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‘My wife behaves like head of the house’

Headlines ‘My wife behaves like head of the house’


A Lusaka man of Makeni Township has complained that he feels emasculated because his wife behaves like the man of the house.
Mumbula Mumbula, 37, said his wife Edith Mukosha, 35, is domineering and likes to undermine him when it comes to disciplining the children.
Mumbula was narrating before Lusaka Boma senior local court magistrates Sylvia Kabunda, Morgan Kayanika and Peggy Nyambe in a case in which his wife sued him for marriage reconciliation.
“When we argue she always gets physical and is in the habit of pulling my private parts. She does not treat me like her husband.
“She behaves like she is the man and I am the woman,” he said.
The two got married in 2013 and have one child together. Mukosha has a child from her previous relationship.
The couple has been on separation for nine months.
“The other major problem in our marriage is that Mukosha secretly meets with her former lover to get financial support for the child they have together. She does this even when I have asked her not to because I am capable of providing for her,” he said.
Mumbula told the court that he is ready to reconcile with Mukosha.
And Mukosha told the court that her mother-in-law is the cause of the problems in their marriage because she has always been against their union.
“One day my mother-in-law came to our matrimonial home and packed some household property she had bought us and ordered Mumbula to leave with her.
“They even put a house-for-rent sign on our matrimonial home so I moved as well.
“But I still love him and want us to get back to being a family,” she said.
The court reconciled the couple and urged them to go for spiritual counselling.


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  1. You married a Bemba and now you see what she is doing to you. Pulling your precious asset. These Bemba chaps, bakolwe

  2. My wife also behaves exactly the same. When she does that, i just take her to the bed room and then the problem is over. She then even gives me a K200 to go and have a beer. The problem is she tells me what beer to drink. Mosi Lager.

  3. the court ordered the couple to go for spiritual counseling,i think they need both especially family counseling and the bemba chap needs alangizi,to pitch her in the thighs.then she will learn to treat the husband .

  4. Wits just a pity that you allow the third party in your marriage.dont allow in laws disturb your love. Also women wants control its not just in your marriage. Sometime they do it because they mature early than us men and want the best of the family.what may be wron is source money from un trusted source. If you discuss and are in need of funds, nothing is wrong get money from the ex as long as it ends there

  5. Let me take responsibility and not blame LT. The headline of this article screamed “trash!!!!” But I still clicked on it. Now here I am wondering how in the world did I land in this sewage..

  6. Nowadays our women have become so thick headed.They have total disregard for their husbands.I don’t knw where we r heading to as a country.The traditional norms used to save our marriages 4rm wreckage bt have totally been phased out.The church too is so mute & has left evrythin in the hands of the Govt.God help us understand that healthier marriages bring about a healthier people.

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