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UPND’s Percy Chanda weighs in on Civil Servants Delayed Salaries

Economy UPND's Percy Chanda weighs in on Civil Servants Delayed Salaries

FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally
FILE: Percy Chanda addressing the Chingola rally

UPND Statement on delayed salaries for civil servants

23 September 2015

We are again bombarded with messages of delayed salaries for civil servants across the country for the month of September.

We have said it before that flowery speeches and promises mean nothing to people, at the very least they are deceptive to our people.

Our colleagues in the PF have been promising one thing after another without delivering on any of them.

Civil servants salaries have been delayed without anyone explaining to them when they will be paid or at least why they have been delayed. Meanwhile our colleagues in the PF have been preoccupied with bye elections some of which are purely induced by the PF.

Since our colleagues do not take responsibility for anything, we may not be surprised to hear that the delayed salaries are also a global problem like everything else that is going bad in this country is someone else’s problem but the PF.

We all know this regime is totally bankrupt due to reckless spending but has no shame to admit it, instead making other grand promises like President Edgar Lungu did inside Parliament last week and yet we know nothing will ever be implemented unless they resort to further borrowing.

For them telling lies and later borrowing is the easiest thing they know, rather than generating domestic resources and wealth.

We demand that civil servants be paid today to avoid them having to take out unnecessary loans for their home expenditure and school fees, especially with the current high cost of living.

Such delays also cause our workers to lose concentration at work as they preoccupy themselves with activities aimed at looking for money for survival from other means.

Percy Chanda

UPND Chairperson for Labour


  1. What Obama said about opposition leaders: “Despite the perennial doom and gloom that I guess is inevitably part of a presidential campaign, America is winning right now,” Obama said. He cited job creation, the rising stock market and millions of Americans who now have health insurance as examples of a successful presidential run. “You wouldn’t know any of this if you were listening to the folks seeking this office that I occupy,” the President told the group of American chief executives. “In the echo chamber that is presidential politics, everything is dark and everything is terrible,” he said. “They don’t seem to offer many solutions to the disasters they perceive, but they’re quick to tell you who to blame. There’s nothing particularly patriotic or American about talking down…

    • The solution here is simple. Do not create more ministries because you can’t afford to pay the workers. Invest that money to generate income. What more solutions do PF want? Dealing with dunderheads can be hard!

  2. Welldone Percy, please remind Edgar and his clueless team to honor their obligations. Already the boss at the Civil Service Union is unhappy. Now Edgar wants to create 5 new ministries, there by increasing the civil servants…how will the PF govt manage to pay? Edgar told us he had no vision, we should have listened

  3. This is the problem of paying people earlier than their pay day. They forget that the salaries are due at the end of the month. If UPND was responsible enough, it should be educating civil servants to learn to save for a rainy day. Normally someone who has worked for over a year should have save enough to stay for three months without pay in case of any delays or a misfortune. If you have worked for 10 year you should stay for year on your savings without problems. Things happen in life. You can get sick, get fired, your company goes under or just the weather become bad. Even war. Your salary getting delayed by minus three (-3) days and you are already complaining and UPND as usual is already trying to capitalize on that.

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