THE Kabwe High Court has sentenced a 24-year-old man to three years imprisonment for causing the death of his cousin.
Mrs Justice Elita Mwikisa jailed Rodgers Banda after he admitted one count of manslaughter.
Banda caused the death of Alex Mumbi on December 8, 2014 in Kabwe.
He was initially charged with murder, but the court reduced the charge to manslaughter.
Mrs Justice Mwikisa told Banda that the offence he committed is serious as he had caused the death of not only his workmate but his own relative.
“These are the consequences that you face because of drinking beer and you take the law in your own hands,” she Justice said.
Facts before the court are that on December 8 last year around 09:00 hours Banda and Mumbi left Farm number 22 where they were both employed as caretakers in Mpima area for a drinking spree.
The court heard that around 16:00 hours they decided to go back to the farm when they started quarrelling.
When they reached the farm they started fighting. Mumbi rushed into a house to get a knife and tried to stab Banda, who managed to get hold of the knife.
Banda grabbed the knife and stabbed Mumbi who sustained injuries and fell to the ground. He left Mumbi lying on the floor of the house.
A Mr Mweemba who was passing by the farm found Mumbi lying dead on the floor and informed Mr Kamanga, the owner of the farm.
Mr Kamanga took Mumbi’s body to Kabwe General Hospital mortuary and post-mortem results showed that Mumbi died of wounds inflicted by stabbing.
On December 12 last year Mumbi was officially charged with murder, which was later reduced to manslaughter.
Banda pleaded with the court to be lenient on him as he is a first offender who had admitted the charge without wasting the court’s time.
“Mumbi was not only my workmate but my relative as well and his death will continue to hurt me as long as I live,” Banda said.


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  1. What a sick little creep, this Banda ídiot. And how do we know he was acting in self defense since his cousin is not here to give his side of the story?


  2. SOMETHING does not ad up here, Mr Mweemba must be investigated and Mr kamanga the owner of the farm too, how come out of 14 million zambians it was only mweemba who saw the body? And out of 14 million zambians including UPND Leader HH how could KAMANGA take the body to the hospital???



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