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HH denies calling a Journalist a Fool and explains context

General News HH denies calling a Journalist a Fool and explains context

Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media
Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media

I wish to correct the impression created by some online media houses that I called the interviewer Bruce Chooma a fool. As a matter of fact I personally know many journalists including Bruce.

Honestly we may have our own weaknesses as individuals but surely would never sink that low as to call a journalist a fool. Even when we have been abused and labelled all sorts of names by some media houses, we never called them fools. Anyone can access the recording from Millennium Radio and listen to the full interview.

The correct context following a question from one caller on my role in the MMD privatisation process which the PF have been trying to smear on me went something like.

.”My job is to valuate your property and when I valuate, I give you the good price at which you can sell your property. Then because you are a bad negotiator you do away with the higher value at which your property is worth as advised by ourselves and you sell it at a cheap price, then after many years you turn to the evaluator and say, I didn’t sell my property well……then you must be a fool.”

Surely in that statement the moderator is by far from being called a fool nor is he mentioned or linked.

I also mentioned that the privatisation process was an MMD government project and that I was just a young boy working for myself. In that MMD government’s Frederick Chiluba government were key ministers such as late Micheal Sata who became the PF and Republican President, the likes of Nkandu Luo, and many others.

Equally in the private sector were many of us each one playing a different role such as lawyers, etc. How powerful then could I have been as a young boy to have influenced the entire government machinery to do a wrong thing?

We know journalists may choose what they wish to report but surely that part was just a very small segment of the entire close to 2 hours interview where we articulated a number of our economic policy alternatives compared to what our friends are current doing. We talked about the energy crisis, the falling Kwacha, economic diversification measures in sectors such as agriculture, job creation for youths, how we could have saved jobs in the mining and other sectors, how we could have been prudent in utilisation of resources, education sectors and many other things.

We fully know that not everyone will like us and what we do, but please let’s be fair to each other in our reporting and spreading malicious propaganda against us. At least let’s learn to tell the truth on each other as God fearing people in a christian nation.

We shall continue engaging our citizens on various media platforms and those with time please join us this morning at 08:30 on QFM and we fully appreciate your feedback.

Have a blessed day and God bless.

Hakainde Hichilema

President- UPND

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    • Oh so HH you’d valuate my property for less, then the buyer comes and I sell it then realise later that you actually misinformed me despite trusting you fully to do a good job, this to me sounds like you had struck a good deal with the buyer without my knowledge, Cartel scenario. From this am now convinced that you misled the Government and under valued state property on purpose, you can call them fools but you certainly had a hand and they shouldn’t have listened to you then. WOW…you have balls Mr. HH. You have no character

    • I listened to the interview he did not call a journalist a fool but he called the caller Mr.Bwalya a big fool and i was ashamed.

  1. ts PF cadres who are F-O-O-Ls since they can’t understand how hard work without stealing can make you rich.

    • In Zambia, we have problem with people that are successful. We are so content with mediocrity. Jealous and envy are dangerous. Listen to HH on QFM 89.1 right now and see for yourself how knowledgable he is, you will learn thing or two

    • If we are f00ls, why are we ruling you the intelligent ones and we shall continue doing so for a long long time to come? The presidency of Zambia will oscillate just in two directions, Bs and Es chapwa.

  2. Indeed as a ‘young man’ but an adult you hang on the coattail of AKM and on the tribal tag through Professor Mweene a convicted tribesman who ensure you got lucrative contracts from Boma. Yes it is sad that you as a ‘professional’ can think people who made poor choices are ‘fools’ but then again you gave them those options and one options was for fools? Who doesn’t know that Hamwele Edgar your partner was liquidator for Lima Bank and you ‘bought’ the former CEO’s house in Kabulonga…but then of course you “bid” for it on the open market like any other guy right? Have you forgotten basic business ethics of ‘insider’ trading or it didn’t apply to you.Well we wonder how many things you will bid for on the ‘open market’ if you had full control of the GRZ instruments! Lastly…

    • Why has’ nt anyone persecuted HH for his so called ‘wrongs’ in the privatization process?People accusing him must be fo0ls for not doing so.

  3. This boy HH is an opportunist and yes he thinks Zambians are fools. All the people of Zambia apart from those of Southern province to HH are either fools, uneducated, kaponyas, Chinbwis, thieves, wako ni wako and he is still coming up with more names. The bottom line is he got rich during privatization on a lot of Zambian workers were left without employment most of them a long dead to defend themselves. How can the same person claim that he will create employment.

  4. HH you are still a young boy who will never grow up. The name is now midget other than under 5 because under fives grow up. We know what HH thinks of people other than those of Southern province.

  5. Many Zambian journalists are mediocre because of lack of specialization. Just listen to Richard Quest on CNN to notice the difference! Zambian Journalism is still at kindergarten level just specializing in twisting facts, reporting half truths, manipulation and basically lying!
    People who know how company sale transactions are done can’t blame HH on anything. But some ignorant journalists hired by HH’s enemies only know sensation! They keep repeating the same old and tired accusation based on ignorance, hate and envy. What a shame. How can a country develop!

    • K Bwalya CNN out of all the things? You little brainwashed individual, by the propaganda of the western media, such that you insult yourself, how low are you still willing to sink? You are an embarrassment first your yourself and then to the people you represent. You believe in your little utopia that CNN chakuti chakuti is the best, by which standards? Of course by the standards of the west. Do you have your own standards or you are also too mediocre to have your own, so you refer to the west? Grow up.

      Common sense baba, common sense!

  6. when journalists reports the truth about the wrong things govt is doing, it becomes a fields day for the opposition to take turns on insults. Now the exact thing about a tribal leader happens you again take turns to insult the noble journalist. What has gone wrong with opposition in the country or do we even have opposition parties to say the least. Too many empty critics on the market now.

  7. Comment:…..what ever they will do…. this time it will not work to turnish your image HH….you are Zambia’s hero..let these pathetic failures talk it will not work….when God says yes who can be against Him…non……Viva HH…we love you……from katete

    • Which God? HH does not know God our creator, he is a Satanist, a mason, maybe you meant god? Well, the truth is and shall remain that HH will NEVER rule Zambia even if the kwacha traded at at 1 million to a dollar! If at all your hopes are in the performance of the Kwacha, you are in a rude shock again because come 2016 October, President Lungu will be with all patriots will be praying to our God, fasting and reconciling all Zambians and celebrating the second year of jubilee from State House.
      HH is a devil! He called that journalist and Zambians fools and why, no one really knows why this Satanist is so bitter with innocent people. HH called us the Zambians fools in that interview and we will certainly show him who the fool is between us and himself. We are very annoyed with this man…

  8. Oh so HH you’d valuate my property for less, then the buyer comes and I sell it then realise later that you actually misinformed me despite trusting you fully to do a good job, this to me sounds like you had struck a good deal with the buyer without my knowledge, Cartel scenario. From this am now convinced that you misled the Government and under valued state property on purpose, you can call them fools but you certainly had a hand and they shouldn’t have listened to you then. WOW…you have balls HH. No Character…maybe that’s why you are not being elected president. Kharma is a…

    • It is amazing how people choose what to take as said from a straight forward argument. Hatred and talking each other down will not help improve lives of Zambians.

  9. And after doing a professional valuation, I sold myself several companies. Before privatisation, I was a young boy who sat on no board. After privatisation, I was a big boy who sat on many boards of companies I had acquired I acquired from the foolish fools who were in govt. And now i want to be president of fools, Zambians

    • Some of the prominent people that were involved in privatization apart from HH were “the current speaker-Patrick matibini-Lsk, E.chenda-Ndola,M.Nchito,Chifumu Banda,Elias chipimo,S.sikota,P.Chisanga,CM Fundanga,PN Magande and 103 other independent negotiating team members plus Donor agencies like Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technishe Zusammenarbeit(GRZ),Germany and USAID,USA

    • As Chizungu is my mother tongue I heard quite clearly what he said and undrstand what he meant.

      Those of you that are confused, please do not display your ignorance here. He was giving an example, and speaking hypothetically. If you think it was anything else, I can only advise you to go back to school and learn real English instead of showing your prejudice and simple mindedness in public.

  10. @Critico it appears you are failing to get the point- the point here is competence. It doesn’t matter whether Richard Quest works for CNN or any other news media, the guy demonstrates competence. If acknowledging someone’s competences and reminding the other of the lack of competences is being brainwashed then that is good brainwashing! Can you compare Richard Quest with your journalists back home? I’m sure you can be a bit sober for once!

  11. And those boot leakers next to this Satana already dozing on duty? Yaba, ati we will turn around Zambia, kwisa? UPND went with Mazoka to the grave period! Statistics are there to prove this point. How do run a party and openly declare that on a T0nga will lead it? What a shame! Am certainly convinced beyond doubt that GBM is regretting have made a terrible mistake to jump in boiling water! No one in the top hierarchy of UPND ever congratulated GBM on his appointment as ceremonial VP, no one!

    If the man has some strength left in him, he may as well just call President Lungu and apologize for the bid mistake he has done! The guys are bad if your name doesn’t start with H or does not contain double letters in a name! Ask Patrick Chisanga what happened to him when Mazoka died. It took a…

    • Yes @Alaa Bee you are absolutely right. CB and Lusaka who helped propel ECL’s ubwato into power are “feeling the heat” in the midst of load shedding.

  12. Whatever HH says will be taken out of context by a few. By the way, if someone is a fool is it bad to tell them? Some people would say – Ulichupuba sana iwe or ulichisushi

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