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President Lungu drops Kaizer Zulu from New York trip

General News President Lungu drops Kaizer Zulu from New York trip

SPECIAL assistant to the President for political affairs Kaizer Zulu
SPECIAL assistant to the President for political affairs Kaizer Zulu

President Edgar Lungu last night dropped his special assistant for political affairs Kaizer Zulu from his entourage to New York for the UN General Assembly.

According to QFM News, President Lungu dropped Mr Zulu after being angered by the incident in which his aide fired two gunshots after an altercation with Lusaka businessman Enoch Kavindele junior at Chrismar Hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning.

President Lungu is said to have reprimanded Mr. Zulu before asking him to remain behind and sort out the allegations leveled against him.President Lungu is also said to have asked the Police to investigate the matter thoroughly and provide a full report before he could make any decision on Mr. Zulu’s fate.

Police sources told QFM News that Mr. Zulu was scheduled to appear for questioning yesterday, Wednesday, 23rd September following two Police complaints separately filed at Long Acres Community Police Post by Enoch Kavindele junior and his brother Kaunda, who are both sons of former vice-president Enock Kavindele.


  1. Thank You Lungu for not tolerating buffoonery in PF.

    In hindsight bring Kaizer with you to New York and drop him in the Bronx with his little gun, that’s where all the hoodlums live.

    • we have told you kaizer zulu is riff ruff, drop this ignorant bustard. he is busy fathering children with foreigners and leaving his wife complaining. umuntu muubi, he has some money now, so he decides to start cheating on his wife. And this is the special advisor to the president. these are jokes. get rid of this buffon. we dont want vigilante *****s masquerading as advisors to the president. he is selling secrets of the state!!!!!

    • Nanga nkhani you Davis Chama, where police sources say a report filed with H.E. clearly points at the fact that the UPND cadre was the victim and not assailant.

    • Edgar need be careful with his PF. Kaizer, Chama, Masumba, Kapyongo and more, all walk with guns even close to Edgar.

  2. Lungu,

    About time you started getting rid of these demi-gods ECL. In addition to trading on your name, the believe they can get away with murder. What in heavens name was he doing at a night club at 03:00Hrs? This act in itself can compromise state security in this Post 911 world we are living in. He is a security risk and sholud be fired.

  3. Aikona insoni Ku New York where you are going abena Lungu. Interact with the leaders that matter most and can help your country esp G8 leaders, that’s why we pay you to go on these trips. This is a working trip and Not just wasting time and drinking after hours. Make deals, promote your country but not ukulomba lomba sana, they’ll think you are too desperate.

    We know you don’t have the guts to speak to locals here in Zambia but maybe speak to the foreigners who don’t know you and may believe you.

    Meanwhile tuleisa. Viva HH

  4. Mr Zulu looks so sad that he will not see the big apple and that the dream of showering his mistresses with gifts from America has gone down the toilet. ya!

  5. But why are you pipo happy?Let thepresident take him to New York.Anything to make Lungu unpopular is worth it even embrassing this ka ***** from Chelstone where he did not even have malegeni

  6. No praise for ECL or the police here but the people (Kavindele brothers) and media that made the altercation public otherwise it would have been one of those things swept under the carpet! Indeed @ Neutral the heat is on Lungu and the discomfort is with him wherever he is this minute pantu ashile kung’anda takuli bwino!

  7. There you go praising the lazy bum Edgar…don’t you see something wrong in him instructing the police. That airplane seat was merely filled by another empty tin who will enjoying shopping at your expense.

  8. “Katondo boys,This letter states that you are on your way to New York,USA…where is the rest of your deligation please?”

    I don’t know, I was just given instructions to leave imidiately and all I know is that my minister will be joining me on Friday……..New Rochelle,New York

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

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