Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA
Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Given Lubinda says Zambia’s poultry industry is growing at a very impressive rate.

Mr. Lubinda says last year, more than 68 million day-old broilers were sold to the local market by local hatcheries translating into 3-hundred and Million kwacha annually.

He says the broiler sub-sector also consumes about 360, 000 metric tonnes of feed annually, thus creating market for small-scale farmers dealing in soya beans, sunflower and maize.

Mr. Lubinda said this in Chilanga district when he launched the Supreme Chicken Processing Plant, a subsidiary of Ross Breeders.

And Poultry Association of Zambia -PAZ Chairperson Rhodnie Sisala says it is estimated that a further growth of 8 to10 percent will be recorded in the poultry sector by the end of 2015 in the day-old broiler production.

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  1. But the cost of rearing poultry birds has short up, wouldn’t be surprised to buy a live nkuku from the neighbours at K60 each.



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