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National Prayers were a flop-Mulongoti

Headlines National Prayers were a flop-Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference
Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference

Opposition People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has mocked President Edgar Lungu over the recently held National Day of Prayer and Fasting.

Mr Mulongoti said it is clear that the prayers were a flop because God has allegedly not answered the prayers through miracles.

He said the prayers were infact a mockery to God because some of the people were not sincere in their prayers.

Mr Mulongoti has since encouraged Zambians to continue prayers for the wellbeing of the nation in their homes and as individuals.

‘Why are you asking for miracles? Miracles don’t come like that. What is most important is that as Zambians, let us continue to worship at home, in churches, wherever and ask God to intervene,’ Mr Mulongoti said.

He added, ‘It is not in gathering in one group at one time that we have miracles appearing, i haven’t seen any miracles any way since the day of prayer.’

‘We must continue to ask God to impress upon us at individual level, when you ask God in confidence in sincerity, God will respond, it is not by a group.’

‘Look, you might be 10 here and this one is praying for deals, this one is praying for a wife, what a view, that is not the issue, the issue here is that we must be sincere when praying to God.’


    • I cant believe what I am reading.Is this coming from someone who want to be a leader? You people, is there anything wrong with praying to God as a Nation? whether Lungu did it out of his selfishness or not the fact is people came together and worshiped our creator the almighty God. You are talking about worshiping in Churches, are you sure all our pastors/fathers/bishops who lead us are always clean? What was important on that day is not about Lungu or PF but the opportunity Lungu created to bring people together to worship God. Even in some churches people pray to God while their leader is committing adultery but God listens to them. I am surprised the level of thinking of some of our leaders is lower than my 9 yr old son. Shame!!

    • Politicians in the ruling class scored on this day and the miracle was how people believed that the rain-ball was a message from God. And only to find condoms the following day at the site of worship.

    • Uko!
      Mr. Mulongoti also that as he added, ‘It is not in gathering in one group at one time that we have miracles appearing, i haven’t seen any miracles any way since the day of prayer.’

      God answers prayers everytime, its the hypocrisy of people and that why God can’t tolerate such jokes!

      5 months left PF bandits! PF has failed the economy & kwacha to the WORST in the history of the country. Only 5 days, PF booked it exit ticket in their “90 days” illusions. PF where is the 90 days constitution ba mambala?
      The Skeleton Key

  1. What a mockery by yourselves!mind you God is never mocked, wait to & see more cases as a result of that sponsored prayer and fasting day

  2. That’s all poverty makes people dull ! What was the result ? Economy useless , most corrupt government ever . CBU students who was beaten on so called independce day by the people . Independce still ask euro bonds ? 80% of Zambians are suffering stupid independce .

    • Thats what happens when people ran out of ideas….. GOD does not fix economies. Its never happened and will never happen

    • No, he is mocking your clueless Lungu who invites sangomas for election victory at the same time calling upon God to perform economical miracles for Zambia. Whilst Lungu managed to cheat the likes of you with those prayers he could not and will never cheat God. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so naïve.

  3. @Jacob you can never function in destiny above your mentality and until your mentality is corrected destiny can never be adjusted. President Edgar Lungu was voted into office by us Zambians across the country but the truth is a real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward like yourself, Mike Mulongoti and HH hide behind lies and deceit. Come 2016, haters going to hate and innovators going to innovate.

  4. Am I the only one who is being haunted by uninvited spam messages from one Sec2Cabinet? I never gave my phone details to such a person or organisation. It’s clear that PF are now abusing the Sim registration exercise.

  5. Jacob just campaign condemning people has they voted on tribal line don’t help this tribal thing sucks no one wins and it’s such rubbish talks which is fueling what bring food is hard work not your tribesmen in state house such rubbish talk may have a negative effect on what you want to achieve because you are saying lungus tribemen who did not see good in him becouse of tribe were wrong . You can’t comdem people if they voted for hh in southern province and he dosent perform then you say they were wrong they voted on tribal lines let’s try to makert a politician not a tribe it sucks and paint inocent people black people are working so hard to avoid cheap tribal voting and you are promoting it this is telling people to vote for Obama becouse he is black his team was shunning…

  6. @Lucy you are just a HH worshipper who are you to judge ?. Actually you are the dull people thinking you will woodwink Zambians with your lies and deceit on how you will improve the welfare of Zambians. We will still vote foe ECL come 2016

    • The only reason you will do so is simply jealous and hatrage or mere stupidity because it is clear that ECL has no clue and has failed. You do not care about the welfare of this country hence your insistency to vote for him. Your pride has taken this country to the ditch sir. You sound a bit educated but somehow clouded with subjectivity and hate.

  7. @buck Teeth lungu. I am equally a victim of this nonsense of CABINET msgs.. Tried to throw this number into spam and the msg came back with “this number is unidentified”…… I am planning to visit one of the network provider and whisper to them carelessly. I wish I had bad buck teeth like you, i would bite them.So annoying

  8. Tribalism if exploited by politicians is wrong. politics is a science so don’t be fooled . cheap tribal talk and following by some people have resulted in inocent politicians being portrayed tribal by people who don’t mean well to this nation support encourage people to join you as members politics will always be there and democracy will always be there and opposing parties this is what is good people look for alternative political party not tribe if government dosent perform it’s not the tribe which sufers but the national let’s not make fo.ol look smart just by exploiting you foolish thinking

  9. Mulongoti, if you have got nothing to say its best you shut-up. What kind of a leader are you? So you think you can be the president of the with such type of thinking.

  10. ….I wished someone would give a breakdown of the composition of the people who swarmed the stadium….im sure 99% came from the shanties/high density areas…1% are those who were at the high table…
    ….I down graded Mulongoti when he said….’I supported PF in January 2015 elections because I didn’t want someone else to come and sort out the mess the PF have created…’…as a renowned politician how on earth can he think like that…..so most of whatever he says..for me..it goes straight into the bin….

  11. awe sure ama Zambian, we actually shouldn’t be praying. The time you are wasting praying to your Jesus should spent on working for the economy. There are no miracles, miracles are for witch doctors.

  12. @Mambwe! Uli cikopo nga Edgar Lungu, no vision, supporting blindly because of hate and petty jealousy for the right focused person!

  13. And what authority is Mulongoti using to allege that God did not answer people’s prayers? Oh is he now God’s spokes person? …….anyway its none of my business.

  14. You can’t fight Satan on emotional basis but on legal basis of the cross of Jesus Christ. may you be delivered Mulongoti in Jesus name

  15. Lungu has hired image builders. The first assignment was to make him appeal to Zambians after the economic failures to their faith. They know that at the mention of God faithful Christians do not question anything.
    Secondly he went to officiate the laying of the foundation for the cathedral. Check at the junction to Nkoloma Stadium at Chelston police camp there is his portrait where there is construction. This is exactly what transpired in the MMD Rupiah Banda Government.The text messages we are experiencing on our phones is another form of image building where cabinet is inviting people to worship together with the President.

    (1) If the PF government was doing fine would they have called for a day of national prayers? Or they would have been showing off how well they are…

    • Prayers were not meant for the economy and exchange rate but for bitter people in the opposition and amongst bloggers. If you have a sharp memory just refer to the parliament speech were such pronouncements of national prayers were made. Nothing to do with what you are bluffing my dear.

  16. This prayer thing is getting out of hand, it is the abuse of the gullible and naive people, especially the poor. our people should not be told of prayer to solve social and economic challenges but to work hard, even from the western countries where we borrowed this religion, they stopped way back to rely on religion, prayer or gods for economic and social solutions. Even in their constitutions there is separation of the state and the church. In the 21st century the church has no room for economic and social miracles, let alone in this globalized environment, we need smart people with visions, appropriate knowledge and traceable record of personal accomplishment that they can come and replicate at wider level such as a country. religion has been cited as on factor why developing countries…

  17. Paradoxically God’s answer can be yes or no, but as a nation we prayed for many issues, some of the answers ar yes. those praying for deals like mulungoti is sayn the obvisiously no, etc, however for the economy the bible is clear, go to the ant and see how it works, infact the bible say go to or if u like modern english it cud mean get out!

  18. Mulongoti be careful with Kambwili and Chama. I’m waiting for him or Chama the Lala man according to Kambwili to unleash their misfiles on you. I do not know why my name sake Kambili had to identify Chama as Lala. I agree that you have a point whether nashala neka a not you have a point.

  19. How can prayers be a flop?

    How can Mulongoti determine prayer failure when he did not participate in them? Besides, people were not praying to him, but to the LORD, who alone can tell us that the prayers failed, and doesn’t really need anyone of us to speak for him.

    Mulongoti is not a member of the heavenly counsel or the angel in charge of delivering the prayers of the saints before the throne of God in heaven.

    Don’t be deceptive, just do clean politics.

  20. Only people who are carnal minded can call those prayers a flop. I feel sorry for Mulongoti because he has no discernment spirit. He is just speaking for the sake of being heard that he exists as a politician. We have to be careful in everything that we utter or else we offend the Almighty God.

  21. @ Lucy,

    Remove your ugly picture from this platform. Nomba Mulongoti has gone mad like his friend called Akainde Ichilema. Honestly, we always pray to God for the life He has given us and to ask for forgiveness of our sins. Do we see answers there and then?
    And again in your desperation imwe ba opposition, you have twisted things. President Lungu has rededicated this country to God and the day of prayer and fasting called for on 18th October each year is for reconciliation, healing and forgiveness. Moreover, there is nothing wrong for us to turn to God for economic prosperity after all He is the one with all the answers.
    By the way the copper prices have started to rise on the international market and soon very soon the dollar issue will be a forgotten matter. What will lean on imwe…

    • Your name tells it all. If you think you are the only one who knows God then yours must be another God and not the creator. The holier than though mentality is a mark of sin. Seek forgiveness from God.

  22. All these people in the opposition stole money from Zambians big time and since they had no plan for it, that money have vanquished like vapour and so they are busy trying to cheat Zambians that they have magic hands and can perform miracles on our economy.
    Thank God, we know very well that Rome was not built over night but years and years of toiling and planning. Zambia is now rated the second fastest growing economy in Africa and am very surprised there are people who cant appreciate what President Lungu and PF are doing to develop Zambia. Anyway, we will not let you cheat our people because we can see, feel, touch and experience this development that we have never seen before.
    Why kill a chicken which lays you eggs and eventually produces chicks for you? Sorry, we will VOTE for…

  23. Lucy -God says that we should worship him in times of problems and times of happiness. Will your party have called for national prayers if the economy was doing well? or they will have been boasting about this or that achievement? Even if copper prices go up that is not the reason to celebrate. We are saying we need good planners to diversity the economy so that we are not in similar problems again. But if we continue having people in leadership of your calibre who think that when copper prices go up then we are ok we will continue to wallow in poverty. How many times have copper prices gone up? Has Zambia’s economy improved. Thats how shallow thinking blind supporters can become.

  24. Ghettho Power -Yes they store and on the list include your boss who also stole from his client a poor woman. Do not say we will vote just say I will vote. You are not a spokes person of all the voters full stop.

  25. I meant they stole
    Ghettho Power -Yes they stole and on the list include your boss who also stole from his client a poor woman. Do not say we will vote just say I will vote. You are not a spokes person of all the voters full stop.

  26. The problem is that you want to rebel every who comments to be a member of the ruling party or opposition. Plse some of us are not. Just read our comments and offer alternatives to those comments than calling all of us cadres. We know that some of you can only survive if you are cadres. A threat to your party in power or opposition becomes a very big issue.

  27. Proverbs 6 Vs 5 ‘Go to the ant,’ king james version. bible diplomacy as God Is Just and so cannot use bad language, But Literature Sense go to can mean Get Out Or More Provactive Sense Fuseki Go And Work

  28. What saddens me is how Mulongoti has forgotten what happened when M’membe in editorial comments mocked President Chiluba over his prayers. Please Ba Mulongoti don’t bring a calamity on yourself and the cartel you represent.

  29. Mulongoti is not mocking God. It is the fake pentecostal pastors who mocked God on 18 October. Mulongoti has raised a theological issue which should be answered using the Bible. Can we quote verses when responding to what Mulongoti has said otherwise we are all blind sheep following a blind shepherd.

  30. These Congolese magicians have penetrated the Lords Church by calling themselves Prophets and performing all sorts of magic. Remember even Pharaoh performed miracles. Were Pharaoh’s miracles from God.? On that day they couldn’t even interpret the rainbow they claimed was God’s response when they assembled to pray. In the old testament true prophets always interpreted every sign from God. But now we are just ordinary new testament Christians that is why you can’t find a true prophet but only false prophets.

  31. Now The Next President Shud Go Into Prayers Immediately She Or He Ascends To Power, Not To Go Play Pool And When Kwacha Depreciate Then Remember God And Begin Gathering And Misquoting Confession Scriptures, Mr Mulongoti I Find Your Article Interesting From The Academic Point Of View,

  32. @ LUCY I like your analysis of issues. Don’t even retaliate to these good for nothing *****s who do not use their brains to think. Remember there are people who behave like ticks here. Even when they know an animal is dead they will cling on to the skin until they rot together the cadaver

  33. Look people, you are free to be prayerful and reverent to God. But a politician for christ sake is unfit to lead the moral conscience of people. What Edgar Lungu did was politically motivated. If he cant publicly state what he was repenting, at least his actions should give us an indication of that. But trust me after 18th October its business as usual. The same crooks surround him. The extravagant spending at the expense of the poor has continued. Police brutality has continued, media propaganda is on. ECL should know that the house of the lord is in the peoples hearts, not in a physical building. ECL has no idea of the kind of ideals he has imposed on himself by claiming he is seeking the face of God, because God looks away and hates certain things. In Proverbs 6:16 There are six things…

  34. Imwe ba Mulongoti mwaba umona kwati chipamba cilya wakontwele in your grandmother’s kittchen. Please Mike that is blasphemy. Do not tease your God. You are not even a President of any province and you talk like that. Awe bane have respect for your Creator

  35. Very true. 18th October has become a very big achievement for PF and a reference point on anything you talk about in the economy. Anything wrong in the economy you tell them, the reference point is 18th October.

  36. I don’t know what the Mulongoti guy was trying to say but I can say without any reservations that the prayer and fasting day was a joke. And it reflects the lack of seriousness of the people in government. In any other serious country, if a head of state called for such a day, people would run him out of town and send a good psychiatrist after him.

  37. Mmembe was right about Mulongoti, “Mulongoti suffers from diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain”. Lol.

  38. President Mulongoti of “Nshilimubiyo Party.” God is not like you Mulongoti who reacts to issues even if you have very NO knowledge about the subject! God has his own time and whenever we are praying we do not expect things to happen right there. Who are we to dictate to God! It’s only you Mr. president of Nshilimubiyo party who can think like that. Remember that time when you were working in ZCBC what you used to do to your colleagues!

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