinate,this exercise must replicate countrywide immediately!

    • The UNCivilised Sam What kind of retrogressive mentality is that? Asking the dog owners to kill their own dogs? I think you have never owned a dog or if you have, then you must be one heartless son of a human being. The goal should be to have the dogs registered and vaccinated not the bestiality you are day-dreaming. Grow up.

      Common sense baba, come sense!

  2. I support the compulsory vaccination of dogs and preventative treatment as well. But the registration at the council is laughable. The council should have better ways of getting revenue. What service will dogs recieve from the councils after all even vaccinations are not free. Next the councils will asking to register for our local chickens and/or even the number of occupants in our homes.

  3. Please encourage people to register their dogs. Seeing your own dog put down by shooting is very traumatic. A dog is man’s best friend and man will feel the pain when he sees his best friend shot dead. Where are the dead dogs taken? Kaya. Muzyandya na popi this year mu ma bar.

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