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PF warns against politicizing Post Newspaper shooting incident

Headlines PF warns against politicizing Post Newspaper shooting incident

Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations to the President Amos Chanda chats with PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairman Sunday Chanda at State House

The Patriot Front has warned against politicizing the shooting incident that occurred at the Post newspaper offices yesterday.Shots were fired from the roof top and into the newsroom sending panic among reporters who were in the middle of production.A bullet landed close to where a pregnant journalist usually sat.She had just left her seat moments prior to the shooting.
However PF media and publicity Vice chairperson Sunday Chanda has warned Zambians against what he termed as mischievous headlines and opinions all based on falsities and cooked propaganda that are bound to follow in the aftermath of the shooting.He castigated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema for alleging that the PF were behind the shooting incident.Mr.Chanda urged Zambians to allow the Police to conclude their investigations.

Post Newspaper senior general manager, Sheikh Chifuwe said the Post will wait to hear from the police, but as a media organisation, they feel they have a duty now, more than ever before to inform citizens of what is going on in their country.

“We will not rule out anything because we are coming from a background where the Head of State announced that he was at war with our editor-in-chief. Practically, with that statement, President Edgar Lungu put a bounty on our editor’s head,” Chifuwe said. “So this can be anything. What we are sure of is that whoever fired the weapon understood what he was doing and also knew his target.

Below is the Full Press statement


Lusaka, Zambia, 1st October 2015 -While the reported shooting incident at the Post Newspapers remains highly unfortunate and undesirable for a society such as ours, we want to caution against excited members of our society especially those drawn from the political space who wish to treat a sensitive matter with political gloves. It is in the best interest of investigations that political commentators in the nation do not derail the course of investigations by the Zambia Police. This we say because of the cheap propaganda that is going to follow in the aftermath of the reported shooting. In the days ahead, Zambians will be treated to mischievous headlines and opinions all based on falsities and cooked propaganda. This we must guard against jealously. It will be a disservice to the traumatized reporters at the Post Newspaper if anyone, including the paper itself, plays political ping-pong with this matter.

On that premise, it is highly uneducated of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to allege that the Patriotic Front (PF) is behind the reported shooting incident which is still under investigations especially considering that it occurred under very uncommon circumstances. There will be busy and desperate mouthpieces which will line up for headlines and statements prepared on their behalf in order for the shooting incident to suit their narrative. We wish to warn Mr. Hichilema against careless remarks and cheap political propaganda on this matter. He instead has a duty to tell Zambians his role, if any, in Zambia’s infamous privatization.

We wish to reaffirm the position that the PF under His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu remains committed to the rule of law and has refused to participate in cessation of life of any human being, including those who insult and demean him day-in and day-out. President Lungu has continued to speak peace even in the midst of individuals and institutions that drew battle lines just when it became apparent that he would succeed late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

We therefore ask Zambians of good conscience to allow the Zambia Police carry out investigations. This is also because of what is likely to be a divided opinion on the matter if it is allowed to be reduced to a political issue. With that said, we wish to assure that if the matter will be reduced to a political one, as the PF we shall be more than ready to respond to it politically. In the meantime, we ask citizens, including the Post Newspaper to allow the Zambia police to conclude with its investigations.

Issued by: Sunday Chilufya Chanda, Vice Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee


  1. The have failed the economy , we don’t need a phd to see what’s happening . Chickening out on a BBC interview ba lungu , how will investors come to Zambian if you what promote Zambia , you went there as a CEO for business , how often are do you go to USA ? Next year . Only dull people will vote for you next year , $6 billion in debit . How will Zambia pay back ? Lungu has never said anything about the economy see he become president .

    • You do not just go for the interview any how you need to be prepared.That interview was not party of the programme for his excellence the president. The same chaps called investors are the one messing up our economy. Grab the mines your excellence

    • President went there with many programs and seeking and an interview with BBC was not on the agenda. Its better he meets the business men than answering to useless questions.

    • Chanda you think the BBC is like your ZNBC. Its a professional organisation they would not announce that anyone is a guest unless its 100% confirmed. Your problem is you think the rest of the world operates at our level of mediocrity. It does not.

    • But nautoba icisungu! From the first word through to the last sentence. Fwayako abaishiba icisungu to write for you! Ati shani apo!

    • In the first place, why did Lungu agree to give an interview? Some people are making it appear like the BBC went to force Lungu at gunpoint to give the interview. Lungu agreed and BBC started preparing only to be told at last minute that Lungu is not available, without giving reasons. In fact Lungu inconvenienced BBC very much, because BBC had now to search for another program to air.

    • @ Sponge bob and Chanda

      Sorry, but canceling interview with BBC was lost opportunity to market Zambia and improve perception of Zambia as a “safe” destination for foreign investment.
      Issuing press statements including word like “panicking” and “exchange control”, drafted by a bunch if uneducated cadres without any investment background, definitely has put lid on foreign investment.
      Photo opportunity with Zambians living in USA its good for over-sized villager ego but insignificant when compared with 30 minutes on “BBC Focus on Africa”.
      Any investor worth his wealth, has interpreted his avoidance to clarify Government fiscal position and “vision” by accepting Moody’s negative opinion.

  2. Dear Mr Chanda, statement were put, however, your part members have be reported shooting at moving cars and these are on record. This what is making other people to easily infer to your party. PF is a party which has been associated with violence and also sort of disorderliness i.e. land grabbing, illegal allocation of plots, dressing in military attire…the list is endless

  3. I Hope people who voted for PF are joining the load shedding and the weak Kwacha . Lungu was honest for telling you that he had know Vision . End of this year Kwacha will be 20 to $1 and fuel prices are going up very soon even if oil is cheap on the International market but because of the weak Kwacha .

  4. Wow no offer of sympathy to the terrified reporters who are lucky to be alive.Hmm are we as Zambians losing our ubuntu all for politics? Mr Chanda you are related to a wise man who once walked this earth.Please don’t rush to issue statements without thinking them through.You are quickly being perceived as a nothing more than a bootlicking cadre.I would like to believe you are above this.

  5. privatization is an issue of yester years. Zambia was much better after privatization. From day 1 of pf in power, just too many negatives.

  6. Honestly speaking. If we can be objective enough and look at this incidence with the merit (not politics) it deserves, there are more questions than answers here people of God. How can a sniper shot randomly? How can a sniper go to the office and scare everybody? How can a sniper go on top of the roof and shot where he/she cant see anything? How can a sniper go on top of a roof that is so visible with the CCTV at The Post offices?Where were the armed guards always present at The Post offices? This world is crazy and if this is the way us Zambians will be analyzing issues then we are not supposed to develop but continue wallowing in politics. Let us be real people of God and properly apportion blame where it is due and not this childish ploy and scheme implemented in a very amateurish way…

  7. The Post Newspaper trying very hard to seek attention…..they throw a bullet on the table and claim they’ve been shot at……just pay back the money you owe the govt

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  8. The Post Newspaper trying very hard to seek attention…..they throw a bullet on the table and claim they’ve been shot at……just pay back the money you owe the govt

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  9. This must be Davis Chama who fired that shot it is only in pf were you have thugs who move around with firearms.

  10. Which business men ur u talking abut, thoz kids he was addressing @ de sometime he wad supozed b interviewed. Us in western it’s jst de matter of time.

  11. She had just left her seat moments prior to the shooting. Aaaah It was her who went up the roof and fired the bullets!

  12. Tweedledum Chanda and Tweedledee Chanda… Are they related or do they both look clueless just by coincidences?

  13. Looking at the comment section, one realizes there are more problems in Zambia than just the politicians. The people are filled with insane ideologies. In 2007 LT had 23 bloggers that would make great MPs and statesmen. Now we have PF and UPND cadres fighting on a daily basis, or ridiculing the nation of Zambia. Firstly let us identify the smart parliamentarians, then vote out the chuff, it is that easy. Then Ban the POST by slowly not buying their issues.

  14. No one can close post newspaper because it’s not owned by an individual but the Nation. then post was there before pf so there’s a long producere to do it

  15. H.H
    Be sober.
    what evidence have you got to accuse the PF.
    your BITTERNESS one day will consume you.
    Leave out PF and LUNGU and UPND is fake.
    Today you are supporting the post after all what they have done to UPND and your self.
    You remember this post newspaper said you not a presidential material and you are only fit to be a councellor in monze.
    Shame upon you sir.

  16. I sincerely counsel the media especially the post to be responsible in their reporting. Don’t forget it is the media that have caused hatred and civil strife in some parts of Africa where people are busy tearing one another apart and have no rest. Please post we have nowhere to run to in case of troubles in our country neither do we have money to fly away. Don’t just think about how you will make more profits. This’s your own country don’t seek to destroy it. Your fathers, uncles, sons, daughters, nephews and nieces are here. Please think and rethink. Honestly speaking, am in dilemma whether to continue or stop buying the post newspaper for their apparent motive to set the country ablaze and their lack of objectivity.

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