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Henry Kapoko jailed for two years

General News Henry Kapoko jailed for two years

Jubilant kapoko celebrating freedom with family member
Henry Kapoko

Former Ministry of Health Human Resources Officer Henry Kapoko has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by the Lusaka Magistrate court for abuse of authority of office.

Kapoko has also been asked to pay back 40,000 Kwacha, by Magistrate Lameck Ngambi.

Delivering judgement, Magistrate Ng’ambi said the state had proved that Kapoko abused his authority of office.

In 2009, government exposed a corruption case involving Henry Kapoko who was linked to the theft was charged and acquitted for the alleged theft of 10 million Kwacha public funds at the Ministry of Health in 2009

In September 2014, Kapoko and some officers from the Ministry of Health were acquitted by the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

Kapoko and nine others were facing 21 counts of theft by public servant, theft and money laundering involving K4 million.

Magistrate Sharon Newa acquitted Kapoko and other nine accused persons because the state had failed to avail evidence linking them to the crime.


    • What a joke! Kapoko could have been jailed years ago had it not been for the financial support he rendered to Michael Sata’s PF towards the 2011 election. He won’t spend a night in prison as he’s above that in the current government.

  1. Sharon Newa acquitted Kapoko and Lameck Ngambi jailed Kapoko. Let’s see next who will acquit him.

    • Re-write:
      “At one time, I held lawyers in high regard”.


      “Lawyers were once held in high regard”.

  2. He will appeal to the High court and the whole thing will last another six years.When it comes for hearing his lawyer will fall ill. And then Kapoko will also not attend court due to illness .That will give him a year’s worth of adjournments. When it comes for mention his lawyers will apply for an injunction to make it four years followed by a stay of execution.

  3. USELESS!!
    As we read this, the Pardon is in the out tray of Mr “I’m going tackle Corruption” Lungu.
    I have NEVER seen a Zambian leader who so loves the Corrupt official like Lungu.
    Speaks volumes, as we all know our President also has a love for “Clients Money” & did once lose his Law practicing licence, so what else do we expect, apart from more Corruption, followed by national prayers?

  4. Very confusing case indeed! Even the judgment is confusing: that he should refund K40 000 – kwati ni Tithe ya other amount mentioned of K4m! What about the k10m? The Reporter shouls have linked all these figures nicely, not like this disjointed write up!

  5. He must be the unluckiest man alive, Pf does not jail anyone for corruption, they are the unaccountable party, every one participates in corruption in one form or another.

  6. This is Zambia: the real Africa where, A poor man caught stealing a chicken worth K35 to feed his starving family is jailed 3 years, another steals K4m is jailed for 2 years and is asked to repay only 1% of the stolen amount!

    • No no you’re wrong. They usually jail people five years for minor theft but big theft only gets somebody 2 years which he will spend outside appealing his case. A country fifty-one years old and has already become a joke of a country. Another fifty years will result in complete disaster and the country will cease to exist.

  7. Zambians have become so pessimistic thatb they see negativity in anything. Jailing Kapoko for his misconduct is good messsage to all those willing and dealing in the current government.
    They should expect little peace once they are out of power.
    Thank you Zambia courts for proving that, it doesn’t help to be slippery when you are in public service.

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