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Only Evil Forces will Oppose the National Day of Prayer and Fasting-Sunday Chanda

General News Only Evil Forces will Oppose the National Day of Prayer and Fasting-Sunday...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda


Lusaka, Zambia, 2nd October 2015 – We wish to advise political players in the Country to remember that while they have the right to freedom of expression, that right must be expressed in reverence of our Creator, God.

It is therefore of grave concern that some leaders in the Opposition have elected to take their politics to matters that concern God. The attacks by UPND leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema on the national day of prayer on 18th October declared by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu should not just be perceived as a question of logical debate but goes to expose the absence of religious principle in his personal life and that of the party he leads.

The words of scripture have reminded us time and again that “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1). Sadly, some of the rich in our country seek to play politics with God by blatantly and forcefully scorning and mocking the National Day of Prayer. We wish to advice that them that God is never mocked and the earlier they humble themselves the better for them and their aspirations to lead a nation given to faith.

We wish to remind the nation that other Countries have embraced the National Day of Prayer beyond partisan, religious and any other divides. In the US, on 5th May 1988 President Ronald Reagan observed as follows: “On our National Day of Prayer, then, we join together as people of many faiths to petition God to show us His mercy and His love, to heal our weariness and uphold our hope, that we might live ever mindful of His justice and thankful for His blessing.”

In the same regard, President Lungu called on all Zambians from all political and religious backgrounds to embrace this important Day for the Nation. He did this from the realization that through prayer the nation takes a moment away from the concerns of everyday life to understand the greater power that gives us guidance. This Day is not about President Lungu or PF as a Party, but about Zambia and the future of our Nation.

Lastly, it is a fact that Satanists and all those opposed to God will resist efforts by a nation to rally together in prayer. PF therefore is asking Zambians to discern the resistance as a fight between good and evil, darkness and light. It is unexplainable how anyone would get so offended with a call for prayers.

Zambia has always embraced God from its foundations as the national anthem confirms “ Praise be to God, Praise be, Praise Be, Bless our Great Nation, Zambia, Zambia!” 18th October is the day to recognize our blessings, acknowledge our wrongs, to remember the needy, to seek guidance for our challenging future, and to give thanks for the abundance of his blessings from the founding of our nation. In churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques, Zambians must come together to pray for the nation.

Issued by: Sunday Chilufya Chanda, Vice Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee


  1. Ba Sunday Chanda.

    Don’t fool yourselves by playing holy. When did you and EGL become born again? When and where were you baptised of the water and spirit?. Is EGL now a MAN OF GOD? The national prayer day is a peanut operation, a circus.
    Mathew 15:7-8 has answers for you HOLY MAN OF GOD.
    7 You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you:
    8 ” ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.
    9 They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.'”

    • Too much superstition in Zambia and Politicians are making it worse using the tool of propaganda, and of course the fearful, ignorant and gullible easily fall for it.

  2. It was HH who started quoting the bible verses, but now even these PF thugs start to use bible…. it is mockery to God.

    • One can actually see through the stupidity of Sunday Chanda and the ill intentions of the so called National Prayer Day. HH’ statement on this issue was very articulate. Edgar as head of Satete should be magnanimous and show the country he means well. We have known since HH came to the political arena that he belongs to the SDA. We have seen pictures of HH attending Church services at various congregations. On the other hand, we do not know which denomination Edgar belongs to or indeed if he is a christian.

    • My friend take it easy……what’s your story now the kwacha is gaining big big time…..hahahahaha am laughing straight to the bank with this… hahahaha

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Who has pointed a gun on hh that he must attend the event. If he doesn’t want he should just quietly chicken out than throwing tantrums. Thats why people think he is a Satanist .

    • Too much superstition in Zambia and Politicians are making it worse using the tool of propaganda, and of course the fearful, ignorant and gullible easily fall for it

  3. Yes yes yes mwaloba ilyauma….2016 Pemba or Mazabuka bound….not state house…ndakaka mebo…

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  4. Yebo Nostradamus Ulabeja…tell me…how far is Pemba from Zimba or how far is Zimba from Pemba….you will probably give me two different answers….

    Anyway Lungu is saying hi

    2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • @ Katondo boys

      Instead of two answers, I am asking you one question, how can you as “believer” (lol) justify PF paying 12.000 kwacha to convicted rapist to entertain them during “fund rising party” on the 17th in the evening whit “guest of honor” (lol; lol; lol) Hon. Minister Kambwili?

  5. this ***** called sunday chanda he is a very evil man like kambwili described him a man with small shallow brain. If kambwili can call you dat then you are very useless. Why should you stop HH from commenting. The minute he does you ans, grow uo we want issue based politics nt personal. As zambians we are grown and can judge who is evil. When you are busy stealing millions thru commissions you want to cheat that you fear God, but you are the biggest thieves this country has ever seen.
    Dnt fool God.

  6. Stupid Statement by one hungry bootliker, who’s only interest is looking at how he can line his pockets the loot from the treasury through corruption and fill his tummy. This drunkard should correct the many wrongs that have problems in our land. Your Lungusha wants people to close their eyes, so he can steal some.

  7. Some boys will be in a rude shock when HH next year 2016 becomes the president of zambia and these boys will end up hanging themselves. These boys have taken things personal on HH. HH is a zambia who can also rule this country. Therefore take it easy you boys we do not want to see you hang yourselves. HH clearly outlined reasons why these prayers will be vain and mockery to God and HH is entitled to his opinion hence leave HH alone you pf thugs.

    • @Mugubudu

      Tekanya my friend…osakalipa bola nimasebela…osakalipa bola nimasebela….

      2016 UPND kaya….tizamvelako…winangu azabwelelamo ku Chikankata…..zwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

      2016 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • @ katodo boys

      Can you please clarify whereabouts of our “humble”. “vise” and “visionary” Leader for past three days?
      Please, don’t tell us that he is “inspecting” interior of American hospital in order to “familiarize” himself with “medical procedure(s)”.
      Thanking you in advance for your knowledgeable and polite answer

  8. @Mugubudu @Zambian watchdog

    Which province will vote for a ‘consultant’ who cannot even produce a single written evidence of his so-called consultation services on the sale of the Mines with Chiluba ?

    1. CB
    2. Luapula
    3. NP
    4. EP
    5. Mchinga
    6. CP if Lusaka vote was to split?

    • These are the PFools who have ruined Zambia with PF. They want to turn Zambia into a corrupt cess pool like DRC where they come from.

    • Do not fool yourself on CB and Lusaka-UPND will get these two regions this time around, and you know what that means at the end of tallying the votes.

    • You Luapula tubulu should be the last person to accuse others of stealing. We know the kind of genes you are carrying in your DNA.

  9. Sunday Chanda NO ONE is stopping you and your Lungu’s PF to go and “pray”! Go ahead! Just some people like myself who can discern your hypocrisy, political posturing, and who refuse to use GOD’S NAME IN VAIN will stay away from the mockery of God.

    • If at all FDD, UPND and others who have concerns about the National Prayer and fasting day decide to attend, their prayer focus should be for Credible Honest Leaders and Government workers, Education opportunities for Zambians because the illiteracy levels in Zambia is a major concern as the majority of Zambians are failing to articulate issues and instead are using a lot of emotions, Freedom of Assembly and expression and opportunities for the Public Order Act to be abolished, opportunities for sponsored violence by Politicians to be dealt with firmly by the law and every involved Politician to be held accountable. Opportunities for hate speech to be abolished and instigators to be held accountable. Opportunities for corruption and theft of Public resources at all levels to be dealt…

    • Opportunities for hate speech to be abolished and instigators to be held accountable. Opportunities for corruption and theft of Public resources at all levels to be dealt with severely without fear or favor, opportunities for injustices and impartiality to be dealt with severely, Opportunities for educated voters and 2016 voting to be based on merit and not emotions and propaganda. Opportunities for ECZ to be structured and their standards to meet the expectations of all local stakeholders. Opportunities for Road Safety to be addressed .

    • Too much superstition in Zambia and Politicians are making it worse using the tool of propaganda, and of course the fearful, ignorant and gullible easily fall for it

    • “evil empire”? I did believe that Zambia was Christian Nation. When did become “evil empire”? In September 2011 or January this year?

  10. I do not subscribe to the idea that politics should just be a game of winning. People really perish because of wrong political decisions. Similarly, a Christian should know that religion is not a game, because you will lose both body and soul if you take it as such.

  11. Zambia will remain poor for as long people pay attention to things that do not add value to a nation. We know the problems in Zambia and we openly reject to confront the problems and instead we want to divert the attention to religious beliefs and want coerce everyone to follow that root. The PF govt and EL have no morals to even call for such a meeting. Just how credulous are Zambians to believe such a govt really? Prayer and fasting so that the economy is back to normal, we reconcile and the following day citizens have bread on the table. So now Chanda wants us to forget all the pressing issues and hope for a miracle from God. Let us learn to be practical and face issues the right way.

    • This prayer day is not for economic boom, but reconciliation. We all know that we have economic challenges as a nation, but failing to attend this national prayer will increase the feeling that HH is a Satanist, and if he does not attend, I can assure you my dear that HH will not rule in 2016. God is watching.

    • Too much superstition in Zambia and Politicians are making it worse using the tool of propaganda, and of course the fearful, ignorant and gullible easily fall for it.

  12. Mr Chanda its good that you quoted the bible.But the same bible tells you that prayers can only be answered if the one who seek God’s face first make amends with those they have issues with. I follow your replies to critisms by a number of people including your political opponents,you have been so critical of one person,a good example is the question of the intent of this same issue of national prayer & fasting that people have been asking including HH ,Edith Nawakwi ,gen Miyanda,some church leaders,civil society among others,but why are you so quick to pick one person and this has always been the case.To me you keep grudges with HH.The issues he raised are critical if true reconciliation is to take place.You do not expect people to go into prayers with grudges and bleeding hearts and…

  13. So insulting HH as well as us who follow him will make economy back on track . Very interesting , kaponyas, do the following:

    (1) Stop lazing around go and work
    (2) Stop running away from work
    (3) Spend more time on real work not internet
    (4) Stop drinking beer from Monday to Saturday , drink only for 1.30 hours on Sundays, so that you have more time to prepare for work.
    (5) Stop womanizing
    (6) Be innovative not innovative in womanizing & beer drink

  14. Kaponya christians have used the message of fire & brimstone to steal from weak souls. Calling others satanists is not seeking reconciliation. Jameson’s language at KKIA is of one with pride & a haughty spirit. The same bible says pride & a haughty spirit lead to a fall. Who should Jameson reconcile with? Its not us but his opponents in the political arena. Calling them names is not seeking genuine reconciliation.
    Yes the nation needs healing but Jameson & his minions like Sunday are not the right people to talk about healing.

  15. I really want to see what happens after the prayers. Leave those alone who do not want to take part in hypocrisy. Some people have different opinions and ways of resolving the problems facing the country. I doubt if prayers are part of the solution especially when we know and see how the PF govt is abusing the national resources such as finances, the police and the systems currently in place. Do we really need to pray to stabilize the currency and solve the load shedding? PF has simply failed and run out of ideas and their leader is clueless who cannot even address the nation.

  16. Fake called for prayers when u still have hate on yo opponents especially opposition leaders, only evil doers shall be swelled by this call for fasting and prayer,some of you you have never fasted nor prayed bfore,why showing honor to God when yourselves have infringed human rights in this country, such as teargasing innocent citizens in solwezi west,shooting upnd cadres in mulobezi,blocking HH,GBM,Mucheleka Nawakwi frm campaigning freely during by elections,praying for what?reconciling with who?clarify it plz for God to listen to prayers! as for me am not going to be part of this faje call,when wako ni wako, tribal politics still a day to day song for pf leaders,My GOD plz dont listen to these selfish leaders’ prayers

  17. Comment: This is not a language of one who really want to pray to God. I tend to now agree with those who are saying these prayers are a mockery. Honestly how do you pray with such kind of hatred in your heart? Is it the same month that is vomiting such sarcastic rubbish that will utter prayer to God? Only Muslims can pray with malice that’s why their prayers lead them to suicide bombing. Let’s respect God Chanda is not a christian.

  18. ..where ever God is….and when ever he sets his binoculars on Zed… he just ends up giggling and laughing……. the question is….laughing at who..??…the so called Leaders or ordinary Zambians…voters in particular..??

  19. Look who is talking and the manner of talking! There is nothing genuine about this National Day of Prayer. This is just a PF Public Relations ploy intended to divert people’s attention from the PF failures. HH and other well meaning opposition political leaders should stay away from it. Since it will be attended by all PF members, we will see how they will start talking and behaving after their prayers. Chances are high that they still continue with their usual bad language, violence, corruption, deceit, manipulation, etc. We will watch Sunday’s behavior and statements after this. It will be good to see him, Kambwili, etc repent! We will see!

  20. Will prayers stop
    1. Corruption in high places
    2. stealing from the poor.
    3. extortion
    3. injustices
    4. tribalism
    5. use of POA to oppress opponents
    6. endless by elections?
    God is particularly concerned with points 1 to 5. God hates points 1 to 5. In a nutshell God hates lack of morality in everything.
    Shall Lungu stop drinking after these prayers? That body Mr Lungu is a temple of the Living God.

  21. Some of the bloggers calibre on this forum really leave a lot to be desired. HH is just being assertive by saying what he sees. Not like PF tossers who call a shovel a wheelbarrow. The biggest problem we have in Zambia is not the politicians but ourselves. We don’t look at the calibre of people we elect into high positions, but look at how good he can lie.

  22. I can see a **** PF cader busy on social media trying hard to make every know that the kwacha is appreciating.

    Are these children of Ministers or DCs or are worried that they will loose their meals soon.

    What the ***does not know is that Bank of Zambia is dumping $US mostly likely from the euroBond, Borrowed Money, This is a cosmetic solution

    It pains to share a country with *****s

  23. Mr Sunday Chanda, lets not use God’s name in vain. Not long ago, you our Leaders are on record accusing God of causing Loadshedding and other misfortunes our country is facing. We should NOT hide behind God for failing to reconcile and live as one big family embracing and accepting one another. The President can lead the way by inviting presidents of all opposition political parties to state house to discuss all thorny issues affecting this poor relationship among the different political leaders. Once peace is established at that level, it will cascade to all political cadres at grassroot level resulting in peace throughout mother Zambia. No one will carry a gun during campaigns either for personnal security or to intimidate others, as is the case at the moment.

    • Too much superstition in Zambia and Politicians are making it worse using the tool of propaganda, and of course the fearful, ignorant and gullible easily fall for it.

    • dont play with GOD….. n dont take politics to church…
      dont go and try to use the church for your personal gain if u want to.. do it your self with your GOD

  24. These are not the first bunch of idíots and will not be the last bunch of idíots to attempt to hide behind the banner of religion as they engage in some of the most despicable and underhanded shady maneuvers.

  25. Comment:we know that free mansons will raise issues againist national prayers,anyway my Bible tells me no one is righteous before God thefore I believe as we present our selves to God on this day we only need to confess our iniquities and then God will be on our side nd our prayers will be answered,fellow citizens let’s not follow the satanic ways which is opposing the great move seeking the face of God towards our fate.
    you shall know them by their fruits

  26. ‘A fool in his Heart says there is no God.’ Psalms 14:1..who is the fool here?.. Add the digits of the scripture, 1+4+1=6. 6 is a number of impefection and opposes God. It is therefore the number of the antichrist. When are the prayers set? 18.. It is a triple emphasis of the antichrist. There three 6s in 18 making it 666 the mark of the beast. The fool in this case is one who will worship the beast on this date. Pliz people understand Biblical numerology and your minds will be opned. May Jehova bless you all.

  27. REVELATIONS. 13:11;-
    Then i saw another beast…..It used th vast Authority of the first beast……It forced the earth and all who live on it to worship the first beast.HOW????

    President Mubarak Banana. has signed th national Sunday law and Your president(Madgurd Chang-wa Lue)followed th same law.
    Why on 18th?there is a reason,Please don’t try to fast on da 18th october and this 18th its 666,because 6+6+6=18
     if you unite wth da nation to fast you accept da beast  and its mark
    Then i saw another beast…..It used th vast Authority of the first beast
    (heard that?used th vast Authorityofthefirstbeast)………..It forced the earth and all who live on it to worship the first beast,…

     (Others they don’t know anything.) Wisdom and knowledge have  increased up…

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