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Pictures from Zambia Fashion Week 2015

Headlines Pictures from Zambia Fashion Week 2015


A good number Fashion enthusiasts thronged to Mulungushi International Conference Centre for Zambia Fashion Week that opened on Thursday October 15th and whose grand finale was on Saturday 17th October .

The fashion show attracted 52 Zambian designers. There were also 5 foreign  designers ; one from Netherlands, two from Zimbabwe and two from South Africa, including David Tlale, the guest designer.
This years theme was Create, Design, and Empower.

Here are some of the outfits showcased by the designers :

(All Photos are by Fortress Media Photography )

Designed by Byenda Nkwenda





Designed by Karen Nakamba






Designed by David Tlale






Designed by Debbie Chu






Designed by Mo Creations and couture






Designed by Vonetta






Designed by Popoka





Designed by Ruth Chimbala




Designed by Naomi Phiri






Full list of designers at this years Zambia Fashion Week :

Abigail Mwailenge
Amanda Lieto
Angela Chisonga
Angela Mulenga
Betty Bulongo
Brighitte Njovu
Byenda Nkwenda
Charity (Netherlands)
Charity Nyirongo
Chikondi Mwanza
Chisoma Lombe
Chiza Ngulube
Chola Lungu Mutoni
Christina Syafunko
David Tlale (South Africa)
Deborah Chuma
Faith Kabende
Felsitas Chisunka
Jackie Sinjani
Kamai Nyrienda
Karen Nakamba
Kasanga Tumbo
Kasonde Nkole
Lupupa Lewis
Maria Mulenga
Marilyn Zulu
Muchanga Mudenda
Mutale Bwalya
Mwanje Mukalasah
Mweene Kalipinde
Mwenge Kapumpa
Mwinza Mukuni
Nada Chibanda
Nektari Donta
Njavwa Mvula
Petros Gianakakis
Ruth Chimbala
Sharon Mutale
Smangaliso And Kabwe
Terence Chipembere
Towani Clarke
Vatinder Kour
Vonetta Simpamba
Yaliwe Soko
Yvonne Katongo
Yvonne Ndawana



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  1. yaba very primitive designs, anyway from the list it seems these designers are all UPND as one can tell 3/4 are TONGAZ, just check the design of UPND REGALIA, close to bakachema ng’ombe

  2. And you call most of these as designs? Fuseke. Zambia has gone to the dogs like PF has taken Zambians to the dogs. Did people confess for these most of these designs? Maybe you will force others to introduce the moderate Islamic dressing code in Zambia. I live in the West and i have never seen some of these useless designs.

  3. And you call most of these as designs? Fuseke. Zambia has gone to the dogs like PF has taken Zambians to the dogs. Did people confess for these most of these designs? Maybe you will force others to introduce the moderate Islamic dressing code in Zambia. I live in the West and i have never seen some of these useless designs. So what are these so called designers wanting to achieve?

  4. Karen Nakamba, excellent colour play and fresh uncomplicated design. Naomi Phiri, sophisticated work to play wear, lose the Dude next time.

    Popoka nice play with the Tea Dress? Yellow and black palette not too bad, love the first blue yellow. Sweet!
    Mo creations great kid wear. Very in designing for kids.
    Tlale, accomplished but not innovative enough. Needs to be on international stage. Nice and fresh all round. Er….Debbie Chu great future in Fetish wear! What’s with the mouth pieces?!

  5. Yabangu……because you do not understand fashion designs. Leaving in the west does not make you a master of fashion. You are just one villager leaving in the west.

  6. This was a very well organised event . It should have been on TV . Very professional!! This is what the Zambian fashion industry needs.

  7. @Muchinga, leave Yabangu alone. She has gone place than you will go in your life life and she is not a village girl. We need good fashion and not stupid designs to just waste money and appeal to you for a second. The one for the kids and one or two others are ok. But can you wear the first one by Phiri for us on any street

  8. Living in the west doesn’t you better then anyone else,youwork seven days a week ,doing minor jobs to pay bills. Many,many americans,Germans,English etc – look at Africa as the best place toinvest and live in.Ukukilila ku mushu plus little education,bwafya.

    • Really? Africa as the best place to live in? Maybe as a great place to go on a vacation. Health facilities are still stone-age. Safety is not above average, and corruption is rampant at all levels. Of course some foreigners move to Africa, but don’t make it sound like a hot button issue.

    • Sorry Karen. It’s actually B. Nkwenda whose designs I love. One thing noticeable on models are the scars on the legs. We need to do better with skin infection control. Some of the models are also out of shape. You don’t need to be skeletal like Western models but don’t look like ‘things’ are out to burst out or spill over either.

  9. I guess it is impossible to present an argument or comment without aligning it to a political party, smh. Is there anything that exists outside PF/UPND? It would be nice to read critics talk about fashion on an article about fashion.

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