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Kitwe resident burn church down on rumours that pastor turned into snake

General News Kitwe resident burn church down on rumours that pastor turned into snake

Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa
Copperbelt police commissioner Joyce Kasosa

UNRULY residents in Kitwe yesterday ran amok, razing a church building for Faith Deeper Understanding Church and Ministries before setting it ablaze after news went round that its pastor had turned into a snake.

The pastor at the centre of controversy, Apostle Anthony Musuku, commands a big following with the population of his congregation which is situated in Buchi-Kamitondo believed to be well over 1, 000 people and is known to posses healing powers.

But a mob of unruly residents yesterday in the morning around 10:00 hours stormed the church building with the view to lynching the pastor who they said had turned into a snake.

Confusion reigned as Police who moved in a bid to prevent the residents from razing the church building structure encountered opposition from the residents with the two sides engaging in running battles.

A Times reporter that rushed to the scene around 11:00 found the situations around Kamitondo tense with anti-riot Police firing teargas canisters while the residents reiterated with stones.

The residents placed stones and burning logs on the main road blocking flow of traffic from Buchi-Kamitondo to other areas.

Police reinforcement from stations around the district was called in to help quell the riots which had since escalated covering the whole Kamitondo even extending to the nearby Bulangililo Township.

The residents finally managed to raze the building and to set it ablaze around 14:00 hours after a long struggle with the police.

The church building structure, which was constructed using plunks and iron sheets was completely gutted by the inferno that also spread to the nearby auto garage belong to Everisto Kalenga where four vehicles parked there for repair, were burnt to ashes.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Joyce Kasosa who confirmed the razing and burning of the church building structure dismissed the basis of the residents’ action as mere fabrication.

Ms Kasosa said the residents acted out of superstition and condemned their action.

She said the Police managed to apprehend three people in connection with the fracas and were charged with riotous behaviour.

Janet Chitumbo, an eye witness who was at the church when the fracas erupted said she was with her daughter in one of the rooms at the church for prayers when a mob stormed the premises around 10:00 hours and started throwing stones and other missiles claiming that Apostle Musuku had turned into a snake inside the church while praying for patients.

Ms Chitumbo whose daughter was critically ill and unable to walk, said she struggled but managed to flee using a wheelchair fortransportation of the patient to the nearby shop where she sought refuge.

Some elders from the church told the Times that the story of their pastor turning into a snake was fabricated by people who were jealous of the success made by the congregation.

Elder Samule Mvula who was flanked by pastor Judix Nkandu said the people behind the fabrication of the story hired a mob which went and burnt the church building.

“The story of pastor Apostle Musuku having turned into a snake is fabrication because the pastor in the first place was not even at church when this mob came to cause havoc,” Mr Mvula said.

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  1. With these levels of illiteracy and poverty you expect to have a decent president voted in to turn the economy around!! my foot. Never in Zambia. We will be the Apes of the world as the rest develops. A country full of I.diots

    • @Cat power, you were almost confusing me with your comment. The article is about the prophet who turned into “ilomba”. These things happen. Black magic exists and it has nothing to do with illiteracy and poverty.

    • @Pretty don’t be confused, The fact is that Biologically there is no way a man can become a snake or another animal. But there is illusion and illusionists. There are people that thrive on poverty and illiteracy to earn a living as most of these fake prophets are singing up now. Its all poverty. Just like expecting prayer and fasting to change the fiscal policy situation and make IMF and the Global Financial institutions boost our currency. The country has gone backwards

    • Ubututu abena Zambia. The average Zambian likes Nigerian movies is very superstitious and associates success with “Satanism”. This is the end result.

    • @cat power, what about the dr. with a laptop in “Liverpool”? He is not illiterate or poor. I know he didn’t change into “ilomba” but he was practising witchcraft.

  2. Why hasn’t the same prophet Musuka come forward to dispute the changing into snake or was it “ilomba” Would appreciate ka clip from ZNBC or MUVI TV, as you know seeing is believing. The rumour is too outrageous to ignore. There is no smoke without fire.

  3. Africans will always be Africans.What kind of thinking is this in this century!And we have some online media house full of dundaheads reporting unimaginable things on their sight without any form of investigation whatsoever.I salute you Lusaka Times for always being a reliable sight and being unbiased in the manner you report to the masses.Awe sure indeed this country needs prayers and fasting!

    • Who is going to conduct those prayers? The same pastors who turn into snakes? What a joke of a country!

  4. Whether u hate H.E or not,me I’ll vote on tribal lines.ECL is my man.Unless da UPND changes president 2 some1 else,i’ll never vote 4 dem.

  5. In this time and age you have people who think like this and you expect good results at national level. Ati Kopala swagger dunderheads.

  6. Man of God continue with your works. Remember that the bible says I shall start cleaning my own house if at all you are doing that expect to punished by God.

  7. This is why I always wonder what really matters to the Zambian populace. Lynching the pastor because he apparently turned into a snake is not solving anything but creating problems. Vandalism of property is a crime but yet people so much willing to destroy property because of suspicions. I would expect people to ignore such irrelevant issues and riot to things that really matter and affect their lives. Imagine akabunga the price has been hiked and nobody is rioting and yet such a petty issue calls for a riot. Again this is the mentality of the nation which has no priorities.

  8. An intelligent journalist would have tried to get in touch with the said pastor because he is at the centre of the story, not the razing down of the building.

  9. I am a Christian and I fully believe in God as the supreme being who can change anything and any situation. I do not blame many people today who are against God. The blame lies on the Church and us people called Christians. The way we live our lives today and the way the Church portrays itself today leaves very little to be admired.
    Unless the Church rises up to be an example living an exemplary life, the Church will be a laughing stock. MAHATMA GHANDI ONCE COMMENTED. “IF THE CHRISTIANS WERE LIKE THE THE CHRIST OF THE BIBLE, THIS WORLD WOULD HAVE BEEN WON A LONG TIME AGO. Ghandi saw the difference between christians and Christ. There is not much difference today between the world and the Church. Church rise up and live a life that Christ called us to live. Preach the word that can…

  10. How this is a political issue beats me!And how people so easily believe things without evidence or proof beats me even more..someone will believe a rumour about their own death one of these good days…relax and b analytical,fear God,love man-kind and for crying out loud spare us mediocrity…

  11. Now pastor are turning into snakes. My advice to the Kitwe residents is to stop watching too much cartoons on the television.

  12. In Southern Province it is said that people of Seventhday Church are exchanging messages of lies that Pre Lungu want to enforce mark of the beast on 18/10/15.
    They are saying 18 means 666.
    To them the day is the declaration of the Sunday Law.
    I think these people need help before they go to far. There is a panick among them.
    They are saying the president want to destroy their church.
    Iam told the Mazabuka people are busy twisting stories are and sending msges to all SDA members to share. As they gather today they are in a solemn mood.
    Find out for yourself from Southerners.
    Plse educate me over this lie.

  13. 7th days are chumbu munshololwa just like there elder hh.to them this has been arranged by catholic.A Church Full Of He~pls Change, Praying On The Day Only, Does Not Make U Holy.I Stopped Buying Yo Books Im Very Disapointed.

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