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President Lungu was not Booed by Miners as reported by the Post-Mumbi Phiri

PF Deputy General Mumbi Phiri makes her point during a PF Youth Rally at Freedom Park
PF Deputy General Mumbi Phiri makes her point during a PF Youth Rally at Freedom Park

PF Deputy General Mumbi Phiri makes her point during a PF Youth Rally at Freedom Park
PF Deputy General Mumbi Phiri makes her point during a PF Youth Rally at Freedom Park

NO one booed President Edgar Lungu when he was on the Copperbelt, says Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri.

Ms Phiri accused the Post newspaper which reported the incident of twisting stories to suit their own agenda.

She said the Post story was a ‘‘total fabrication and misrepresentation of what transpired’’ during the whole period President Lungu was on the Copperbelt as no single person booed him because people were happy to see him in person and to acquaint himself with the challenges they were facing.

She said it was shameful that the Post newspaper had ‘‘embarked on publishing lies’’ in order to brand President Lungu a bad person simply because he had ‘‘cracked a whip’’ on the cartel for its wrongs.

She said she was with the President throughout his stay on the Copperbelt and that at no time was he booed as reported by the tabloid.

She was not surprised that the paper misrepresented the President’s visit on the Copperbelt because it had an agenda against him for taking a bold stance to ‘‘give the cartel no room to manipulate the Government to suit itself’’.

“What else can you expect from the Post newspaper? It is lies as usual because it has an agenda against Government and the President and that is how come it finds it easy to report things that have never happened so that people can think that the President is not wanted on the Copperbelt.

“The truth of the matter is that we were well-received and the crowds that thronged our gatherings are testimony to the fact that contrary to insinuations that the PF is losing grip on the Copperbelt, people have hope in this leadership. So, for me I never heard anyone booing the President; it is all lies,” Ms. Phiri said.

She explained that people on the Copperbelt will not be fooled by cheap propaganda, malice and lies allegedly being peddled by the tabloid because they understood that the challenges facing the country were as a result of the slump in global market prices for copper which was the main export commodity for Zambia.

In its yesterday’s edition, the Post newspaper reported that President Lungu was booed by miners in Luanshya on Tuesday when he addressed them over the need for the Baluba mine to increase their allowances.

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    • @TheEngineer, next year is too far. Wherever he goes he will be booed as booing is contagious. That is why Mumbi Phiri and Kambwili panic it is reported. Just ask former pres. Kaunda. Lol.

  1. Okay iwe Mumbi Phiri,,, if miners were not booing at chagwa, who were they booing at? Was it HH,Nawakwi or Sinkamba,,, because booing is a global issue ka!

  2. Comment: Ba Mumbi u want to defend even this straight forward issue sure? Gvt is not doing things straight that’s y they are getting all thoz louder booing everywhere they go

  3. in kalulushi, pipo demanded for jobs, and that is very true, accompanied by a bit of booing offcourse. ichi chi woman ukuyibonehsha. chimoneni ububi kumenso

  4. She is very right No one booed President Edgar Lungu when he was on the Copperbelt. They just jeered him

  5. Ba Mumbi ba “Zambia enrolled nurse” pretending to be a politician.
    You see why things ain’t right in Zambia! Even the least educated and most ignorant are in key leadership position.

    • Point of correction she is a pre-school teacher and not enrolled nurse. Anyway, whether he was booed or not the fact is that the writing is clearly on the wall that 2016 kupilibula aka pendo. After acquainting himself with the challenges faced by the people on the Copperbelt did he change anything? The challenges of high cost of living are everywhere not only on the Copperbelt, even here in Lusaka, where he lives, people are barely surviving. Therefore, there is no need to start looking for challenges on the CB or indeed anywhere else.

    • there you go again, and the majority voters are uneducated, and this statement will come back to haunt you and it always does, forever looking down on others, lets hope you won’t one day become extremely ill and the least educated “zambia enrolled nurse” will be attending to you! To cut a long story short, everyone in the whole entire universe has a role to play, whether they are highly or “least educated” as you put they are all important and have a purpose that can never be defined by their title or qualifications?

      Do away with defining people with their level of education or qualifications, their titile or what they have in the bank, bukopo, and downright ego based, and it is the worst form of weakness.

  6. fi post ifyo fyena bufi we were following o the procession and how he was welcomed as an heroe and some of us we thot that was too much good receiption he received

  7. Why can’t we watching a video of the booing on Zambian Watchdog? or on FB i am sure it would have gone viral by now….Lies!

  8. Mumbi Phiri said she was with President Lungu through out his stay on the copperbelt. My point is that Mumbi Phiri has now brought it to the public that she is going out with Edgar Lungu. How possible can a married woman be with another woman’s husband through out. Thanks mumbi phiri for admitting adultery. i like u Mama Phiri because u like telling the truth. i dont know what Esther Lungu is now saying?

  9. @ Hildah, imwe naimwe, why are you complicating issues, i think we all know what she meant when she said that, its like those rumours that strongly came out, about maureen and president hh being in a meeting for long hours at night, in a hotel room.Ii dont know what mutinta hichilema is still saying about another woman being with her husband that long. Hildah, some advice, what do you think?


  11. In this century of load shedding. u wudnt see clearly who is booing who, dont blame the post, in my view if the airport speech was replicated else wher on the copperbelt i wud then gues the one who was booing the other,

  12. That’s why you keep losing elections, its because you believe in whats in your head and not reality imwe ba UPND . If you accepted reality today HH would have been in State House there was no way you would have won in 2006,2009 and 2011,if HH was as smart as you make him to be he would have gone into a pact with either MMD or PF.
    Even now you are busy lying to yourselves thar ECL is not popular on the Copperbelt wakeup!. Even in January even if you claim the elections were rigged you lost Lusaka, Copperbelt, Luapula, Muchinga ,Northern and Eastern actually if it wasn’t for your tribesmen it would have been a massacre!

  13. Kwacha has hit K13.14 to a dollar while a pound is at K20.19 and this is at a time when Kambwili’s favorite country to compare to, South Africa, has an appreciating Rand as evidenced by their recent reduction in fuel prices. Maybe God and Jesus where busy playing golf when Lungu and the tuma pente fanatics were making noise ku showground. I bet God was like ‘Hey JC, lets go play golf, too much noise and yapping from these chaps mu Zambia I can’t understand anything they are saying”

    • Zedian, am atheist so blasphemy to me is like God and Satan, non existent 🙂 Do you ever wonder why the most religious countries in the world which are mostly in Africa are the poorest while Scandanavian countries that barely believe in God are developed and practically feed us?

  14. @Dudelove that’s blasphemous to say the least. Just concentrate on attacking each other as cadres don’t bring in the Almighty God and our Saviour Jesus Christ in your heathenical and Satanic language. God playing golf with Jesus? That’s why some people have mysterious problems in life. Fear God He is your Creator. I am not a PF supporter and I want them to go next year but you are going to far I think.

  15. upnd …..
    Kaya pride too much.
    You have not formed government the
    way cadres are behaving is amazing
    Know wonder you are not going to
    form government in 2016. Insults pls stop.

  16. Of all the comments above , I give credit to Tulandepo. The only sensible participant talking sense. I wish we had ,even two of his calibre deliberating important national issues here, than mediocre characters we have. It’s sad how some Zambians, can’t tell the difference from sense and rubbish.

  17. Show us videos where he was booed, if its true they would have gone viral by now. You think watchdog can fail to produce one if it was true

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