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Alex Muliokela Exclusive Interview at his residence

Videos and Audios Alex Muliokela Exclusive Interview at his residence
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    • Strange that Muliokela still has the balls to think that he can dip his little thing into Dora. She now belongs to the big boys in the PF.

    • God has blinded the so called “Intelligent” people, he has availed wisdom to Muliokela. He makes alot of sense on the Lungu’ day of prayer. I find the interviewer very offensive and belittling PPP President.

    • The man talks sense, PLEASE Edgar or Ba Ester do something, send Chinese to go and clean up and erect some normal structure for the Politician. I like Mulyokela, he never insults and he is always wearing a genuine SMILE. A true gifted soul.
      Even Dora Siliya can do more than just laughing off.

  1. Obviously after Sata became president, everyone thinks that they can be one. At least Sata was well organized anyway. This man should be making some comedy for his neighbors!

  2. My main worry with Muliokela is I don’t know if he is a comedian or he is serious. Does anyone know for a fact?

  3. Can you imagine Muliokela being nominated then all his competitors either die or cant stand for one reason or another and he becomes unopposed? Some jokes are not very funny.

  4. Fellow zambians,
    Our nation is guilty of Covenant breaking Romans1v31. Zambia remember the covenant

  5. I have viewed some recordings of Mr Muliokela being interviewed and like UPND Cadre From Ng’ombe Compound I too find the interviewers very offensive and demeaning. I don’t find them to be worthy journalists and would be of integrity if they protected the dignity of persons they want to share views with. They are even lucky to be availed time to conduct these interviews for free because in advanced countries they’d have to pay to engage people like the PPP president, or some lawyer would have already seen opportunity. It wouldn’t hurt the interviewers if they zeroed in on the strengths of the PPP leader’s views on issues than choosing to make a comic out of him with the kind of questions. Human dignity with participation of media is easier to uplift when the media is ready to play a…

  6. contd. ……positive role. Let the nation be given respect by engaging politicians in matters of substance! The PPP leader is quite intelligent on raising issues for thought……He is on record in one of the interviews where he said “If one doesn’t have money, they shouldn’t employ. Why employ if you have no money?”…… I think he was in support of government minimum wage.

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