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Government saddened by KCM move to put workers on forced leave

Economy Government saddened by KCM move to put workers on forced leave

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma
Government has described as unfortunate Konkola Copper Mines –KCM’s placing of 148 employees at its Nchanga underground mine on forced leave.

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma says the move is not justifiable as KCM has not engaged government about their move.

Mr. Yaluma told ZNBC in Lusaka that government will ensure that jobs in the mining sector are protected.

He says government is ready to talk, analyze and review the performance of the mines to find an amicable solution.

Mr. Yaluma says government appreciates the problems faced by the mining sector but it will not accept unilateral decisions by the mines to lay off workers.

He says he will immediately engage the mines, Ministries of Finance, and Labour to help resolve the problems faced by the sector.


  1. Every company has the right to make a profit. If redundancies are a way of reducing cost of doing business, be it.
    The only good thing about load shedding is that now maids don’t spend time watching dstv whenever we go for work.

  2. Comment: I work for Mopani. While the Government is busy making noise mines are laying off people. As of today in the morning many where LAYD OFF at Central shaft.
    Keep on making noise. Coz they say an empty cain makes a lot of Noise I miss the action oriented PF we voted for

  3. Where is kambwili, he said GRZ will deal with those mines laying off miners??? Come on kambwili wake up, where are you??? These mines need sorting out.

    • Patrick please wake up. Can you be forced to keep a maid hired when you lose your job and have no money to pay her. Don’t get fooled by comments made by politicians. Think outside the box. These companies are not operating to help Zambians. They are there to make profit. Tell Kambili to fix the electricity and production will improve. Then the workers won’t be laid off.

  4. Hon. Yaluma

    Where is your BOSS. It has been now three days that we are fed pictures from last Tuesday and statements issued by Chanda.
    Where is our bellowed, humble and visionary Leader? Familiarizing himself with interiors of American hospital?

  5. I stopped trusting politicians a looong time ago. Until we realize that politicians are not a panacea for ANYTHING except formulating policy in a civilized democracy, we will continue changing governments like dirty shirts without any tangible result. Laid off miners, look for a new occupation or a new job. The politician will rant only until elections’ day.

  6. A wonderful example of our HARDWORKING and very INTELLIGENT PF Government creating more jobs for Zambians in 90 days as they promised when they were campaigning!

    • So have they calculated how many jobs they have created and if they have reached their target so that ECL can relax and go on holiday???

      Let us see.

      148 jobs lost at the mines

      500,000 jobs targeted for youths

      300,000 jobs to be created by tourism

      Total remaining to be created by PF now — 800, 148

      Was that in 90 days or just before 2016?????

  7. you shall remain in oppo and your calculator boy hh. we as pf are facing this challenges head on whilest you are laughing your lungs out over the job loses in the mines.

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