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Egypt 3-0 Zambia: Goals Highlights

Videos and Audios Egypt 3-0 Zambia: Goals Highlights


  1. its interesting that the commentator is able to sum up Zambias falling football standards within those highlights when Kalusha and team have been failing to acknowledge this over the past years. Egypt were simply exceptionally technical and efficient in their execution. Zambian football is at ground zero like the kwacha and ZESCO operations

    • Atleast the Chipolopolo team now look clean and civilized.
      It is ok, atleast the boys can count that they went to Dubai.

  2. no defense, even goal keeper has outlived his usefulness now. We do not have a team to Egypt standards now. we are still in amateur

  3. It is important to face such opposition in friendlies, then you can gauge yourselves in good time before serious competitions. Well done FAZ but lessons learnt have to be put in practice and good performances need to show. Otherwise, Egypt te munobe, alaponona we just have to move on.

  4. It was a friendly match. What the coach needs to do now is to seal all the loopholes before the next game at Levy stadium this weekend.


  6. George Lwandamina: develop on the positives learnt in this game and work on turning the negatives into the team’s strength.

  7. George Lwandamina: develop on the positives learnt in this game and work on turning the negatives into the team’s strength. This is how I Putin am doing it in Syria. We are facing similar challenges.

  8. Better to lose now and wake up than to have a false picture that everything is ok ! However , I don’t think Chicken is the right person to lead us forward ! No better than Janza !

  9. I have started watching Zambian Local Soccer. The Technical Aspects of the game are way below the standards. Coaches need to be taught how to be Technical and not only physical. Running all over the place even at the time you are supposed to walk with the ball. Players are also very dual with no technical approach to games. They just run anyhow and play as if the ball is hot and they dont what to keep it on their feet.

  10. 1st 2nd and 3rd goals: All scored similarly, from crosses that found a defence parked with Zambian players who did nothing but watch the ball. This Spectating defence was helped by very Poor goalkeeper reflexes. The solution? Lets have national prayers on October 15th

  11. Zambia as a team has not been great since 1994. That team that fought Nigeria in the finals of the Africa cup was the last of greatness. With the likes of the great Mordon Malitoli. Anyone that says otherwise is delusional and just feeble. It is time to remove Kalusha and the whole FAZ monarchy. Let football take third place to the nation for once.

  12. hahahahahaha this is hilarious. Who in their right mind thought the current team could face Egypt? Pump money into Chess and net ball. We win in those sports.

  13. It is strange that ONCE we play in DUBAI our players are not allowed to SCORE, soccer rules should apply anywhere please NOT because its in DUBAI and zambia is not allowed to score and defenders are not allowed to defend CROSSES, FAZ must launch a complaint to FIFA over rules in DUBAI

  14. Too many gaps between the mid-field and the defence itself, the guys were ball watching as if they are there not to play football.

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