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Zoona: Zambia’s Version of Electronic Cash Transfer Locally

Videos and Audios Zoona: Zambia's Version of Electronic Cash Transfer Locally


  1. Ala iwe ka Misozi nzelu kuipa. Why driving and talking on the phone without using a hands free ? You are not leading by example right there

  2. This is good and the young lady needs support from all Zambians. Let us give Western Union competition. But what annoys me is filthy in Lusaka. There’s no photo or video without seeing filthy streets almost all over Lusaka.

  3. Boza musikana uyu. She says Kalingalinga is rural and that prior to Zoona people sent money on the bus. Money was sent by telegram, through bank accounts as well as other money transfer options like Swift Cash, Western Union as well as Cash For Africa. Of course in a few instances, people gave money to bus crews but this was only where such crew members were trusted by the senders.

  4. I was very disappointed last month with zoona I send money to my wife she was in Kitwe around 08:30hrs. She went to the zoona out she was told to go to another out let, she was there for the all day in the evening around 17:00hrs that’s when she was told that there is no money come tomorrow.

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