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Kaizer Zulu did spend the night in the cell-Charity Katanga

General News Kaizer Zulu did spend the night in the cell-Charity Katanga

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga
Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga

LUSAKA Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has dismissed allegations that Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs Mr Kaizer Zulu did not spend a night in the Police cells.

Ms Katanga said that the allegations that Mr. Zulu slept in an office at woodlands police are false. Mrs Katanga visited woodlands police and spoke to inmates in the presence of ZNBC.

One of the inmates told ZNBC news that Mr Zulu slept on the same mattress with him and came in the cell with mosquito repellent.

He said there was no way he could have been released because the cell is never opened in the night for any reason.

After talking to the inmates, Mrs Katanga assured the public that all people regardless of status will be dealt with without fear or favour.

She said the police have already demonstrated this by arresting and detaining Mr Zulu who is Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs.

However Mr Zulu has been released on police bond.

And Mrs Katanga said that the police on Friday recovered some firearms, ammunition and expanded cartridges from President Edgar Lungu’s special assistant for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu.

This was after police carried out a search at Mr Zulu’s place as part of investigations into the shooting incident that took place at Chrisma hotel.

She said that the firearms, ammunition and cartridges discovered have been confiscated to help with investigations.

The police commissioner also said all the firearms recovered are licensed.


    • Police Bond for attempted murder and no police bond for “illegal assembly”???

      Now that MUST be the FIRST time in Commonwealth Country!!!

      BRAVO ZP

  1. Mu Zambia namwena, even Kaizer is some important person to sleep in police office? He is just a thug, even the person employed him must be out of mind.

  2. Mu Zambia it depends on who you are? For example, in Chama’s case even Plot 1 know that he was the assailant but because the police do not have a go ahead from H.E. Chama will remain free until the day he is dropped as party SG.

  3. Kaizer thinks he ‘s a lion and zambia is his jungle. Ask William Banda? the same officers who are treating you with kid gloves will one day man handle….

  4. I just wonder how ECL can sleep peacefully without using ka J…son when he has surrounded himself with people like Kaizer Z, Sunday Chanda, Tayali, Davis Chama, Kambwili, Frank Bwalya and….. and citeni uja wamena mdziba monse…. nauja mkazi wama big belly stuff. No wonder ZB now comes in 750ml sized brown bottles

  5. …….going with ZNBC crew…another state machinery…to interview ‘inmates’ is not proof enough that the guy spent a night in the cell…it could have been an organised ‘interview’….
    ..Katanga cannot tell us the that cell is never opened in the night ..FOR WHATEVER REASON…suppose there is a fire…an inmate faints…cry for help…inmates/suspects brought in the night…all those are enough reasons to open the cell…..who knows maybe the whole Kaiza saga is just for public gallery…

  6. The police must be commended for acting professionally and setting a good precedence.However, like Floyd Mayweather says “critics will always find something to say”.
    The good thing is unlike in this Mmembe era we are now living in a computer age era where there’s freeflow of information , nowonder Zambia has been rated 4 in Afrca has a fast growing economy beating Africa’s leading economy Nigeria at number 5 and Ivory Coast topping the list at number 1.

  7. @big kas.
    Do not mislead the public with PF slogan of ‘Dont Kubeba’.
    Zambian police force does not rxecute its madated responsibilty with professional ethics.
    The police was told by president Lungu to investigate and arrest Kaizer Zulu. The police is told what to do, without which they dont even know their responsibilities. That explains violence of guns and shootings of impunity by PF cadres. Zambia police is even told by PF cadres that they (police) is nothing to them. Zambia police! ‘Boyo’.

  8. Comment: How i wished some bloggers could think outside the box. No one will bring nshima at your door steps,only God can. You will die just like that?This is a computer era, two years from now your degree will expire. Wheelbarrow pushers are the one who buys you opaque beer because your upbringing was bad.

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