Christina Moono, Mother of the twins
Christina Moono, Mother of the Siamese twins

THE names are on the table – Chipego and Choolwe – and the tale of the Lusaka Siamese twins is far from over as doctors continue to grapple with the medical puzzle.

The mother’s shock of delivering conjoined twins has not diminished since their birth on Monday.

As Christina Moono looks at the twins with an overflowing mother’s love, proud to have given birth to the twins, she hopes for yet another medical breakthrough at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

She says she has faith in the abilities of Zambian doctors, much as she has in God, who blessed her with the twins joined at the abdomen.

“I want to name them Chipego and Choolwe,” she said, with a smile as she narrated the ‘ordeal’ of the babies’ birth and their subsequent transfer to the country’s biggest referral hospital.

She said she was still struggling to overcome the shock, let alone understand the situation.

She was devastated when she first set her eyes on the twins at Batoka Hospital near Choma.

The bouncy babies, sharing one naval and whose sex is yet to be determined , lay consciously in the hospital bed in the intensive care unit, watched closely by nurses and the mother.

“When I saw that my children were attached to one another, I was scared, confused and started crying. I thought of how I would manage to take care of them,” she said.

However, the nurses in Batoka consoled the mother of seven, who already has a set of twins, and told her to have faith in God.

“I am still confused. I will only settle down if a solution is found to my children’s condition. I want them to be separated but I leave everything in God’s hands,” she said.

Lasford Munsaka, the father of the twins, is confident the medical personnel will find a solution.

“Seeing joined babies was strange for me, but I have accepted that it has happened and we have left everything in God’s hands,” Mr Munsaka said.

UTH public relations manager Mwenya Mulenga said the twins are in stable condition and are undergoing procedural tests before determining the next action.

But he assured that the twins, the eighth set in Zambia since 1970, are in stable condition.

Siamese twins at UTH

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  1. This is a case that deserves the attention given to those in power when they catch a cold. They are referred to the best facilities abroad at the tax payers expense. I have no problem with my taxes being used in this more than deserving case. To the family, the best of luck.



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