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Graphic representation of Zambia’s economic track record

Economy Graphic representation of Zambia's economic track record


  1. Mwanawasa and RB’s administrations were the best for Zambia.Economic growth under RB being the highest.The worst mistake Zambia made was to vote RB out. and put Sata in power.PF has been a disaster from the word go!! There’s no sugar coating or rhetoric that can save them, numbers don’t lie. Those enjoying the extravagant use of tax payers monies under PF will obviously dispute this.

  2. It is amazing how public opinion can sway the truth. If you ask anybody on the streets at what time Zambia was best managed economically, very few will give RB’s time as an answer, yet this graph tells us so. Do the Post have this graph?. Because they are the mother of all this trouble we have got ourselves into now.

    Zambia will soon develop if it begins to refer to figures as an aid to decision making.
    We should have kept RB for a little longer.
    Now we are in deep trouble.

    However, something tells me HH is not the solution.

    Maybe let us keep Lungu as he looks like a listening guy. An arrogant person will not turn the economy around.

    • Tutu when a persons character is not clear look at his friends. Just look at who the Special assistant to the President is – Kaizer Zulu. It would be a mistake to keep Lungu.He just got into the presidency by luck not because of his great works before that. PF didn’t even have a proper convention,there was a lot of trickery and blackmail involved.Zambia does not have time for more experimental leaders.PF needs to go if Zambia is to have hope.

    • @Tutu, I thought you said in your post that numbers don’t lie? Why then should we keep ECL if numbers don’t lie? His is the worst performing administration on record. As far as ECL being a “listening guy”, I doubt that very much. If he were:
      a) He wud know that the country has no money and there is no need for 5 more ministries
      b) He would know that it is uneconomical to charter a plane for $300,000
      c) He would know that 17 Trips in 9 months is unsustainable & a waste of tax payers money
      d) He would know that RB & MMD were kicked out by Zambians. Pilato is right.
      But he is not a “listening guy”!

    • @ Tutu. Your argument for not opting for HH is that he is an “arrogant guy”! Your reasoning is that we cannot employ an arrogant guy as CEO to manage our “company” (country)? What if he is able to deliver! So you would rather starve than have a capable “arrogant guy” manage your company? Well, the “humble” one we have right now is incompetent, wasteful (foreign trips & plane charters), has “no-vision”, cannot take responsibility (alsways passing on the buck), is afraid to address the nation, is completely ‘lost’ economically, associates with known plunderers & corrupt ex-presidents, etc. I think I will go for the “arrogant” guy who has a track record of managing his companies well. Maybe my children might have a future in Zambia!

    • Lungu could be a nice gamble but he has useless Ministers and advisors _Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Kaizer, etc. The man has to shed off Sata’s semi illiterates. HH can have good advisors but his choice of the inner circle of late leaves much to be desired – GBM, Canius Banda, Mumbi Edward all these came to UPND through the Window not because they are good but for their tribe. There are good people throughout all tribes. There great thinkers among UPND originals but – man! – because the tribe has to be balanced the man is fishing from a disused fish pond.

  3. keep Lungu with his bloated cabinet and ministries? where are the resources? what will happen to the kwacha a month from now? PF is a disaster to zambia.

  4. It was not even RB, it was Mwanawasa who worked so hard to put our economy in track. RB started messing up things when he fired Magande as finance minister. HH is the solution now. We need discipline in this country where both fidcal and monetary policies are concerned and HH can deal with these NOT these pf thugs who are just spending recklessly.

    • Hmmmm, but mdala let us look at the graph. you are trying to convince us otherwise when we can all see the graph. Mulefwaya mutubepe when bonse pano tulemona graph, the audacity and nerve of conjuring up facts is beyond astonishment. is this how you politicians lie to us. telling us its green when we can all see its red. RB’s economic performance is the highest since the time of KK and it is infact higher when magande was not minister of finance. Dont just yap, analyse from the graph. cheap politics like yours are not helping this country. Be objective in your analysis.

    • @ Mugubudu I concur with you as the graph shows the cumulative effect of policies Mwanawasa put in place and RB had just to implement. However on face value one can say the economy performed better under RB for he was in the driving seat. Its like a surgeon who starts a procedure on a patient and in the middle of it something happens to her/him, the associate wraps up the procedure and its successful then all praise is heaped on the associate! Its only that the Zambian people could not let RB continue then we would have given better judgement. However more than likely RB’s policy could have set the downward spiral PF inherited to implement for it is well known that PF had no plan of their own. The country needs to get back to the Mwanawasa era to put in place a new plan that would…

    • cotnd……. resuscitate the economy once again. PF is visionless and in a hurry to show that they are a working government went on a spending and borrowing spree without putting in measures that generate more income for expenditure! The current situation is a conundrum that PF raised and has not an inkling itself of the answer!

    • @zagaze
      Out of curiosity, to what would you attribute the sharp fall in the graph in 2011? Unless you can convince me that the sharp drop happened in the last quarter of the year, I’m bound to believe that the disaster started with RB’s administration.

    • @we the people – the sharp fall could be due to speculations and concerns as to who would form the next govt after 2012. 2011 was election year.lots of uncertainity. It is obvious that our economy was dependent largely on the copper exports which were mostly exported to china. the chinese were also implementing several investments in the coutry then. so when they analysed the situation that sata would win and following his pronouncements which he made. am sure the foreign investors opted to keep their investments ready to roll, just in case they would need to run quick. Remember ba sata tabaishibe ukulanda, by the time he realised his mouth was his greatest enemy things had already gotten worse. the little damage control he tried to do later couldnt help much.

  5. If you add all the results both for the parliamentary and local government for Thursday’s elections,upnd beat pf pants down,this is an indication of what awaits us in 2016.The solution here is to kick pf out at all cost and bring in new leadership in the name of HH and his team.

    • Mbinji you are a dreamer… PF has won 9/10 by-elections and UPND only won 1/10 and you have the balls to say UPND will beat PF in 2016.? Are you aware 2016 is not a year from now but months from now.? Get real bululu. The current opposition parties have to merge to unseat PF otherwise forget..!!!

  6. No stop lying to yourselves. The good performance was due to high commodity prices during this time just soon after the cancellation of Zambia’s (HIPC) debts.

    It had nothing to do with performance of those dull presidents.

  7. All you guys saying Lungu is the worst really lack logic. How can you surely compare Lungu to the rest when he has been in office only for 9 months or so.? Calm down and take several seats purrrr-liziii.


  8. Kwacha yapena guys.Bank of Zambia can u limit the amount of dolla you can sell in a day.That will help you stabilize the kwacha.
    Please Kalyalya think.U have bin a useless BOZ governer in history of Zambia.jst resign to save yo image.

  9. I wonder why people are comparing bread with cake, bananas with lemons, sugar with salt and finally copper with clay. Why not look at the economic environment, investor and private sector involvement, price and volume of copper export during those periods and now and then tabulate a graph that will address all angles for people to judge than to tell me which fruit tastes sweeter between a banana and a lemon.,

  10. Kwacha now approaching 13 to a dollar. Meanwhile Chagwa is in New York gallivanting, with a delegation of about 100 people. What a president?

  11. Comment: It was Mwanawasa and not Rb who changed the economy of this country. Remember the Hipic completing point. Have good memories so that you can post properly. You are the people who are confusing the voters.

  12. What I worry about is the missed opportunity, of not diversifying the economy immediately after attaining the HIPC completion point. This is when Debt was at its lowest post liberalization, copper price was at its highest, and investor confidence at its highest.

  13. Comment: I totally agree with you Bee esl. We could have done so well with the kind of Mwanawasa. But We ended up with Rb with his colleagues (i don;t want to mention names ) who wanted corruption because they couldn’t’ do it in Mwanawasa’s time. Mwanawasa was strict when it came to corruption. That’s why he fought corruption alone. Imagine Anglo America pulled out after Mazoka defeat. I was on the copperbelt and i hope you were there. The country can to a stand still. I wanted to go further but I am sure you know the truth. But also remember the impact China has made on several countries.

  14. Funny how the economic downturn started when chi Sata came to office.Those are the years when politics was changed into our favourite sport.

  15. The gain under RB was a result of Mwanawasa’s fiscal policies. He laid a firm foundation which was vehemently destroyed by RB.

    The best president is Mwanawasa.

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