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Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima joins people backing the day of Prayer and Fasting

General News Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima joins people backing the day of Prayer...

President Edgar Lungu chats with ECZ Chairperson Judge Essau Chulu looking on Ntembana Mwanamwambwa (r) Judge Hildah Chibomba (2nl) and Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima (third from left) at State House
President Edgar Lungu chats with ECZ Chairperson Judge Essau Chulu
looking on Ntembana Mwanamwambwa (r) Judge Hildah Chibomba (2nl) and
Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima (third from left) at State House

Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima has backed President Edgar Lungu’s decision to declare October 18th as a day of prayer and fasting.

Justice Mambilima says there is need for Zambians to seek the face of God especially in the current situation the country is facing.

And Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda has called on churches countrywide to participate in the praying and fasting set for 18th October.

And Evangelical Youth Alliance International President, Reverend Moses Lungu, says Christians and political parties in the country must set aside differences and come together to seek reconciliation through prayer and fasting set for 18th October 2015.

Reverend Lungu says no one must be forced to pray on that day. He says individuals must have the will to pray and not be forced to do so.

Reverend Lungu says Christians must also pray at all times and must not only wait for 18th October to pray.

He says the prayers are important for the nation because all solutions are given by God.

Reverend Lungu says President Edgar Lungu’s declaration to have a day for prayer and fasting is highly commendable.

He told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the nation should also pray for President Lungu and the entire Cabinet so that they lead the nation well.

The National Prayer Watch Christian Network in Kitwe says it supports President Edgar Lungu’s call for a day of national prayers and fasting as this will help unite the country.

Network National chairman Bishop Gregory Nyendwa says there is need for tolerance and love to prevail if the country is to remain united and spur national development.

Bishop Nyendwa says the church is concerned with the high level of intolerance and lack of forgivingness among political players in the country.

Bishop Nyendwa said his organization therefore supports the call for prayers and fasting so that God can heal the country from political intolerance and the economic challenges it is going through.

He observed that there is need to change the spiritual, social and political mindset in order for the country to achieve sustainable economic development.

He was speaking in a walk in interview with ZNBC news in Kitwe today.

Bishop Nyendwa says while appreciating the many development projects which government has embarked on, wider consultation with all the stakeholders is cardinal for the country’s sustainable development.

And Pentecostal Assemblies of God Calvary Church Bishop Boniface Mweemba has called on different churches to continue praying for the nation before and after the 18th of October 2015, the day that has been set aside for prayer and fasting.

Bishop Mweemba says this is a time for Christians across the country to humble themselves before God so he can come through to solve the country’s problems.

He says the church is pleased that the Lord has spoken through the head of state President Edgar Lungu to ask the whole nation to humble themselves before God.

Bishop Mweemba says it is important, according to history, for nations to recognize the power of God who always comes through no matter the challenges being faced.

He says his congregation has decided to go an extra mile and will have a week of prayers from 12th October as it joins the rest of the country on 18th October in prayer and fasting.

Bishop Mweemba was speaking in an interview with ZNBC news in Livingstone.

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  1. If Zambians are hoping that they will pray their way out of economic and political challenges they are mistaken! God has already done His part by giving this country the resources we are mismanaging. We should just do our part by working hard and being serious! Countries such as a Singapore, China, South Korea, etc that are now better developed, dealt with their economic challenges by acknowledging and utilizing the resources that God had endowed them with and worked hard to come up with correct policies, which they implemented diligently and consistently and attracted investment.

  2. God will always forgive you for genuine sins you committed if you repent! But God should not bail out of self inflicted suffereing from your crooked lifestyles!!
    You voted for accomplished thieves where there was a better alternative! They stole all the money and banked it into their private accounts. The country is now broke and you have no food and cant look after your family!
    Why should God bail you out when you deliberately voted for Barabas (thieves) ati Ifintu ni Lungu!! Enjoy that for a whle at least 12 more months and you will see where you will end up to teach you a good lesson of your life!!

  3. Z stupid zambian.if lungu declared a day of hard work no pastors wud cue up.stupid lazy pipo. U call upon urself many curses.why has declearing zambia christian nation not brot succeses?useless lazy zambians.no easy way around hard work,honest leadership.how long will it take to wake up?remember kaunda,chiluba?foolish pipo

  4. mama Kambilima or my lady or whatever your proper adress is, Madame, you are supposed to be an educated pratical person, judging on facts? do you really believe the kwacha or our economy will be better by prayers?The president is calling for reconcilliation? yet Kambwili can stand in parliament and pass remarks about an opposition party and you stand with these hypocrites. i am one person that is definately not going to join in this prayer and fasting, it is a sham a pretence;

  5. Madam, you are supposed to be neutral. No wonder the Kavindele – Kaizer fracas has died a “natural death”. The Judiciary is compromised.

    PF seems to be jumping from the pot into the fire. BTW, are you going to reconcile with Scott? Let’s see how true they are to themselves.

    • Lungu cannot reconcile with Scott. Lungu is a spineless mantis. Watch his face in the time when Inonge got the two of them together. Sad face! Hypocrisy was written all over his face.

  6. Even her appointment not genuine. Pay back after rigging the election. She is just tryn to please the one who gave her a job after manipulating the results. You guys can not fool God. Your end is near and you will pay heavily

  7. prayer and fasting will not achieve anything in Zambia. God cannot be f0oled by such antics fashioned by hypocrites. Why is zambia still in the doldrums after being declared a Christian nation more than twenty years ago? Thieves and crooks can never lead a country to success.

  8. Teti twibukishe lesa lulya fyalubanefintu! have u ever seen from the time zambia was declared as a christian nation where people n president expressed such utterances like let us fast? This showed that they had everything in abudance, they were not lacking anything: whereby they experienced injustice, because there were rich n poor people, there were real christians n false christians, and etc: so real christians went on praying before God, and false ones pretended to be like they are real, :::so fasting cannot be a command like edger is a master of rightouessness,no!!
    To say the truth with aunthenticity, edger lungu has felt nice on how it feels to be a president, so he just want to mislead most zambians like he is a well christian so that he continues his tenure/ so that he go back…

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