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PF is still popular on the Copperbelt-Musenge

General News PF is still popular on the Copperbelt-Musenge

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge
Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge has dispelled reports that the ruling PF is rapidly losing popularity in the province.

Mr Musenge said the ruling party has not lost ground on the Copperbelt despite some economic difficulties and job losses in the mining sector.

Mr. Musenge who is also Chimwemwe Member of Parliament said the PF is even getting stronger on the Copperbelt.

‘If the elections were called today, i can assure you that the Patriotic Front will get the highest number of votes and i can tell you that Edgar Chagwa Lungu is highly respected and appreciated and accepted on the Copperbelt,’ Mr Musenge said.

He added, ‘I live on the Copperbelt, i am the Provincial Minister on the Copperbelt, the Province is very fine, politically and economically. Yes indeed there some issues with the mines but these issues are being addressed.’


  1. If that is the case, why the emphasis? Why are you scared of non-entities such as CBU students? No need to answer me; just answer your conscious.

    • PF is not scared of CBU students. What we did was to maintain law and order. If those student wanted to test the popularity of PF then they lost out because UPND will not give them the bursaries


  3. Ba minister u are just conforting yourself dipdown your heart u know that the party is desintegrating.Tel your president the truth,or otherwise he will collapse upon hearing electio results in 2016

  4. Iye uluse ba Mwenya. This reminds me of a man who had Aids back in the day when there were no ARVs. He was a skeleton on the hospital bed but he desperately insisted that he only had meningitis and some malaria. Thats what Mwenya is doing now and I cannot help but feel sorry for the poor sod.

  5. Bwana Minister, visit townships in Ndola, Luanshya, Chingola, Chililabombwe, Mufulira see for yourself the poverty levels (high cost of living), state of township roads, state of the once clean Mine Hospitals (now under Govt), retrenchments etc. Think of the miners (plus their families/ dependants) who have lost jobs and the pending closures of mining operations, before proclaiming that all is fine on the Copperbelt. Tell the President of the Republic of Zambia the truth so that help can be sort.

  6. bwana MP Copperbert is ok wen mopane is laying off 8000 miners, students being beaten ad ths s exam time. tel yo boss dat he s preparing a loosing battle

  7. So, if everything is fine on the Copperbelt, why is PF so jittery over HH? Bwana, our stomachs are telling us that PF has failed. Time to try someone else who has a vision! Don’t cheat yourself!

  8. Comment:the true of the matter is that despite the challanges we are facing with, PF will win the general elections. We don’t have the opposition party which can defeat the ruling party.

    • Are you sure of this bwana? oh you have already forgotten that you scrapped through with 1% in January 2015 and you say there is no opposition. Don’t take your supporters for granted. Your party has brought a lot of poverty to Zambians now and I don’t know how they will overwhelmingly vote for you. Kind of worse economical situation than it was in January 2015 and far worse than it was before 2011 elections.

    • Did you hear that between yesterday and today you party has lost at least 1500 members in Kabwe and Lusaka. Now there are those who do not resign, they just go to vote. The truth of the matter is things are no longer the same. I do not KNOW what gives you the confidence that you will win, perhaps you have a master plan. But the truth is things are NOT THE SAME.

  9. Only upnd and it’s cadres don’t see any development taking place in our country.uushitasha ala mwana wandoshi. So says a wise bemba proverb

  10. Copperbelt ekotwafuma, there is no way it can vote HH who killed the mines and sent our fathers to the graves early. Moreover and if that was not enough, he wants to chase KCM and bring back the same Anglo America who left the copperbelt in big trouble.
    PF has brought back life on the Copperbelt and it shall forever be the bedrock of PF. HH is not interested in the affairs of the miners and we all know this, his interest together with GBM is to be richer and richer. Both of these chaps cheat they care about miners, just ask them how they treat their own workers and you think they can care about ba shimaini?
    President Lungu is determined to ensure mines are back on stream and no one will be on the streets. This is the covenant he had with Mr. Sata and the people of Zambia. So Copala ni…

  11. HH has already lost the 2016 elections and we all know this, it is just time that will confirm it. Governments are not changed like pair of shorts especially pa Africa, and by the way what is making HH to cheat himself that he will win elections, is it the dollar, is it load shedding? If indeed these are his reasons, then he is in for a rude shock.

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