Artistic, creative, beautiful, witty, and charming: These are just a few words to describe Flow1ne. These two ladies have been singing from a young age respectively. Collectively they first met at their home church, Miracle Life Family Church in late 2012.

Abi Mali
Abi Mali

Abi Mali is a creative lover of music, fashion and Food.  She is passionate about people, leadership, ministry, teaching and equipping people. Her first singing experience was at the tender age of 5 at her grandfather’s church, and since then has sang in intervals.“I was just a little girl when I sang in front of a crowd for the first time, I remember being very excited and proud of myself because I only used to sing in front of my family so this came pretty easy” She narrates.

There-after she sang at her uncle’s church briefly and relocated to Malawi, where she did a brief stint in the secular music industry for about a year. Abi then took a 3 year break from her music and came back to the stage in 2012 at the album launch of singer Abel Chungu Musuka, who’s album she featured on. In June 2013 Abi performed at Big brother Africa as Pompi’s backup singer. It was through this event that she too sang with Seya FundaFunda.

seya fundafunda
seya fundafunda

Seya is artsy, enjoys reading, nature, photography, film and her first love of course music. She started singing at 12, she sang in the youth choir at Grace Ministries Church for about a year. She then took 2 decades and a half break, mostly working in the media industry until she met Abel Chungu Musuka and Mag44 who convinced her to sing back up for Abel’s first studio album, Worship of the Love Revolutionary. It was through that encounter that she met Pompi. She featured on Pompi’s Mizu album and from there on became one of his official back-up singers. Big Brother Africa – The Chase was the first event that Abi and Seya shared the stage in backing vocalist capacity for Pompi and thereafter sang with him for 2 years. They both featured individually on the Broken English album of late 2014 and from then on Flow1ne was born.


Seya and Abi shared that they are now signed to the Atmosphere label and are looking forward to the direction their music would take.
“The idea to sing together was mutual,” Seya explained. “I had the idea and Abi had the idea, so when we discussed it, we discovered we were thinking the same.”


Flow1ne recently released a live performance of their song Gwesa





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  1. These are the type of singers we should be putting the spot light on . Great voices , humble God fearing woman .



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