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PF’s winning of 2016 polls will depend on how it deals with economic woes – Simuusa

Headlines PF’s winning of 2016 polls will depend on how it deals with...

Simuusa and Lungu addressing the Kitwe rally
Simuusa and Lungu addressing the Kitwe rally

Patriotic Front Nchanga Member of Parliament Wylbur Simuusa says the ruling party’s chances of winning the 2016 elections will depend on how it deals with the current economic challenges facing the country.

In an interview with Qfm News, Mr. Simuusa has cited the power deficit and the volatility of the Kwacha as some of the issues which the PF must deal with.

Mr. Simuusa notes that the PF government is in control as far as infrastructure development is concerned, but that it also needs to start listening to the people.

He says this means that the government has to adopt a less-talk-and-more-action approach to dealing with challenges that the country is currently going through.

Mr Simuusa has also noted the need for the PF to transform itself from being a draconian government to one with a human face which explains issues to the people.

He thinks that in this way the PF government will be showing to people that it understands what they are going through and is doing something to improve the situation.

He states that the foundation upon which PF was founded gives the party a higher chance of bouncing back to power in 2016.

Mr. Simuusa adds that the PF already has an advantage to win the 2016 general election because it is the party in government.

But Political Analyst Alex Ng’oma believes the current prevailing economic challenges in the country will not have a bearing on next year’s general election.

Dr. Ng’oma also notes that it is too early to determine which political party will win the 2016 elections.

He says while people will be concerned and apprehensive especially that cost of living has gone up, they will be cautious when it comes to voting in the 2016 elections.

But Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says the ruling party has better chances of winning the 2016 general election despite the current economic challenges the country is facing.

Mr. Mukanga says Zambians have confidence in the ruling party owing to the massive infrastructure development taking place around the country.


  1. yes it will depend on how they will reduce meal prices from k82 to k39.5 as it was in 2011, or how they will convince farmers that fertilizer will be reduce from k430 to around k180 as was in 2011. or better still, how they can right now do waiver on the border to allow Zambians who bought vehicles two months ago can be allowed to clear them at the ruling dollar/kwacha rate at that time, so that the stress is relieved.

    it must depend on how many children have gotten jobs as per their campaign promises or how they will help those parents whose children are dropping out of school abroad because the kwacha has fallen.

    Otherwise, I see Zambians helping themselves out of the situation

  2. Good observation Hon simusaa,u’re hated by yo pf coz u always advise them where they were failing but foolish ones say u’re decampaign pf, but i see it tough for pf this time around,voting wont work in general elections,coz at moment pf ministers have no clue on hw to mend economic failures as they excuse themselves frm what their govt’s performance as a global problem,even load shedding,mealie meal hike, fertilizer hike, late paying of civil servants salary, filthy in streets, kwacha fall, mine losses of jobs all thse and more ar global this shall make them loose 2016 elections,adhere to this timely observation

  3. Simusa is giving sober advise and some one just goes and picks up infrastracture development as the reason people will vote for PF!! People need interactive leadership where the President,Ministers,MPs and Councilors interact with them explaining government programmes and how they hope to solve various challenges affecting people’s lives. This infrastructure thing is living in fool’s paradise . Zambia is quite a vast country and by election time some areas will not have received the promised infrastructure but they will still be suffering from econonic woes. So how do you expect such people to vote for you if you have not explained how they will benefit from your policies?? No wonder Sata called you all sorts of names,icipuba,useless ministers etc!!

  4. PF will win the election if by that date it can demonstrate that it is a better evil than MMD was in 2011.

  5. Yes indeed as yamfwa mukanga PF has a good chance of winning come 2016 and President Lungu has done the following
    Appointments from Opposition
    Some of the MP from UPND have been appointed so that the PF can get away some votes from UPND but this will depend the perception from the voters from those ares where UPND gets good votes.The PF preceptionally is undertaking NRC and voters registration but there is no coordination as the NRC should be first and follow voters should this be deliberate then all are losers and might be very irritable to a larger population
    PF should have mobilised funds and make sure all the maize was paid for as soon as the marketing season opened.Most farmers sold the maize cheaply such that when FRA started all the maize had been sold.This constituency is very…

  6. Foloko and chaimani, you are testimony as to why our land is in this state. You tend to convince me that we vote not on merit but on associations. and this is the tragedy of black Africa today.

  7. If PF’s winning of 2016 polls depends on how it will deal with economic issues, it has lost the election ALREADY! Their best hope is for Lungu to dissolve Parliament and resign and try and rebuild the Party while someone else tries their luck. Otherwise PF will vanish into oblivion and all that will remain is a very bad taste in Zambian mouths!

    Massive borrowing, job losses, load shedding, unrestrained spending on unnecessary travel, and political appointments of incompetent cardres to vital positions has already guaranteed the result.

    It will take Zambia 20 YEARS to fix the mess PF has made. By 2016 it will only be WORSE, not better!

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