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Wealth Creation at Household level key to Eradicating poverty-Nawakwi

Rural News Wealth Creation at Household level key to Eradicating poverty-Nawakwi

FDD President with Chief Zingalume.
FDD President with Chief Zingalume.

FDD President Edith Nawakwi says creation of wealth at a household level is key to eradicating poverty in the country.

Speaking when she addressed village headmen from Senior Chief Mwaangala of Chadiza District Ms. Nawakwi observed that no President has looked at creating wealth at household level as key to developing the country but that they have all emphasised on developing as a nation. She wondered how the country will develop with an impoverished population.

She explained that if everyone was OK in their homes then nation will also be OK and that the country will be set on a speedy development path.

” We have had six Presidents but no one has talked about developing the nation by first eradicating poverty from our homes they have all emphasized on national development. We need to look at how our people are living in their homes, how can there be national development when people are impoverished. If we are all OK in our homes then there will be national development. But how do we eradicate poverty from homes? I believe it’s through creating an environment which can spar creation of wealth at household level.

As FDD we are of the view that when people are empowered to choose what’s important in their respective areas across the country then we will start to see wealth creation in homes in differnt Districts. For example here in Chadiza your many economic activity is Agriculture the job of the Government should be to make sure that you grow enough for consumption and also for selling to improve your household income but that will never happen because the people making decisions are not part of your communities, ” said Ms. Nawakwi as she reiterated her massage of decentralization.

She also explained that her party believes that the best way of sorting out the country’s challenges is by working together. She said no person or group of people can claim to have all the solutions but that by working together solutions will be found to most of the challenges.

And the opposition leader called on the traditional leaders to speer head the on going voter registration exercise saying voting is the only way one will express themselves in the governance of the country.

She explained that due to lack of sensitization on the exercise by the ECZ village headmen should take it upon themselves to ensure that word spreads in their respective villages adding that in our country its only by voting that one would able to choose their leaders.

And speaking when Ms. Nawakwi paid a courtesy call on him, Senior Chief Mwaangala expressed concern at the food security situation in his chiefdom.

He said due the continued raising cost of living most of his people had sold their Maize to the neighboring Malawi and that his people may end up starving before the next farming season.

He also bemoaned the high cost of farming inputs saying the high cost of inputs was affecting production as some of his people are not managing to buy inputs.

He also said FDD should work hard and sale themselves because they are providing fresh ideas of governing the country.

His Royal Highness observed that the idea of empowering Districts financially would help develop the country at the same pace as opposed to the current situation were towns were getting a larger chunk of the development.

The FDD President also met Chief Zingalume of the same District who echoed the same sentiments on the food situation in the chiefdom. Ms. Nawakwi later his addressed his headmen at Kandabwako grounds in Kandabwako ward.

In pictures. FDD President Edith Nawakwi addresses headmen of senior Chief Mwaangala, Senior Chief Mwaangala chats with FDD President Edith Nawakwi when she paid a courtesy call at his palace in Chadiza.

President Nawakwi joins the dance as she is welcomed at Kandabwako.
President Nawakwi joins the dance as she is welcomed at Kandabwako.



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  1. The household is special for national development. However, the household can not replace national institutional arrangements. These include government ministries, government departments, statutory bodies, authorities, agencies, etc. The marketing cooperatives for smallholders, cash crop growers, the micro-,small- and medium enterprises must be strong for the household to benefit. Similarly, do not break your heart a poor individual. It is all about statistics. One individual is not a true reflection of national well-being. Focus must go to education, training ans skills development; to basic health-care systems, anchored on the health center, clinic, hospitals; focus on exports, focus on economic growth for job creation and poverty alleviation. Do not say poverty, say wealth creation.

  2. Zambia and the world need Demand Side economics, after decades of exploitation of the people’s resources, in the name of supply side economics.

    By raising local demand, at least some producers can switch to supplying the Zambian economy, instead of the world economy. There are so many things that can be done, if people get out from under the ideology of the IMF/World Bank, and their neoliberal economics. And by the way, the crises of neoliberalism are building to such a degree, that governments may even go this route, without being retaliated against by the New World Order (same as the Old World Order).

  3. *************
    Q: What is demand-side economics?

    A: Demand side economics is based on the belief that the main force affecting overall economic activity and causing short-term fluctuations is consumer demand for goods and services. Sometimes called Keynesian economics, demand side economics developed in response to the Great Depression when conventional supply side economics failed to adequately explain why the mechanisms of the free market was seemingly unable to self-correct or restore balance to the economy as previously expected.

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