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Stakeholders in Lusaka Call for Tanker Relocation after Fuel Tanker catches Fire

Headlines Stakeholders in Lusaka Call for Tanker Relocation after Fuel Tanker ...

 A blazing fuel tanker in the industrial area.
A blazing fuel tanker in the industrial area.

Concern is mounting over the growing danger posed by fuel tankers parked along the roadside in Lusaka’s industrial area.

Life and property are at risk should one of the vehicles overheat, warned nearby businesses appealing to the authorities to take action before a major disaster happens.

The hazard of fuel tankers parked on the side of roads – in many cases overnight – was highlighted recently when a truck loaded with petrol caught fire outside the Zambian Breweries premises on Mungwi Road.

“The possible consequences of allowing fuel tankers to park in the industrial areas are unfathomable. This is why we are appealing to the relevant authorities to take concerted action and put an end to the practice. We will avail ourselves to work with the authorities in whatever capacity,” said Ezekiel Sekele, Corporate Affairs Director at Zambian Breweries Plc.

Quick action by a combined team of Zambian Breweries safety personnel and the Lusaka Fire Brigade averted what could have been a national catastrophe and a high-profile accident that would have tarnished Zambia’s reputation on industrial safety standards.

The rescue teams followed emergency procedures and responded in a timely and professional manner to the incident, and in so doing they averted what could have been a tragedy, said Mr Sekele.

He praised the teams who put out the fire and thanked the Lusaka Fire Brigade and other organisations for their prompt action.

Zambian Breweries management along with other businesses are currently engaging the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, Ministry of Energy, the Police Service, and the local authorities to highlight the danger of these tankers.

Fire fighters dampen the blaze in a fuel tanker in the industrial area.
Fire fighters dampen the blaze in a fuel tanker in the industrial area.

There is an urgent need to relocate fuel depots away from high-density industrial areas and ensure strict enforcement of the existing regulations governing the bulk storage and transportation of fuel, said Mr Sekele.

Fuel tankers lined up along the roads surrounding the Zambian Breweries plant,
Fuel tankers lined up along the roads surrounding the Zambian Breweries plant,

Fuel tankers lined up along the roads surrounding the Zambian Breweries plant,
Fuel tankers lined up along the roads surrounding the Zambian Breweries plant,

Fuel tankers lined up along the roads surrounding the Zambian Breweries plant,
Fuel tankers lined up along the roads surrounding the Zambian Breweries plant,


  1. Looks like somebody trying to cook a meal set up a fire under the tanker or smoking thieves were trying to siphon the fuel.

    • 5 Zambian losses of life equals one in Britain- Because people here contribute more worldwide economy than 5 African combined

      So who cares really


    • What would you expect when you have mayors like the Mulenga Satas?? this is pure failure, we in 21st century and here we are talking about parking space for tankers?? Lusaka Lusaka Lusaka?? we need experts to change our country..

    • @Misango, you right, yes those co-drivers and drivers cook under fuel tanks or trucks so many times. It is such a bad culture!

  2. In Zambia, we wait for disaster and try to plan later. The priority for the PF and Edgar is by-elections. It does not matter if children are dying of preventable disease due to lack of medicines. Look at the hose from the fire brigade, is that what would put out a massive fire? One needs a vision to plan for these things but Edgar has none so status quo will continue until we vote out the PF next year

  3. Lusaka is backward, how can be a capital city be without a Truck Park. Poor planning. Actually not only fuel ? Tankers how no where to park, even break bulk trucks of foreign origin driven by our own Zambian drivers how no where to park. Only one reliable Truck Park is in available which is not enough to accommodate all the trucks that pass through Lusaka at once. The Government should come up with a solution by finding land and come up with a modern Truck Park. These guys who drive these trucks are Zambians most of them, so where does the people in authority think these people should be parking for 2 or more days in order to be with their families whilst in transit? Livingstone has Truck Parks , also Copperplate has got Truck Parks the problem is with Lusaka, do something please.

  4. The problem is that we think only the PF and Edgar have the responsibility to take care of everything. This trend has been going for a long time and it is just part to the right people involved in this to find an alternative place which is secure enough to park the trucks period. The companies involved the business must simply be compelled to find and fund a project to develop a secure place period. We actually do not need politicians to do everything for us, otherwise we end up in this situation we are currently in.

    • But who has mention PF and Lungu, I don’t even see it in the main artical, ,,,, Why is that PF caders are so guilty of what is happening with the economy such that you are always in battle position… Defensive position, I am sorry you are off topic.

      But again All Land in Zambia belong to the president who is assisted my his henchman the Minister of Lands, and the guy at Local Government through the politicians councilors meaning Politicians decide everything. They have the final short my friend

    • @The Observer are you saying its not PF’s fault? You are right! PF alway shirking from taking responsibilities- forever bringing up excuses on why they are mismanaging the economy and unknowing killing the golden goose (yes- ZB is one of the highest tax payer?). Its the institutions that dont work in Zambia! They provide the real checks and balances. In democracy thats what matters!

    • @Better, Yes the article did not talk or mention PF or EL but some contributing blogger (Obatala Jemasoni Lungu Shedding) mentioned those entities. So to contribute to the debate, we have to consider other contributions right?


  6. Well Done Lusaka Fire Brigade. It`s good to know that our fire fighters can save the day in such an occasion. Many at times we hear that they couldn’t save the property on account of lack of water. Some rare Positive happenings in this negative country. Bravo Analume Ngau Ngau ku fire Brigade.

  7. it is funny to have all those tanks parked on the same place. Zambia is a luck state otherwise, bomber would have an easier way of doing bisuness

  8. The chap in the red work suit is not properly dressed for a fireman. He would the first one to be cooked if the tanker exploded, at least a fire resistant uniform and proper head gear.

  9. I have said this before. In Zambia we run affairs of national and safety import the same way we run our private lives: CARELESSLY and REACTIVELY. Watch as these trucks continue parking there and after a disaster, preachers will be praying at the site, Ministers will score political mileage by promising a truck stop and all sorts of hypocritical and sycophantic action will be played out ad nauseam. This is the lot we have been dealt, friends, this is the lot. If there is no change to this approach to matters of life mediocrity will keep rising to a deafening din!

  10. Measures for safety of parking fuel tanker trucks should be extended to border areas were some fuel tankers are usually marooned waiting to be cleared by customs.Sometime back at Kasumbalesa border on the congo side one tanker caught fire and the enferno spread to other near by trucks burning them to ashes.

  11. The big worry is that the industrial area the Zambia Breweries person is talking from is where we find the massive fuel storage tanks which I believe lead all these tankers to queue along the road. Those fuel storage tanks should have been built way out of any busy area to avoid catastrophies!

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