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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Chief Ntambu dismisses Post Newspaper Report as “Total Fabrication”

Rural News Chief Ntambu dismisses Post Newspaper Report as "Total Fabrication"

CHIEF Ntambu of the Lunda people of Mwinilunga district in North-Western Province has dismissed as lies reports by The Post that quoted him disparaging Government.

The traditional leader said yesterday that the story published in The Post yesterday quoting him was a “total fabrication”.

Chief Ntambu said he could not sink so low to insult the government as reported by The Post.

“Up to now I am still shocked that some people can go to such levels to manipulate the truth because this story was a total fabrication and I never, never uttered those words and I want to refute that story,” he said.

He said he is a Christian and that he respects the political leadership of the country and the government of the day.
Chief Ntambu said the story was a distortion of the truth and must not be taken seriously.
Chief Ntambu said he would not insult the government even if he was under pressure.

The traditional leader explained that The Post reporter who identified himself as Frederick Misebezi, who phoned him to interview him, wanted to find out about the state of the health facilities and staffing levels in the clinics.

He said the reporter later asked him to comment on the national day of repentance, prayer and fasting.

Chief Ntambu said the only challenges he highlighted were the bad state of the Makung’u-Ntambu road, which also leads to Chief Sailunga’s area, and not what was reported in the newspaper.

He said he told the reporter that Kalumbila Mine had given him about 11,000 litres of diesel in response to his request to be used on works on the road.

Chief Ntambu said on the day of prayer and fasting set for tomorrow, he questioned what the country would pray for because he was not aware about it and at that point, the reporter cut the line even before they could conclude their conversation.

He said he was shocked to read what was reported in the newspaper because at no point had he uttered such words.
The traditional leader said he would continue to work with the government of the day to speed up development in his area.

Chief Ntambu also commended the government for giving Luwi Rural Health Centre two ambulances to improve the referral system in the area.

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  1. Release Verbatim ba Post. We know you have it. We should be naming and shaming some of these unprincipled people who want to be double tongued. Enough is Enough.

    • The Post has released the verbatim. It is on their website. After listening to it, there can be only one conclusion: ‘Total fabrication’ is what the chief is saying now, not what The Post reported. Shameless chief, though I agree with what he said in The Post.

  2. Ba Chief just tell the Nation that Edgar Lungu’s brown envelop has been extended to you. Very unprincipled chief.

  3. Comment: There is no brown envelope, the chief knows what it means to utter those words. Your people can turn against you.

  4. Chief Ntambu of the Lunda-speaking people of Mwinilunga in NWP wondered what the call for national prayers and fasting was all about.
    “To fast and pray for what; for an economic miracle to happen or what? So that the PF can go through again? Is it God who caused those sufferings for you to go back to him and say, ‘No you have done this and that and we want you to reverse your decision?’” he asked.
    “We are being ruled by *****s; people who cannot think and everybody is saying ‘Yes, let us pray and fast so that the economic situation can be reversed’. How; which reverse?”
    “This is the problem with Zambians. They [have] become more naïve; we have stopped thinking. Most people, because of this so-called Christian nation, have stopped thinking. They think God can do things for them while…

  5. They think God can do things for them while they sit and wait; God can do things for you if you need spiritual healing; if you want spiritual things, yes God can intervene…not where you fail to think and jumble up things and you expect God to come down and help you out; no, that is being myopic,” he said.
    The Chief said the PF government was trying to divert people’s attention from its failures.
    “Why has God given us a lot of brains? It is to think. Why should you be compelled to go and pray when [government] is running away from the truth; diverting their attention from failures to something else. Spiritual matters are on a one-to-one basis with God; it is not a mob thing or affair,” chief Ntambu said.

  6. What the chief said is based on logic. The God in the Old Testament is very vengeful and wants sacrifices to be offered to him to lift the spell he has cast on the people. However I draw the line when people start calling other people stupid or *****s just because they do not agree with hem.

  7. The power of the brown envelope, why did the OP officers send somebody to his palace early in the morning. Ah Bo Post they are crafty, so watch out dont just talk next minute you change. The Chief said after all he is upset that he was not part of the 290 delegates that went with ECL to USA.

  8. Your Royal Highness, don’t worry about the post that is their culture of putting words in other people’s mouths for their stories to be sugar coated so that the Post Newspaper is selling to people who drive pleasure in reading lies! In Bemba there is a saying: “Watuka imfumu imo ninshi watuka shonse.” Another saying is that “Imputi isula taileka.”

  9. Listen to the recording it’s there. I know this Chief he is very practical I met him in UK and had a very in depth discussion with him. It’s just that sometimes when you talk and the person is not there, you tend to be very unguided.

  10. The Post should stop twisting stories to tarnish our Chief in their pursuit to fight their hidden agendas on behalf of the Cartel.

  11. Dont be surprised if tomorrow we will have the recorded version of the Chief’s Statement on Watchdog. The Chief is a F.O.O.L. Doesnt he know that the Post record? And the Post should be ashamed for tricking this hapless Chief who is not computer survy. I have no good words for this Chief. He should learn to keep his mouth shut in future. Mpezeni, Chitimukulu are the other talkative Chiefs.

  12. The good thing is that all Zambians at least by now have known that there is one paper which always fabricate stories to make headlines which are fake.

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