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Brigadier General Miyanda stands by his comments as he responds to Kambwili

Headlines Brigadier General Miyanda stands by his comments as he responds to Kambwili

Heritage Party Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda
Heritage Party Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda

Brigadier General Miyanda has said that the Post Newspaper correctly and professionally reported his statement on the President’s Speech and stands by his statement.

In a statement made available to Lusakatimes.com, General Miyanda insisted that the President Edgar Lungu did not clarify or define his important topic of national unity when he opened the House of Parliament last Friday 18th September 2015.

General Miyanda has further released to Lusakatimes the prior statements he had issued on the President’s address to Parliament

Below are the statements;



I believe that Minister Kambwili’s rubbishing of my statement is the official position of the PF Government; what a pity! I stand by my statement which was correctly and professionally reported on page 8 by The Post; President Lungu DID NOT clarify or define his important topic of national unity when he opened the House of Parliament last Friday 18th September 2015 – full stop.

My comment was specific and dealt with President Lungu’s pet subject of “unity”. In my statement I supported the President’s call for unity but criticised the double standards. I considered the topic so important that it should not have escaped the President’s lips in his two-hour address to Parliament. I support the call for national unity but not window dressing slogans. Is it unity for PF to poach and silence opposition MPs? Is it unity to threaten and intimidate voters and promise to turn the PF backs on those citizens who will vote for the opposition?

Minister Kambwili has described me on his ZNBC loudspeaker as having “stooped so low by joining Mmembe”. Which part of my statement announced that I had joined Fred Mmembe? Anyway is it Minister Kambwili’s business to tell me who to join or not to join? Is this not promoting hate speech just before the 18th October 2015?

In any case why should the PF leaders who are calling for Prayers and Reconciliation on 18th October 2015 consider Mmembe a lowly creature who should be shunned? What will President Lungu and his Kambwili do should Mmembe turn up at the Cathedral on 18th October 2015 to join them in their “Prayers of Reconciliation”? Have I stooped low because my statement has been published by The Post?

This is what is meant by fake declarations, double standards. This is why I stated that while the naming of 18th October 2015 as a day of National Prayers and Reconciliation should be welcome, continued contradictory statements by the President and his senior colleagues in the Party and Government will create doubts in the minds of many a citizen.

By the way, the Lord Jesus Christ set the example of stooping low by washing the feet of ordinary followers. Ba Minister Kambwili, will you stoop low and seriously embrace Fred Mmembe and his weeping mother on 18th October 2015? Remember not to take the Lord’s name in vain! Now await my comment on the President’s address.



The opening of the Zambian Parliament on Friday 18th September 2015 is an appropriate occasion for President Edgar Lungu to be clear on the many issues that continue to create acrimony in the nation. The President should use the occasion to make a clear trumpet sound with no “ichileya”, an out of tune sound!

One important and serious issue that demands truthfulness and clarity is his call for unity in the nation. Noble and saintly as the message sounds it is negated by his own persistent and consistent self-contradictions. From his own lips he calls upon all Zambians to come together for the sake of development; from the same lips he declares that he does not want to work with the opposition!

This he says literary on a daily basis, frequently threatening voters at campaign rallies, that if they vote for the opposition they will not see development in their areas, while at the same venue he concludes his message by calling for unity. This is George Orwell’s “Double Speak”. Of course it would be unfair to him to dismiss his unity message out of hand, hence this call for him to include explanations and clarifications during the Friday assembly of the august House of Parliament.

Let him clearly state his interpretation of unity vis a vis the principles in our Republican Constitution which he swore to defend and protect when he took up office. Is he serious when he calls upon all citizens to be united? As a lawyer is it his considered view that an opposition Member of Parliament can represent his political party while serving as a Minister or Deputy Minister? Will he stop poaching opposition MPs? If not what will he do about Section 9 of the Parliamentary and Ministerial Code of Conduct Act, which binds those appointed to ministerial positions to “Collective Responsibility” while at the same time making them subject to disciplinary sanctions when in breach of the said Act (for example if they reveal Cabinet discussions to their Party Presidents and other opposition members)? A few days ago in Luwingu he declared to Lubansenshi voters that if they do NOT vote for his PF candidate there will be no development there as he will turn his back on them. Is this his demonstration of unity in action?

The President has an excellent platform on Friday to make clear contentious issues that have left many Zambians exasperated, puzzled, confused and more divided.

[16th September 2015]




President Lungu gets zero marks for failing to address the important topic of national unity when he opened the House of Parliament last Friday 18th September 2015. Eight months in office is much more than the now officially disowned PF “90 days” slogan. His failure to address serious questions surrounding the governance of the country may suggest that he may, after all, not have any answers, which is a shame really.

The President is right to identify unity as a necessary tool for national development but his contradictory statements and actions belie the sincerity of the call. The call is an important concern that needs to and must be actualised. But unity cannot be achieved by a presidential decree nor by a gathering in a church building when those in attendance are not even in the very church! Unity must be worked at and strived for, hence why the President needed to make a clear sound.

Understanding the concept of unity in a democratic environment and taking time to know what makes it difficult to attain it is the first step towards achieving it. Unity, in the context of the President’s call, means coming or bringing together the people of Zambia to achieve a common purpose in the national interest. Different people will interpret this differently; why then did the President avoid this topic? He squandered that opportunity in Parliament. While the naming of 18th October 2015 as a day of National Prayers and Reconciliation is welcome, it may not be taken seriously because of failing to deal with questions that are being raised about the unity vehicle, especially contradictory statements that are being made by the President and his senior colleagues in the Party and Government. Two hours in Parliament was more than enough to put citizens’ minds at rest that the President means well in his call for unity.

The timing of the Presidential Opening of Parliament was godsend, being the last time before the next election that the President would address the nation through Parliament; a time when the whole nation is “compelled” to focus on and listen to the President; a time when citizens’ exaggerated expectations may be assuaged by truthful answers and explanations.

For the President to announce that he has not been spared with the load shedding cannot be a truthful public declaration, because it means he is saying to poor Zambians that “I am also suffering like you!” It is impossible for State House, the citadel of the Commander-in-Chief, to be without power.

The incident at the Heroes Stadium cannot be and must not be used to hoodwink and distract attention from the suffering being faced by ordinary people. In this regard I can safely say that the President is OK, very OK; he has an undisturbed regular income, which he tops up with other allowances on his frequent travels. Please Mr President, do not tease citizens on such important and solemn occasions. Do not make such comparisons again because they are not only offensive but are misinformed, not truthful and certainly not healing.

President Lungu missed the grand opportunity to use the opening of the Zambian Parliament to persuade any ‘doubting Thomases’ to respond positively to his call for national unity.

It is not too late to arrest the lost opportunity; but he can recover it not by more off-the-cuff quips by himself, his Special Assistant at State House, the Chief Government Spokesman or indeed the PF rank and file. He must do at least two things regarding his call for unity: first he must hold a press conference to answer questions from the media. Second he must hold a meeting (a garden tea-party) with Opposition Political leaders on an agreed serious national agenda.

As for the opening of Parliament, not only did the President not make a clear sound but he made no sound at all over his pet subject of unity! By neglecting to address this topic in that august House his call may now be perceived as a mere political slogan. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

[20th September 2015]


  1. As it were, the generals are generals and for this particular General he is a very knoledgeable man and wherever he provided his remarks in the history of Zambia every one noted that and it came to pass. LUNGU just needs to reflect on all what he said about unity and you do not mock GOD THE ALMIGHTY if you know you are not doing things well. He is capable of bringing something tangible on someone from nothing. Genuinity is required by LUNGU and he may not use people like KAMBWILI whom we know all of us that he is just A LOUD EMPTY VESSEL. One thing true about Zambia is that, you may think you are rulling it but if this is not done in good faith you may not live to enjoy your rule, only to demice. We should all realise that we are on this earth as sojourners. Leave the potifolio of…

    • @Rasco I will just give you a vote like what my friends do, I can see you already have 16+ votes.
      I will not read here, I will get PDF files from Ba Miyanda and send that to the now annoyed Amos Chanda, Chi Davies Chama so they had hard copies of wise Miyanda’s evaluations on this horrible PF management.

    • One thing I know is people who talk too much are non performers. They can talk, write very motivating essays but given the instruments of power, they fail to perform.

    • If general Miyanda is as intelligent as he portrays in many of his thesis, how come he has failed to organize his party and ascend to power which Sata did? Infact comparing how Miyanda and sata started, General Miyanda started very well with alot of support but because he has no capacity, he failed to make it. Performance and producing results is all what matters, not just talking. That is how People measure leaders.If for example you say we need a hospital in Mongu, are you as a leader able to drive that and ensure the hospital is done?

  2. This man (Brigadier General Miyanda) is very wise. I totally agree with all that he has said. I dont trust President Lungu at all. The way he ascended to power explains it all. His end will be miserable.

  3. Now waiting for Chishimba Kambwili to issue a statement again on this statement of Gen. Miyanda. Bring it on Kambwili, heads will roll. Or better still give the Gen an ultimatum!

  4. But general Miyanda is very objective, ba Kambwili, you must answer the questions he is raising not hiding in some unclear terms be specific. Your party through our president ECL had called for prayers which we support but the problem is we keep on hearing him, VP and others telling voters that there will be no development should they vote otherwise

  5. gallant men of miyanda’s stature need to be heeded to.hearing all what has been layed forward, serious reflection ought to be done by lungu, unlike kambwili who’s always tossing his mouth to everything regardless of any sound criticism! aligning everything that comes from checks & balances to the media(post) won’t help improve and implement what Edgar put out in parliament.we await the government’s response to what miyanda has raised.

  6. In the face of the staggering economic fortunes, President Lungu should show Zambians that he cares. Let him reflect on Sir Alex Ferguson’s (Former Manchester United Manager) advice given to a relegation threatened Manager of Leicester City: “I felt he was a little bit too casual,” said Ferguson. “I said ‘Your team is bottom of the league and you have to show your anger a little bit. The fans want to see you care.’ [ Taken from his Latest Book]. Lungu too looks way too casual, and worse still, leaving Kambwili The Loose Canon to do the PR job for him is a deservice to his rule. Please ba Lungu, take heed of the General’s counsel. He means well.

  7. Every Failure We Zambian Are Facing Loadsheding,depreciation Of Kwacha & Economicaly This Is Just A Step Up..God Forgive Them They Don’t What There Are Doin!

  8. The general is at it again. …! I always admire his contributions…..! After president’s declaration of peace….gunshots are fired in Lubanseshi. ..what a shame….! It will be the same case as it happened in Mulobezi. ..Davies Chama went unpunished!

  9. Miyanda has spelt it all and clearly so, what I don’t understand or know is whether Kambwili and the 2 Chandas don’t know where Chainama Hospital is to have their brains examined.

  10. General Miyanda.
    General Miyanda’s comments are his personal Opinion which represents his own perception.
    What Honourable Minister Mr Kambwili attributed to Genral Miyanda that a Man of his stature in Zambia who held the position of Vice President MUST be a reflection to Mr Miyanda which unfortunately the General has foregone but chosen to join the bandwagon of critics of HE President EL. The General’s remarks shows his Leadership character of irresponsibility and no wonder the late President Fredrick Chiluba dishonoured him disgracefully from the Position of Vice President to that of Education Minister. The General is a finished and a Lonely voice of a Politician who has been denied loudly by all Zambians in all the Presidential elections.
    God bless Zambia and we pray for the…

  11. General Miyanda, fame and articulate. He is a far more intelligent and evolved human being. Light years of Kambwili. Kambwili won’t comprehend because him and his colleagues think God works at state house and is dressed in pf regalia. They are the ones that have stooped so low. Sic

  12. This level of respectful debate is beyond our (Ad)Minister Vuvuzela. Not because PF is incapable but because the standards we allow them to operate under are low and thus even the one who burst in to ZNBC to shut them up pre election can become the bully boss of their bully pulpit. The nation needs more sense less nonsense.

  13. Ba General, thank you for coming out of hiding. It is nearing election time again and obviously you need funding, so you must be seen to be doing something. Just so that I know, how many members do have in Heritage Party? No, I am not PF, but I can separate nonsense from sense. Mr. Miyanda will ALWAYS disagree with whatever someone else says unless it is coming from HIS learned self. I call that selfish or egoistic. No wonder he is leading a one man party. I am not sure Angela supports his sentiments! In my opinion, he is not different from Kambwili or that foul mouthed woman Edith.

    • Here we go again, this is an issue-based matter; the General is pointing a finger at a very contradictory presidential and government term thru PF – no more, no less. And then Comes u chikopo with a totally alien kettle-of-fish…of late I just shudder to think yo sort have a say in the civilised discourse MOST Bloggers try to engage in – shut yo face if u’ve nix to say. Thanks General, and BTW that is exactly where I meant Matibini got it wrong, “crossing the floor” is seldom in Democracies and these “presidential appointments of Opposition MPs to government” are relics of Kaunda-Mugabenomics, thats it! Cry the beloved country the day men like Miyanda, HH, Sosala and many more shall choose belly-full over “the People”!

  14. Comment: sending thugs with guns to hunt and intimidate upnd,the general electorate, is reconciliation according to PF chimbwi. OP guyz with 4 on 4z pact with money, have chocked every beer ntemba along the road for youths to drink and chant pamaka! the obvious is clear, they dont care, solwezi west don’t be fooled

  15. Please BOZ can u control da kwacha please.Do we have inelligent pipo in this country?Ba kalyalya bafilwa ukubomba.Cabipa icalo caonauka.Ba PF please save the kwacha.U can just stop the dolla

  16. No Zambian takes this castrated general serious, the man he so selfish no wonder he has joined his class politicians that are being abused by fred M’membe e.g Mike Mulongoti, Eric Chanda, Nawakwi

    • @dead, I take him seriously. Only those that are either fearful or hateful become personal in their comments. And unfortunately, its you dead who isnt serious!

  17. Aged former Vice president Brig. General Godfrey Miyanda still lingers amongst us while his application to enter Heaven is continually delayed. Pray for him as he continues to deceive himself that the Zambians still love him.

  18. Fr Frank Bwalya have you heard how wize men respond to issues, Miyanda cannot be a job sicker.

    I hope he will start campaning we need this man. The founder member of MMD he always talk sense. Ba Kambwili amano yenu yabumbwili.

  19. Ama PF cadres muli fikopo! The General’s sentiments is way beyond your retarded brains including Lungu’s! This should be a lesson never to be repeated- putting a mentally retarded person in state house!

  20. People who say the truth like what the general has written are insulted Lungu can not call for prayers when he has failed to clean his own pf party it does not make sense he is a very weak President no doubt about that.

  21. Ifipuba with face saving comments have shown us that, that is why they are called as pfools. Miyanda is right. He is trying to control men and women in diapers.
    Ba Miyanda falefwaya ukumipipa ba big pfools. Why mocking a man trying to clean your anus?
    2016 will remove your stinking nappies and of course clean your anus.
    Make corrections when you are criticised not insults.
    Greet the bursting neckless pfool and inform him that the Rainbow is coming in in 2016. Ba wk will sort out the mess. He knows all whose anus stinks corruption.
    Wait and see. In 2016 the Post and Mmembe will remove pfool’s diapers and all shall see the mess and clean the anus of the pfools.
    HH and Nawakwi may also do it one way or the other.

    • Remember fellow Zambians Chiluba called this country a Christian country out of criminal motives to hide his sins but God disgraced he died because of sin(Viagra).Lungu don’t play with God.We know you and we shall vote you out.

  22. There goes a frustrated man.Especially him he will greatly affected as he has no viable source of income and he is fructrated that no one is paying attention to him apart from the lier post news paper membe who have has approached him for some silly comments for their news.

  23. I am disappointed with General Miyanda.Is he the only one who does not know that the Post is being unfair when covering President Lungu or he is just being hypocritical ? For a man of God,i find such kind of attitude very unfortunate.

  24. what amazes me is how pf cadres behave no matter how clear simple it is put before them as as an advise they will never take it . later they will say the opposition do not provide solutions. there is only one thing and that is to vote them out of power. useless as their founder informed the nation. its time they were in history mwebantu.

  25. Does Miyanda seriously want to be a game changer in Zambia? I believe that is why he is the leader of the Heritage party, is it not? But how long is he going to be in the opposition? Miyanda was in government once courtesy of MMD and at one point he parted company with a party that made him Secretary General and also VP of government. Miyanda then went on to form Heritage party. I want him to answer me whats the difference between his party and Chipimo’s, or Nawakwi’s, or Sondashi’s, Mpombos, Mulongotis, Pules and even Never’s. Surely he can find some middle ground with these people for the sake of mother Zambia. Cant he stoop that low? otherwise we will continue seeing him as one who is in politics to hear the sound of his voice or for the perks.

  26. The commentaries by the good General are relevant however he must also recognise that all there’s with President Lungu are narratives which he’s marketing with a hope of being tapped into, also it must be noted that knowledge transfer is a process and not an event. Hence the demands by the General fail short.

  27. I respect this man General Miyanda because of his straight forward politics. That General Miyanda is a man of integrity can’t be argued against. That said General Miyanda must be careful not to defend or be seen to be condoning the lunacy of Fred Mmembe a man whose newspaper has become a platform of bitterness and hatred. Mmembe is a bully who must be confronted and defeated by any means necessary. When did the Post ever support Heritage Party to win an election?

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