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Technology cardinal in linking up communities


Government says it is committed to linking up communities with technological innovations by empowering them with knowledge imparted by institutions such as the National Technology Business Centre- NTBC to improve their innovations.

Department of Science and Technology Acting Director Lackson Tonga observed that there is need to improve community development standards by elevating them with a different approach.

Addressing inventors and innovators during the International Development Innovation Network (IDIN) showcase at Zamcom College in Lusaka, Mr Tonga warned against relegating community development to lower levels.

He added that there is need to have a vigorous approach where the industry, government and learning institutions work together to help local inventors.
Mr. Tonga said there is an urgent need to focus on some basic requirements that can enhance the linkage of the industry, government and learning institutions to working together in rethinking the role of innovation and technology development in poverty reduction.

He said government would like communities to scale up their creations to reduce poverty in communities.

And NTBC Technology and Marketing Manager David Mpundu said IDIN is an international organisation which helps communities in finding local solutions to local problems.

He added that IDIN is showcasing projects that have been undertaken from 2013 to 2015 by local innovators.

And NTBC Director Luwodzya Mwale disclosed that most schemes are in the process of being commercialised because they are not fully developed projects.
Mr. Mwale challenged local innovators to translate their projects so that they can be understood and used to help society.

More than 50 local inventors and innovators have gathered for the International Development Innovation Network Zambia 2013 to 2015 showcase at ZAMCOM College in Lusaka.

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